Handmade Wood Products That Sell

If you’ve decided to choose woodworking to make money , either part-time or as a career, you’re probably searching for any relevant information to push you in the right direction. One of the topics you should be spending time on is the different types of handmade wood products that sell. 

Why? It’s because you should know what products are in demand, so you won’t possibly have to waste time, money, and effort in making anything that might not get sold. To save you from the hassle of researching on your own, we’ve gone ahead and created a list.

We’ve narrowed down the top 10 most popular wood products that sell

round brown container on dresses
Handmade Wood Products That Sell


Easy to make and sell, coasters never really go out of style. Even though times have changed, most people still purchase coasters to protect their furniture. Some even use coasters for decoration pieces, such as display stands and jewelry holders. The bottom line is that finely crafted wooden coasters appeal to all sorts of people. If you’re into designing or illustrations, then you can also showcase your skills on them. Coasters only require basic materials and don’t require too much time to make.

 Picture frames

Wooden picture frames are standard pieces for most, if not all, homes. What more, simple designs never get old, which means that you don’t have to make intricate designs if you don’t want to. On the other hand, if you’re on the creative side, then you can have fun and the freedom to make exciting designs. The only difficulty you might encounter is replicating complicated designs should clients request them in sets. One thing you always need to consider is the thickness of the glass.

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 Serving tray

If you’re looking for something bigger yet also reasonably easy to make then, you should consider serving trays. Trays have a lot of surface area to work with, which is suitable for those who want to engrave or carve designs on it. You can use different materials for the handle, too, for example, and be as creative as you want to make an exciting product. Mixing different types of wood or incorporating other materials like steel are some ideas you should consider. At times Trays can even be used as centerpieces or to add accents in homes when they fit or complement the interior.

 Fruits bowls

One of the perpetually popular household items is the fruit bowl. It serves as a container and is also a good piece that breaks the monotony in room designs. On top of that, it’s easy to make and sellable all year long. You can even try spicing it up by changing up the shape, design, or using different types of finishes. The only downside is that if you make them too plain, it’ll blend in with all the other fruit bowls. It’s best to think of a way to make your wood product stand out, like adding customization options such as name engravings and the like.  

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 Trivets and cutting boards

These two are possibly the easiest wood products to make as they’re pretty simple and straightforward. Both items require thick slabs of wood, with cutting boards being thicker because of its purpose. Meanwhile, trivets are mostly round because their use is to hold hot plates and pans. What makes them so easy to make is that you’ll need to shape the wood according to your design, sand them, and decide whether to apply varnish or not. They’re essentially like coasters but way bigger.

 Wall Shelves

brown wooden book shelf with books

Depending on the design you want, making wall shelves can be very easy or somewhat hard. There are numerous styles to choose from, like simple wall shelves, hanging shelves, and more. Additionally, you can be creative with the design and make unique wall shelves with compartments if you’d like. But unusual shelves can be a hit or miss, which means you should look up in-demand patterns first and improve from there.

 Wall decor

Everyone’s into decorating their own space right now, and people of all ages are all about expressing themselves through their houses and rooms. As a result, wall decors are highly in demand. These wood products’ difficulty level varies on the design, but even basic pieces like wooden nameplates or wooden letters are pretty popular enough. Those with knowledge in electrical wiring can also make decors with light-up features to appeal to more buyers. Wall decors and similar display items are good wooden craft pieces that also sell at craft shows.

 Pet bowl holder

Nowadays, there are so many pet-parents that want the best for their fur-babies. It’s the reason why pet supplies and accessories have gotten a massive upgrade over the past few years. So, If you want to produce a sure seller, then pet bowl holders are the way to go. You can create many variations for bowl holders, like singles or doubles, tilted, or elevated ones. Offering personalization options, such as name engraving, will also appeal to many pet owners.

 Wine rack

glass bottles on floating shelf

Another timeless piece on the list that’s consistently popular is the wine rack. With more and more people developing a taste for wine, it’s only natural that many homes have a wine rack or two. They’re not only functional but aesthetically pleasing too, and they add character to kitchens and dining areas. However, they do require a bit more attention than the other medium-sized items. It’s because they should be able to keep the bottles in place securely.


The most trying and tiring item on the list is making furniture. In general, though, making any type of furniture is in no way an easy task. It also takes a lot of time compared to all the other items on the list. But since it’s on a bigger scale, you can sell it for a lot, especially those with elaborate details. Unlike other items on the list, though, there are different types of furniture you can make, and it’s all up to you. You can choose from chairs, tables, bed frames, and more.