Wood Crafts to Sell at Craft Shows

One of the best ways to start a name for oneself or a store is for artisans and sellers to find the opportunity to showcase their talents and products to the public. For this reason, local markets like bazaars and street markets are perfect. 

So, if you’ve been checking out your city’s event schedule and thinking of ideas you can try, you’re probably searching for the best woodcraft items to sell and display at craft shows. Well then, you can stop looking right now, as the list we’ve created below should give you plenty of choices to make money off of wood working projects.

brown wooden round container with brown wooden sticks
Wood Crafts to Sell at Craft Shows

Jewelry organizer

compartments for organizing aren’t only limited to minimalist designs. Nowadays, anybody who’s seen the benefits of a clutter-free environment is getting into the style of keeping things tidy and segregated. And this is where jewelry organizers come in. Usually, in tandem with jewelry boxes, jewelry organizers make sure that every accessory has its own section and display each piece in an orderly manner. Similarly, they’re also great when placed in drawers and can be used by themselves. 

With that in mind, you have to make sure that the wood you’ll be using is sturdy yet as lightweight as possible since jewelry pieces are heavy when stacked together. They can be with or without a finish, but make sure that the entire surface is smooth to the touch cause they’ll be handling delicate materials.

Customized signs

More and more people are getting into designing their spaces. What used to be plain and simple rooms are now turning into private dens, gaming rooms, workspaces, home offices, and more. Even those who aren’t taking any type of work at all into their homes have created their well-decorated spots. As such, decor pieces like signages, among many others, are wanted by many. On that note, customized wooden signs are a great addition to any space. Whether it’s the basic and plain door signage or elaborately engraved type, they certainly add a personal and unique touch to any room.

It’s important to remember that the sign’s labor and the material will depend on what the client wants to put on it. It’s because different types of wood have varying depth, quality, durability, and the like that will affect the product’s overall look along with its longevity.

Bowls or plates

As one of the most eco-friendly items in the market, wooden plates are in high demand right now. The number of people who are going green is growing day by day, meaning the need for this particular lifestyle is not only consistent but increasing. Therefore, it’s not surprising that wooden bowls or plates are among the first things people buy.

But regardless of the client’s intent, plates and bowls need to be tough because it’ll be in use several times a day. Aside from that, they’ll be handling food and water, too, so the plates should be able to withstand consistent contact with all sorts of liquids. Now, having considered these two vital details, you’ll need to find the appropriate wood that has the best resistance to water, oil, soap, and more food-related chemicals. The varnish will also need to have the same considerations on top of being toxin-free. You can even refrain from applying any finishing if you want.

Kitchen and eating utensils

And since we’ve talked about going green for plates, it’s only natural that utensils accompany them. But being on a smaller and more portable scale, wooden spoons and forks are easier to sell than plates or bowls. It’s due to the high chance that people will lose their cutlery sets and keep buying new ones. They’re also more popular too cause they’re cheaper and easier to gift due to their size.

However, though they’re not as costly and laborious to make, you’ll still need to apply the same treatment as you do with plates. They’re going to be exposed to the same liquids and therefore need the same preparation. You need to be mindful of the likelihood of breakage, too, since the fork’s tines are thinner than the rest. You can go for a stronger type of wood as well, like maple wood, or make the utensils thicker instead. These types of products are usually the kind of wood project that sells online on sites like eBay.


These days nightlights aren’t restricted for children’s use anymore. It’s actually not uncommon to find adults who want to spruce up their rooms and homes with these types of decor. For that matter, the patterns on nightlights are typically classic and timeless, so people of any age can appreciate them. Moreover, it’s also possible to offer clients customization options should they want to request a specific design or even come up with their own. 

In contrast to its size, nightlights aren’t as quick to make, although they’re still relatively easy to craft. It’s because the precision required to cut out the wood designs will take up quite a long time. To create a high-quality product, you’ll need to get the shapes smoothly and correctly. What’s more tricky about it is that any deformity or flaw will be visible in the shadow’s silhouette once the light is on. So those who aren’t as careful with details might find this somewhat tedious to make.

Hanging lamp

You can be as creative as you want with lamps since they can go in any part of the house. There’s basically no limit for you regarding its design, so you can make it as traditional as you want or avant-garde if that’s more your style. But similar to the kitchen items mentioned earlier, you’ll need to think about its long-term use, which in this case is mainly how it can safely enclose a hot light bulb for an indefinite amount of time. 

To ensure that the wood doesn’t get damaged despite its constant exposure to heat, you’ll need to calculate all related aspects, like distance, the voltage of light bulb, wood type, and coating, before proceeding with anything.