Can you make money with Clickfunnels

Can you make money with Clickfunnels

Being an entrepreneur is not easy in 2020 because there are so many things you have to do. You need to have marketing, coding, and designing skills to be able to succeed in such a challenging environment. You must have some very wonderful ideas ...

Being an entrepreneur is not easy in 2020 because there are so many things you have to do. You need to have marketing, coding, and designing skills to be able to succeed in such a challenging environment. You must have some very wonderful ideas to succeed however, pulling them off will not be easy if you have a massive workload. 

People want to do the bare minimum but make plenty of money. This is why many are looking for new ways to make an income one however, is it possible? This is the question that many people often ask themselves. The marketing industry online walks a fine line between reality and fantasy. 

Not every money-making method you come across will yield results however, some do produce results. One of those methods you can use to make money is clickfunnels. Using this platform you can build a landing page, watch it closely, and set up email responders. Before you decide to use clickfunnels, you need to know exactly what they are. 

What exactly are Clickfunnels? 

The whole platform centers around automating the sales process allowing you to control every aspect of buying. Using this software means our business with what is known as a sales funnel. It is a great replacement for ranking your company website when people search for it. This makes sales and collecting leads very easy. 

Ways to make money effectively using Clickfunnels

Three ways will be highlighted that you can use to make money. The method that you go for is all down to preference, knowledge, and skill. You need to understand the online marketing game and not just throw a lot of money at an ad without getting something in return. Success doesn’t come overnight and money doesn’t grow on trees. Expect to invest a lot to get the results you want but, you have to be smart.

Earn money via affiliate marketing

If you don’t have anything up for sale, promoting ClickFunnels to your audience is the way to go. If you have internet marketing experience and know-how to get people to click on ads and drive traffic up, you can make plenty of money this way very quickly. Since a lot of people don’t want to deal with the stress of coming up with product ideas and putting everything in place, this is a wonderful alternative. 

The product is already created and all you do is just promote it to others and drive traffic up. On top of promoting Clickfunnels itself, you can also use it to promote other products and services like the  Dot Com Secret book or Expert Secrets book. Selling these is very easy and it is all about adding value to earn your money. How do you do that? You can add value by posting comments on Facebook groups, Instagram, Snapchat, or YouTube. 

There are plenty of ways to go by it as long as you have the desire to help people. The first thing you do is sign up to ClickFunnels and begin learning how it works via the training program they have. If you have a Facebook page, join it, and see what other people are posting on there to get inspiration and motivation. All this will help you understand how to use this software to get the best possible results and build your funnels in the near future. 

Earn money selling your own products 

While the point above talks about selling services and products on other people’s behalf, you can sell your own too on the platform. With the help of ClickFunnels, this can be done via a variety of methods and the first method is through E-commerce. You can throw in free shopping to get sales up and it doesn’t matter whether you’re selling something as simple as a book, you can earn money via E-commerce thanks to ClickFunnels. 

There are plenty of people making a lot of money each month especially if they have a product that is high in demand and face low competition. The second method is known as high ticket coaching and here you need to set up what is known as a “lead to application to phone call funnel”. It is not difficult to set up and a wonderful way to make some serious money if you know how to do it properly. 

The third method is called information products and this is where you sell information about various products through ClickFunnels. To save you time on designing, there are so many pre-configured templates you can use. Alternatively, you can buy a template if you are new to the industry. The fourth method is called continuity programs and it is where you offer people memberships on your site. 

It is a great way to make passive income as long as people carry on paying for the membership fee. The last method is through webinars and this is something that many across the world use. Using this method means you will engage with your audience even more and pitch your product or service to them. While all the other methods pointed above are great, this one yields the best results because people can be pointed to an app for purchase and most deals are closed via a phone call. 

Earn money using ClickFunnels Certified Partners to build funnels for people 

If you are an expert at building funnels, you can become a ClickFunnel certified Partner. You can use this skill and charge people to build funnels for them. You cannot perform this task unless you know the software like the back of your hand including integrations and automation. 

When you have the hang of it and become a certified partner, you will have an advantage over others and be more credible when it comes to selling funnels. You will have to go through the certification process first however, it is not difficult and will cost money and a bit of time. This investment to become a partner is worth in both the short and long term.