Real Ways to Make Money from Home for Free

Get Paid to test websites

Poorly designed websites, lousy navigation, and poor content are the main reasons why websites lose traffic. To avoid this, most companies and bloggers will pay website testers to review their sites and applications for them. 

Based on the feedback they receive; website owners will then make changes to improve users’ experience. There are many free and legit sites available online such as;

Real Ways to Make Money from Home for Free

UserTesting: get paid $10 for every 20 minutes of work

Respondent: get paid up to $100 an hour

Ferpection: $25 or more for a test

IntelliZoom: $2 for simple surveys and $10 for video submissions

Userlytics: $5-$90 pay varies with each project

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programs allow you to make money by earning commissions for every sale you make on someone else’s products or services through your personalized affiliate link. To start working as an affiliate partner you first need to sign up as an affiliate on common reputable marketplaces such as Amazon, Rakuten, Shopify, Airbnb, ShareASale, Clickbank, CJ Affiliate, MaxBounty, etc. 

Commission paid differs from one site to another. It is a great way to make passive income especially if you have a blog, website, YouTube channel, or a very active and engaged social media following. 

Get paid to listen to music

For most people, listening to music is part of everyday life when relaxing or even when doing chores around the house. How nice would it be if you could get paid for doing just that? Awesome, right?

Well, you actually can. Several legit online platforms allow you to make money from listening to music and giving your reviews such as;

Slice The Pie: they pay $0.02 for every song you review, however, your earnings are going to increase with your consistency.

Music Xray: Their focus is on getting reviews for new artists and pay $0.05 per song.

PlaylistPush: Pay users $1 for every review. Users are also allowed to create and monetize their playlists on Spotify or Apple Music.

HitPredictor: pay users $5 for every 30 minutes they spend on the site. 

Cash4minutes: this site pays you $0.08 for every minute you listen to a live radio station

Earn money answering professional questions

There are so many people online seeking professional help in a variety of niches such as law, medicine, engineering, education, etc. 

There are tons of online platforms that allow people to ask questions and get answers from professionals who are paid for their answers. Examples of such sites include JustAnswer, Expert123 and HelpOwl amongst many others.

To qualify to provide answers to people, you need to sign up and provide your professional verification documents, an identification form, and submit a resume. Once you are approved, you can start providing answers to people and get paid. 

Voiceover artist

Get paid to provide your voice for professional audio work such as audiobooks, games, cartoons, commercials, etc. 

As a voice-over artist, how much you will be paid will depend on a variety of factors such as the size of the project, type of project, how well you market yourself, and level of experience. However, you can expect to be paid about $30-$40 for a small market commercial project and up to $500 for a large market project such as an audiobook.

Some legit sites where you can find voice over jobs include,, VoiceBunny, Voice123, Bodalgo, and The Voice Realm. You can also find these jobs on popular job boards such as Upwork and Fiverr.

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Playing Video Games

It is everybody’s wish to be able to make money doing what they love. Luckily, if you are a video game enthusiast, this is quite possible for you. There are several ways in which you can be able to make money playing video games. This includes; 

  • Get paid to play directly: you can find these opportunities on various sites such as MistPlay, GameHag or online survey sites such as Survey Junkie or Inbox Dollar.
  • Live streaming your gaming sessions on Twitch 
  • Become a video game tester
  • Coach people on how to play certain games
  • Offer tutorials and game reviews on YouTube

Data Entry 

Data entry jobs are quite simple and open to everyone since they do not require any special skills or educational background. You only need a computer, a good internet connection and be fast at typing. 

There are several legitimate companies that you can find such jobs. They include; Clickworker Dion Data Solutions, Axion Data Services, and Accu Tran Global amongst many others. 

Pay depends on the type of project and the number of working hours you will be required to put in.


Transcription involves converting audio files into texts. Transcription jobs are quite popular and are available in a variety of niche subjects. For professional niches such as medical and legal jobs, you might be required to have some level of experience working in the niche. as a new freelancer, you will be best suited to work on general transcriptions.

Pay usually varies from one project to another however, on average you can get paid about $0.03-$2 per audio minute.

Examples of companies that hire transcribers include; Rev, GMR Transcription, Go Transcript, Way With Words among many others. 

Sell Stock Photos

Thanks to modern advanced technology, you no longer need to have expensive photography equipment to take good pictures. With a smartphone that has a good quality camera, you can be able to take pictures of just about anything and sell them online as stock photos.(how to make money as a hobby photographer)

Some great popular sites where you can make good money selling photos include; Foap, Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, Fotolia and Adobe Stock.

Be sure to fine-tune your photos by editing them before submitting them to any of these sites. 

Real Ways to Make Money from Home

Online Surveys

Taking surveys is probably the easiest way to make money from home with your spare time. (how to make $500 fast as a kid). There are a lot of legit online survey sites that work in conjunction with several companies to help them get insights on new products or services that they seek to offer before they release them to the market. 

Examples of legit survey sites include; Branded Surveys, Survey Junkie, InboxDollars, Vindale Research and Toluna amongst many others.

On average, you can be paid $0.10-$5 for a survey. To be able to make a substantial amount, you should try and complete as many surveys as you can. Also, try signing up to at least two or three sites, they are free to sign up on. This increases your earning potential. 

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who offers online services to companies and small businesses. These services include but are not limited to data entry, copywriting and editing documents, sending emails and planning a travel itinerary.

Some legit online sites that hire virtual assistants include; Fancy Hands, and WorldWide101 etc. 

As a virtual assistant, you will be able to make $35 or more per hour. 

Make Money from Home for Free

Freelance Writing

There is a growing demand for content online making this a highly lucrative way of making money from home. Some so many people work from home full time as freelance writers and can comfortably sustain themselves. 

There are several ways of making money online as a freelance writer, they include;

  • Working on job boards such as Upwork, TextBroker, iWriter, and Fiverr. There are a variety of jobs available on these sites including, copywriting, content writing, ghostwriting, product reviews, etc. You choose which jobs to work on depending on your interests and skills. 
  • Writing articles for blogs, magazines and newspapers, and journals
  • Write and Sell an eBook
  • Start a blog and monetize it

Teach English Online

If you can speak good, fluent English, then this is something that you can easily do. 

There are thousands of students across the globe who would like to learn English as a second language and are willing to pay someone to teach them English online via Skype or any other similar platform. As an online English tutor, you will be able to earn $25 or more per hour. 

Examples of legit online sites where you can find English tutoring jobs include VIPKids, Ghegg Tutors, Indeed, and Verbal Planet amongst several others. 

Become a Social Media Influencer

Social media has become a necessity for many businesses. This is where they get to interact and connect with their clients since most people are now spending most of their time online, on social media. 

Therefore, if you are a social media user and have a huge and engaging following you can easily be able to make money from home just by working with brands to help them market their products or services to as many people as possible. 

Currently, there is a good number of people who can do this full time meaning that this is a profitable business opportunity. How much you can earn depends on your following and the budget set aside for marketing by the companies you will be working with. 

Companies are willing to pay influencers up to $5,000 per post if working with you can prove to be beneficial to them. 

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