What Can I Make and Sell With a 3D Printer

Three-dimensional (3D) printing is an innovative technology that allows you to develop 3D objects from a digital file using less material than traditional manufacturing methods. This is achieved by laying down continuous layers of material until you achieve the desired object.

Today, 3D printing is gaining momentum with more people incorporating it into their manufacturing process. Nevertheless, 3D products are still a bit unconventional and not everyone has a 3D printer. This, therefore, makes it the perfect time to make 3D items and sell them to make money.

3D Printing Business Idea

3D printing is mostly used in industries such as educational, medical, automotive, creating props, consumer goods and industrial goods. There are a variety of products that you can make and sell using a 3D printer in each of these industries. Here is a list of items that you can print and sell to make money;

Jewelry and fashion accessories production

The beauty and cosmetics industry is generally a very profitable market. Therefore, venturing into this industry with beautiful designs that are also affordable is bound to make you a lot of money. Creating unique jewelry items might take you a bit of time to master the skill however, once you do, you can set up a highly profitable business selling unique, high end and custom made jewelry.

Once you are all set with your products, you can then set up a shop, either online or offline and start selling your 3D jewelry to clients. Jewelry products could either be earrings, chains, bangles, fake nails extensions rings, etc.

Home Décor

This includes stylish items such as vases, wall clocks, toothbrush holders and décor figurines. Most times, these décor items tend to be extremely expensive. However, with 3D printing, you can be able to make a uniquely designed home décor that is quite affordable.

To be able to make good profits from your 3D printing business, whether you are selling online or offline, you can decide to be customizing these décor items to match the taste and preference of your clients.

Medical Models

3D medical models are used to help teach human anatomy as well used to help the surgeon prepare for surgery before operating on a real patient. Using a 3D printer, you can make any part of the human body such as lungs, eyes, heart or even the liver amongst many other organs.

Casing For Electronic Devices

This includes devices such as phones, laptops and cameras. Some of these devices tend to be very expensive hence they need to be protected from any kind of damage.

Apart from offering protection, casings also help to elevate the look of these electronic devices whose body casings look rather boring. By having a custom made case, you help add a personal touch to your devices.

Personalized cases also make for good gift ideas and can sell at a bit higher price.

Architectural and Construction Models

The construction industry has fully embraced this new technology. These days, most, if not all, building and architectural designs are made on 3D prints. 3D prints help to provide a more conceptual idea of the design hence enabling stakeholders to make better and informed decisions. These designs include models for big buildings such as malls, complex construction such as that of smart homes as well as models for highways and bridges amongst many other items.

Seeing the high growth and success rate of the building and construction industry, it is, therefore, safe to say that this niche is likely to make you good money.

Food Industry

Just when we thought it could not get any crazier. The food industry is slowly adopting the 3D printing idea. With a 3D printing restaurant, everything in there will be designed and created on 3D Food Ink. This includes the furniture, utensils as well as the food

This sure does sound like something worthwhile to try out.

Therefore, if you are a 3D enthusiast, you can jump on to this wagon and be among those bringing change to our modern world.

Props for Movies and Games

Movie producers these days heavily rely on 3D printing to help them come up with props to be used in the production of movies.

Producers are therefore willing to spend money on 3D models as long they meet their required standards.

Besides movies, game developers also make a good market for 3D designs. Therefore, if you can come up with great prop designs for a game. You can reach out to various game developers and offer your services.

Bathroom Supplies

These items are there just to make our work easier as well as to add color and style to our homes. It includes items such as soap dishes, toothpaste press, toilet paper holder, showerheads and toothbrush stand amongst others.


This includes items such as measuring spoons, cups, plates, cup holders, orange peelers, cutlery and bottle openers among several other things that can be made for the kitchen.

 There are so many kitchenware products that can be made from 3D prints. Therefore, to ensure that you make sales, you need to come up with unique aesthetically pleasing designs. You can also do custom designs for clients at an additional cost which most people will be willing to pay for unique items.

With more and more people slowly shifting from traditional production, you can easily be able to make good money from 3D kitchenware.

Office Supplies

This includes items such as pen holders, desk organizers, smartphone stands, paper clips or even bookmarks amongst several other 3D printable items.

These items are easily customizable and can be made from a wide range of designs. You can then sell them either directly to your customers or you can opt to apply as a supplier to schools, offices and bookshops.

Bottom Line

The adoption of 3D printing has opened up many avenues for making money with this form of production slowly becoming a reality in our modern world.

Therefore, depending on how well your products sell, you can decide to either make 3D printing your part-time or full-time job.