How to Start an Eyelash Extension Business

The beauty industry is booming, and it’s the perfect time to learn how to start an eyelash extension business.

You need to be meticulous and patient to enter the beauty industry. Setting up your own eyelash extension business is exhausting, and will require your full concentration. There are many things you need to prepare to be able to offer your services to the constant demand for eyelash extensions.

Let’s break down all the things you will need to consider.

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How to Start an Eyelash Extension Business

Can you make money with an eyelash extension business?

Yes. As long as you have the necessary skills and produce excellent work, you will have clients that will happily pay for great quality eyelash extensions. The starting price for a simple set of eyelashes is $120 and may go up as much as $300. The price includes the products used and the labor of lash application.

You may take on as many clients as you can within a day, as long as your work’s quality doesn’t suffer. Every application may take up to two hours. So if you take five clients a day for 10 hours and charge $120 each, you’ll be earning $600/day.

How to start an eyelash extension business?

To have an idea of how the business works, you should familiarize yourself with eyelash extension salons. Check out your local salons, lash bars, and other establishments that offer the service. Get a feel of how they run things. Take note of the current prices and demand in your area, so you have an idea of how you can introduce your business.

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Check for any permits needed to provide eyelash extension services in your area. The type of business you want, home-based, mobile or salon-based, may require specific licenses, so check with your local government to inquire.

How to be an eyelash technician

Depending on your country and state, you may not need a certificate to perform lash extensions. But it’s in your best interest that you take a certificate course from a reputable training school. Taking the course will give you the proper knowledge you need and the credibility that clients look want. Lash certification classes start at $300 up to $2,000. The prices vary depending on the school, material, and techniques they’ll be teaching. Decide on the best course that will fit what you need.

You must pay close attention and retain critical information as you will need to treat every client to the best of your abilities. You would need to know the attaching and removal procedures by heart and be always prepared if anything were to go wrong.

What supplies do I need for an eyelash extension business?

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You will need to find suppliers that provide safe and high-quality tools and eyelash products.

These are the essential items you will need:

  • Eyelash cleanser
  • Eyelash primer
  • Eyelashes
  • Under-eye gel pads
  • Eyelash glue
  • Eyelash glue remover
  • Tweezers
  • Disposable brush for eyelashes
  • Sealer
  • Emergency kit for allergic reactions

The eye is very delicate and will need the utmost care. Your products need to be safe and toxin-free as much as possible. Having the right materials will help in ensuring that things go smoothly. It’s advisable to use adhesive and solutions that have been tried and tested.

In some instances, a client may suddenly reveal to have an allergic reaction, and you’ll need to take action fast if that happens. That’s why preparing for every scenario is vital to ensure that you will be able to take care of your clients properly.

How to promote my eyelash extension business?

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There are several ways for you to promote your eyelash extension business.

Create a promo for first-time customers

Since your business is just starting, having a promo for first-time, customers will encourage people to try out your service. Sales and discounts always attract a lot of attention, so you’re sure to get some first-time clients through this. Do a great job on these customers, and they’ll be guaranteed to return even for the full price.

Sponsor or collaborate with a social media influencer

Social media influencers are always on the receiving end of many PR kits, collaborations, and sponsorship deals. The right influencers will draw the correct attention and boost sales. 

For your business, contact an influencer who aligns with your image and target market. Offer them a deal or contract in which you will provide services in exchange for free promotion on their social media accounts. Decide on the terms, whether it’s a onetime deal or for a specific duration.

Also, document the lash installment on the influencer. These raw videos will have a positive effect on viewers and followers because it makes the business feel more open.

Partner with makeup artists

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The perfect artists to create connections within the beauty industry are makeup artists. With their knowledge and experience, they can share your eyelash extensions’ best features to a broad audience. They have a credible voice that people are willing to listen to and trust. 

Partner up with a notable makeup artist and perform a lash extension for free in exchange for promotion and recommendation. When people see how amazing your lashes look on the artist or their models, several people will want to achieve the same look and become your client.

Give your clients a referral program

Since eyelash extensions are semi-permanent, they will need to be re-applied and maintained. Clients are likely to recommend you to their family and friends if you offer a discount or promo when they refer someone to you. 

You’ll need to keep track of your old clients and the new ones you gained through them to avoid confusion in claiming the discount or promo.

  1. Make a social media account, and post your works

One of the best techniques to reach potential clients nowadays is to create a social media account. Your account can serve as your online portfolio showcasing all your works. 

You don’t have to hire professionals or celebrities for this. Get your friends and family to try out your service and take their photos to display your skills. People will relate more since their reference will be a regular person like them.

To succeed in this field, you’ll need to produce satisfying results consistently. This career isn’t easy, it’s tiring and time-consuming, but it is rewarding. Trust in yourself as you would want clients to trust in you. Persist with care and determination. You can only go forward in life.