Aluminum Can Prices – How much can you get?

If you are collecting Aluminium cans to make some extra money or to help out with a school or social project then you will probably be interested in exactly what the current aluminium can prices are.

The price of aluminium cans is obviously going to vary somewhat depending on where you are and the market for recycled aluminium in your local area. 

Fortunately, the prices of aluminium cans don’t vary by a huge amount as they are linked to the price of aluminium – the commodity that is traded worldwide.

If you look at those prices over time it looks as if ther is quite a bit of variation in the price.

(Price of Aluminium in $ per tonne)

In fact though if you look at the last few years, the price of aluminium has been a lot more steady – almost a flat line at between £1750 and $2000 per tonne.

Thats interesting I here you say but not quite answering the question. For starters, anyone collecting aluminum cans is going to be doing pretty well to collect a tonne and more importantly, that is the price of the commodity and not the price that you will get for scrap. FOr starters, the scrap price needs to reflect the increased cleaning and preparation costs associated with recycling goods.

Fortunately, the real aluminium can prices are available as well. These do vary a bit more on a day to day basis as factors like supply and demand and available processing capacity goes up and down but if we look at the monthly minimum and maximum we can see that its a pretty even line as well.

Scrap Aluminium Prices per Tonne
Scrap Aluminium Prices per Tonne

For a more useful figure, we can convert that into dollars per pound.

Avg aluminum can prices per lb
Avg aluminum can prices per lb

That shows us that the average price for aluminium cans over the last year or so has been in the region of $0.5 for every lb of cans that you collect.