How can I make money with my Bicycle?

With the gig economy, there can never be a short of things to do to earn you some extra cash, and getting paid to ride your bike is one of them.

This is among the simplest things to do as a side hustle since you are being paid to do what you already do as a personal initiative and you work only when it is convenient for you.  

The greatest additional benefit for all this is that you get to exercise while at it. It could not possibly get any better than this.

How can I make money with my Bicycle?
How can I make money with my Bicycle?

Post Videos on YouTube

Start a YouTube channel and post videos of your cycling adventures. This is a great option for highly talented and professional cyclers. You will only need a camera that can be strapped on your helmet to record your cycling.

Afterward, you’ll just need to upload the video on YouTube (the fewer edits the better) then monetize your content.

Note: You can only start monetizing your content after you achieve 10,000 total views.

The average rate that YouTube pays content creators is between $3 and $10 for every 1000 views. However, sponsored content pays a bit more, that is, between $10 to $50 for every 1000 views. The cumulative revenue you will be able to make from YouTube videos per month will depend on the number of views your video receives.

Some great channels to look into for cycling content inspiration include Bike Blogger, his content involves everyday life of a bike lover, Nomad’s Trail, and Wheels to Wander who post content about cycling around the world.

Get Paid to Ride

Sounds absurd, right? But it is possible. Thanks to modern technology we now have platforms such as Ridevert, Strava, and Competitive Cyclists that pay you for every mile or hour that you ride your bicycle.

With Ridevert, all you need to do is attach a poster of your choice on your bike and ride. The app will track the mileage covered with the poster and you get paid.

With Strava, they use the app to track your cycling activity and pay you $1 for every hour you are on your bike. After you have been paid your dues for the month, you can then log on to Competitive Cyclist, an online retail store selling riding gear, and use the money to purchase bike gears.

Run Errands with your Bicycle.

Bicycles can be used to deliver just about anything. From food, grocery to messages. You will only be required to add a rack or get a delivery bag that you will use to ferry the items. 

Deliver food for your local restaurants;

Most restaurants these days offer home delivery options. They usually partner with delivery apps such as UberEats and PostMates or could hire their delivery riders. For the first option, you will need to create an account as a rider on the apps to get these jobs. For the latter, you will have to go pitch your services directly to sign up with them as their delivery rider.

The advantage of using your bike to offer these services is that unlike cars, a bike is faster since it can navigate in traffic, is cost-efficient, and does not require big parking spaces; this makes the services faster and affordable.

Buy and Deliver groceries

A great option for this is Instacart which focuses solely on the delivery of groceries. With Instacart, you as the client will only be required to post a list of groceries you need to be delivered, the rider will then go to the store, purchase the items and deliver them to your doorstep.

The pay for Instacart riders is about $10 per hour and they pay a bonus for riders who can clock in more than 40 hours.

Become a bike messenger

This involves delivering parcels, packages, and letters within your city. This is a great option if you have free time and like riding for long distances. It is a great way to exercise while making money at the same time.

Sell Adverts

How many times do you remember to look at billboard advertisements when walking or driving around the city? Yet companies pay lots of money to have their adverts on billboards.

With this in mind, platforms such as Ads On Bikes were formed to provide a more dynamic form of advertisement to companies that will ensure their adverts get to have more visibility within the city. With Ads On Bikes, you will be required to create a free account and sign up for ad placements. 

Once you get an approval from a client, they will then send you the advert that you will attach to your bike to get started.  Some companies will however require you to go get the advert placed on your bike from their offices and go back to have it removed once the advert period has expired.

Work as a City Tour Guide

How well do you know your city? If you have lived there long enough and are quite familiar with all the hidden gems of your city, you could work as a city bike tour guide.

This is a great opportunity because everyday visitors are streaming into a new city and would like to experience it from the perspective of a local. The good thing with city bike tours is that you do not have to visit famous places or landmarks, you only have to make the trip feel authentic.

Search if there are any local bicycle tour companies available in your city and try signing up as a bike tour guide with them. Another option is to market yourself to a few people to get them on board. If successful, they are likely to recommend your services to others. The advantage of this option is that you set up your rates.

In other words;

Your bike could be more than just a transportation tool. Ride, exercise, and make money while at it.  A platform worth checking into is TaskRabbit. Here, you will find listings made by clients who want all sorts of errands done for them. You can sign up here and filter all the tasks that are bicycle-accessible. With this, you will be able to find jobs that you can handle and work at your convenience.

Remember to stay safe, always wear your protective gear and have your bike serviced regularly so that it can serve you better.