Get Paid to Listen to People’s Problems

In previous articles on this site, we have highlighted a bunch of ways in which you are able to make money.

However, in all those ways, making money listening to people’s problems has got to be the wackiest of them for the sole reason that there sometimes is a certain amount of emotional turmoil that one is bound to experience after having to listen to one too many problems. Such kind of work tends to have some certain effect on you over time.

Nevertheless, some people like helping others and if you can get paid to do what you love then it is an added advantage. If this is something you would be interested in doing, then you are in the right place.

In this article, we are going to highlight some jobs that will pay you to listen to people’s problems.

Online Jobs


Listeners is an online platform that links people who are willing to listen to you talk about a variety of topics including their problems.

To get started you first have to download the Listeners app and set up your profile as a listener. Then you need to include your available hours and that is it. You are ready to listen to others and get paid.

As a listener, you can list the kind of topics you are comfortable talking about however, you are also allowed to just leave it open. This is especially for people who are good at listening and can flow with the conversation, wherever it is leading to.

How much you make is entirely dependent on you since you are in charge of setting your rates for a certain duration of time. Once you are paid, the app will also charge you a certain percentage as a facilitation fee hence you need to be aware of that as you set your prices.

Become a Virtual Friend

Are you a social person? Do you have a way of connecting with people regardless of what topic they want to talk about?

If this is you, then becoming a virtual friend is a good opportunity for you to make money online offering companionship for people who need it. There are many online sites that you can sign up on and set your rates to become a virtual friend.

Once you have an account, you will start receiving requests from people who would like to use your services. The good thing about these sites is you get to choose what you are willing to do. Therefore, if you want to be there for people who want to talk about their problems, then you can add that to your description and you will get those specific clients.

Offline Opportunities

Become a Social Worker

A social worker is someone whose main job is to listen to people who are going through difficult times in their life and help them develop coping strategies. This is in a bid to help them be accepted back into society. Some problems people might want to share could relate to psychological and behavioral issues as well as difficulty in finding stability and happiness in their environment.

The requirements of becoming a social worker differ from one state to another hence you have to check with your state as to what is required of you.

Become a Psychologist

A psychologist is someone whose work involves listening to people’s problems in regards to life and mental health issues. They then will work together with their client to help them identify and overcome their issues.

However, sometimes, people would just want someone they can talk to. Perhaps even a stranger who they can freely open up to without judgment. And just by talking to someone, sometimes one ends up feeling much better and leaves knowing exactly what they need to do.

As a psychologist, clients get to pay for your services by the hour; pay rates usually depend on many factors.

Work as a School Counselor

These are people who are well versed in dealing with children and teenagers. And yes, children too face a lot of challenges in life that they need to talk out with someone. These problems could range from bullying, home disputes, career guidance and adult life amongst many others.

As a Counselor working with young kids, you can work in several places both in public and private institutions such as in schools, hospitals and community centers, etc.

In most cases, to be able to work as a counselor in schools you will be required to have the relevant academic qualifications, for example, a degree in psychology.

How to Be a Good Listener

Listen without judging: as humans, we tend to judge people. People can often feel it when they are being judged which might cause them to hide information. Therefore, if you want to create an actual bond with your client and help them by listening to them, you need to portray empathy.

Body language: you need to use body-positive language and tones when listening to the other person. This helps them feel comfortable, understood and it helps to keep them talking till they are done with what they felt they needed to say.

Wait before responding: this helps you to listen to everything that the client has to say. Formulating a response in your mind before the other person is done with what they had to say might make you miss out on some information.

Ask questions: this helps to provide more insights into the problem you are both discussing. It also goes to show that you are listening to what they are saying which is vital. You can prompt for more information by asking open-ended questions since they cannot have a one-word answer.

Build the client’s self-esteem; this goes a long way in helping them to overcome their problems. This can simply be achieved by offering constructive feedback.

In Conclusion

If you love helping people and you do not mind listening to their problems you can try any of the above-mentioned suggestions and start making money.

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