How to Get Paid to be an Online Companion

Are you searching for new and exciting ways to earn some extra money? Believe it or not, you can get paid to be an online companion!

Read on to find out how or alternatively read – how to get paid to talk to lonely women

Making money from being an online companion is one new and interesting trend that has cropped up along with the digital generation. On one hand, we have this batch of people who have cut out any and all social aspects of their lives; they prefer spending their free time glued to their screens, be it on the computer, phone or even the television. On the other, we have another batch that would rather spend their time working to make ends meet rather than spend time socializing with people.

These factors have therefore given rise to some rather odd trends, such as being paid to be an online companion, that are now becoming the new normal.

There are numerous sites that have been created to help people link up and even get paid to be a companion.

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What is Online Companionship

An online companion is someone whose service you rent to be a friend for a certain duration of time. And just as the name suggests, everything is done online. You do not ever have to meet unless you both agree to it.

People seeking online companions usually have their own reasons but you will mostly find that they are either busy individuals who have no time to socialize or are introverts who do not know how to make friends in real life.

What do Online Companions Do?

It is mostly the same things that you do with your ‘real’ friends in your social interactions.

How Does It Work?

Being an online companion is an exciting venture for the sole reason that you get to meet with many people of different age groups and of various diversities. If you are an outgoing and charming person, you will easily be able to fit in with any personality you come across with.

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Generally, most of the sites that facilitate these services will require you to sign up and create a personal account with them. While there are some sites that require you to pay for a membership fee, most of them are free to register.

Upon signing up, you will be put on a short personality test so that they can get to know you better. Next, you will need to write up your profile. This is to help anyone who comes across it to have a brief idea of who you are. It would be best if your profile was as detailed as possible, that is, your hobbies, talents, abilities, interests etc. Also indicate if you can speak in any other language, bilingual people are usually at an advantage.

Where to Find Clients

As mentioned earlier, there are a ton of legit online sites that offer a platform for this. However, for those people who would want to make this sort of a full-time job they need to think beyond these sites. There are people who do this as their main side hustle, more like a freelancing gig. If this is what you want, then other places to find clients would include;

Social media pages: create social media accounts specifically for this and let people know that they can hire you to become their online companion

Fiverr: this platform is well known for being a hotbed for freelancers seeking to do simple odd jobs and that could include being paid to be an online companion to people.

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How to Get Paid

With your profile set up, you now wait for clients to reach out. Clients will choose your profile, location, gender and interests.

You are always at liberty to accept or decline a request.

It is important to note that these sites advocate for platonic friendship. They are not dating or hook up sites neither should the site be used to do anything illegal businesses.

Once you offer your companionship services to someone, at the end of your session, money paid by the client will be forwarded to you and you can then withdraw the funds via PayPal or directly to your bank account.

It is that easy to make money being an online companion.

How Much Can One Make

How much you are able to earn by being an online companion differs from one site to another. While some sites usually have a fixed rate, others will let you determine how much you want to make but will often charge you a service fee on all payments.

Your earning potential is also dependent on several other factors such as;

  • Hourly rates
  • Availability
  • Number of clients
  • Length your chat sessions
  • Interpersonal skills

On average, you can be able to make upto $20 per hour being an online companion. Some people have reported having upto seven clients in a day. Therefore, if you spend an hour with each, that means at the end of the day you will have made about $140. It might not be a lot but it sure will help paying off some bills.

Factors to Consider Before Starting on this Venture

Just like with several other online money making opportunities, this field is likely to be filled with scammers but there are several legit sites. You therefore need to be extra careful, protect your vital information such as phone contact and address and your identity.

Ensure that the site you are signing up on is a secure site. Do your own research prior, find reviews of people online and find out what they are saying about the site.

Also, avoid sites that will ask you to pay to access. While there are some legit sites that charge a membership fee, most fake sites usually charge a fee in the promise of greater benefits. You should research well to help differentiate the two.

Bottom Line

This might sound like a very odd way of making money to some people but it is a legit way of making a few extra bucks and making friends. Also, do note that being an online companion is not the same as offering escort or dating services, there are other sites for such interactions. In fact, most of these sites are against anything other than platonic friendships. If anything like this comes up with a client, you should report it immediately.

This however would not work as a main source of income but it sure is a fun venture. There are a ton of other ways of making money full time as a freelancer that are more sustainable than this.

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