Wood Projects That Sell on eBay

If you’re searching for wood projects that you can sell on eBay, then this is the page you need. We’ve got all sorts of ideas for you because we know it takes a while to figure out what types of handmade wood products sell. So, we’ve considered all the pros and cons of these items for you.

All that’s left you to do is read and decide what you’re going to build next.

brown wooden plank in close up photography
Wood Projects That Sell on eBay

Container boxes

People are always in need of containers. Whether it’s storing indoor or outdoor items, everyone has lots of things they want to keep safe, which is why boxes are frequently in demand. What’s appealing about crafting this item is usually people want to get the same design in bulk. Meaning your clients are likely to keep coming back for more boxes to maintain their uniformity. Aside from this, you can also offer your designs in different box sizes. This way, you can still offer clients matching looks while giving them other storage options.

Shoe racks

Since space management is tremendously popular, loads of people are focusing on organizing their things. With this in mind, making shoe racks is an especially good project to make right now. Not to mention, its appeal isn’t limited to just those who are cleaning up. It extends specifically to shoe collectors focused all year long on growing and keeping their shoes in perfect condition. And if you make high-quality shoe racks, these collectors will likely recommend your products to their friends and their shoe groups or communities. 

Candleholder or stand

As old fashion as they may seem, candle holders are still salable to this day. Though most of the time, they’re not bought for their functionality anymore. Instead, they serve as room accents, decorations, or pieces to complete certain areas’ whole look or vibe. It’s the reason why you can be as creative or as bare as you want when making this type of woodwork. Simple styles match well in minimalist and modern homes, while detailed candle holders fit in elaborate homes. On top of that, they’re relatively easy to do and don’t take long to finish.

Phone or tablet holder

Nowadays, phones and tablets are must-have items that most, if not all, people always use. From sending emails, checking out the news, up to reading digital books, they’re always in people’s hands. However, they also need support, like during video conferences, watching movies, or recording videos. It’s no wonder there are numerous types of phone or tablet holders on the market right now. So what better way to make money than with a product that’s useful and has a basic layout. One thing to consider is that the holder should accommodate the general size of phones since units change all the time.

Jewelry box

What’s attractive about making jewelry boxes is that people will still need and buy them no matter how many years pass. Unlike the varying fashion styles that come and go, jewelry is timeless and classic. They’re never unwanted, and because they’re expensive, it’s a given that they’ll be in safe and secure containers, hence the need for jewelry boxes. Besides that, they’re quite easy to construct and just require basic skills. Even beginners in wood crafting can make them. Plus, you have the freedom to make them as plain or as intricate as you want since both are sellable. You can also showcase these types of wood crafts to sell at craft shows.

Bath Trays

Due to the increasing stress people face, many have been taking time to focus on themselves and have self-care routines. These de-stressing rituals usually involve soaking in the bath while enjoying food, shows, and a glass of wine. Now, these relaxation sessions need bath trays, as they’re the ones that keep every item safe and dry. And since the tray has a high chance of getting wet, the design, material, or coating needs some waterproofing. Either use a water-repellent finish or place some additional layer of protection.

Planter boxes

Another item that’s been getting attention the past few years is planter boxes. Due to several factors, the number of people living in condominiums has significantly been increasing. In effect, it means all of them can no longer have their own yards or gardens. And the remedy for this is planter boxes. These boxes allow people to bring greenery into their homes, despite not having the traditional piece of land. Though somewhat easy to craft, you’ll have to be mindful that these will always be in contact with water. Therefore, you need to think of the draining process and longevity of the box when designing them. 

Box shelves

Stylish and attractive, box shelves have an appeal unique from the traditional wall or floating shelves. They give a distinct look due to their shape, which immediately highlights the space. You have an unlimited option with creating variations for them, as even changing the shape or depth gives the shelves a whole new look. Even without variants, though, just sticking to the regular square or rectangular shape is good enough as simple designs are very popular.

Desktop organizer

As mentioned earlier, organizing work and living spaces are a hit right now. One item that’s a consistent part of the organized set up is the desktop organizer. What was once only seen in offices is now prominently part of several homes. As such, they’re one of the top wood products in high demand right now. Organizers aren’t quick to make, though, since there are many partitions, and some even have compartments. It’s up to you whichever way you want to mix them up, but the general design isn’t complicated to fabricate.

Another key point to remember is that you can add customization features for all the items listed above. Some of the options you can offer are painting, name engraving, or wood-burning. How many combinations you can do and limit per item depends on your skills.