Best Wood Working Money Makers

You’re probably excited at the idea of making money with your talent in wood crafting. However, with so many options available, it can get quite confusing to sort through them all. You’ve also got to consider the demand and difficulty in making each item, amongst other aspects. 

But luckily for you, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of some of the best wood working money makers you should try. The list can give you an idea as well for wood projects that you can sell online.

Best Wood Working Money Makers
Best Wood Working Money Makers

Coffee cup racks

Quick to build, and requires minimal effort, cup racks, in general, are salable, either plain or elaborate. It’s got a lot of appeal to people, and there are numerous designs you can try should you want to. The rack itself has two basic variations, hanging and standing, that you can do easily. The latter doesn’t allow much for creativity, though, so if you’re inclined to do some engravings and the like, the hanging coffee cup rack is the better choice.

Coffee table

This particular product is always popular since it goes well in commercial and residential spaces. These types of tables add a certain vibe, that depends on the style, to the area. Even without intricate designs, regular coffee tables are attractive enough. One type of look that’s incredibly attractive but maybe a bit costly is using a thick slab of wood with distinct and visible wood grains on the surface. The slab’s shape may be left intact, so you’ll only need to fabricate the legs, polish, and decide whether or not to apply varnish.

Storage beds

Since many people are looking to save and utilize space as much as possible, it’s no wonder that one of the most wanted bedroom furniture is the storage beds. It maximizes the limited space and helps keep the bedroom clean as dust is unlikely to accumulate in such a small area. Moreover, the storage underneath is enormous since most of them are typically the size of the bed itself. The only downside is that building it will take longer and require additional effort due to the size and compartments. Yet it’ll be all worth it since you’ll be making more money off of your wood working project.

Under-bed storage drawer

This product is an alternative for those who are happy with their current bed frames but want more space or can’t afford to buy a new one. In essence, you’ll be making customized drawers since they’ll have to fit seamlessly under the bed. Unlike the rest of the products on the list, this particular product will be under the special order category since you’ll need specific measurements to make them. But of course, you’ll still need to make a display set so you can show customers how they’ll look and function. A miniature version with its own bed frame should be more comfortable to do and cost-efficient as well.

Wall planter

More and more people are developing an attraction to plants and want to include them in their homes. It’s why good quality wall planters are certified money makers these days. Many homeowners are now moving into condominiums, meaning less garden space or none at all. Even houses with small spaces can bring a touch of greenery inside without the typical land plot needed with wall planters. Yet, despite the easy design, you’ll need to put great effort into making them. It’s because you’ll have to consider the material you’ll be using, their drainage style, and durability. Since the wood will be directly in contact with water and humidity because of the plants, you must consider waterproofing the product to extend its life span.


Another bedroom fixture that’s easy to sell is nightstands. With minimalism being one of the most favored styles, gone are the days of bulky furniture. Nightstands, in particular, have gotten a classy makeover and are now easy to fit even in tight spaces. Although their designs now are thinner than before, they’re still able to hold many items. The slim style is especially appealing to people who live in single bed-room units because of their petite size. On top of that, they’re pretty easy to fabricate and can be sold individually or by sets.

Laptop stand

Sturdy and quality laptop stands are a must right now since loads of people are sprucing up their workstations or gaming set-ups at home. These stands don’t have to be elaborate or have intricate styles cause they’ll just be supporting the laptop from below. What you do you have to be mindful of is the ventilation and airflow needed for the laptop. Most laptop models have vents underneath them, so it’s something that you should take note of when planning the style you’ll be making. To have a better idea, you should check the top-selling stands in the market. After you’ve familiarized yourself with them, you can base your designs on the parts that customers most liked.

Pet houses

The number of devoted pet owners has been steadily increasing over the past few years. Their demand for excellent pet products and accessories reflects in the massive upgrade of pet items and accessories currently available. So if you want to try this market, you’ll undoubtedly make a profit. Given that pet houses are somewhat harder to build as they’re bigger, what’s good about them is that you also get to sell them for a high price. Furthermore, you can even supply pet stores with them if the ones you make are good enough. Pet owners who like your craftsmanship are also inclined to recommend you to others. 

Headphone stand

Similar to laptop stands, headphone stands are always part of the home office or gaming set-ups. They keep the headphones in shape and display them to complete the overall look of the room. For this reason, its style should be low-key as it shouldn’t steal the spotlight from anything and instead blend into the background. Aside from that, it should have great balance, along with an even and smooth texture because it’ll always come into contact with human skin and the headphones’ material.