10 Easy Side Hustles for Busy Mums: Cashing in Between Nappies and Naptime

Let me tell you, being a mum is a full-time job, with overtime, and no sick days! But what if I say there’s a silver lining to that seemingly endless laundry pile? It’s called side hustles, and they’re a mum’s secret weapon for padding the purse with a bit extra.

Imagine turning those minutes spent waiting for the kids at football practice into cash. Magic, right?

A busy mom multitasks: selling homemade crafts, tutoring online, and delivering groceries. She manages a blog, walks dogs, and does freelance writing

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “I barely have time to brush my hair, let alone start a business!” But hear me out. We’re not talking about creating the next big start-up.

These are easy, do-them-in-your-pyjamas, while-the-kids-are-asleep type of gigs.

From tapping into your inner business tycoon to unleashing your creativity for some dough, there’s a side hustle that fits right into the nooks and crannies of your bustling life.

Key Takeaways

Unleashing Your Inner Entrepreneur

A cluttered kitchen table with a laptop, notebook, and coffee cup. A calendar on the wall displays busy schedules. A stack of bills sits nearby

Let’s talk turkey about the entrepreneurial wonders of the online hustle, where I can monetise my musings, craft a unique brand, and raid the attic for profits.

Trust me, it’s an uproarious adventure and no one’s going to stop us from cashing in on our clutter.

The Art of Blogging

I’ve found that writing can turn into wads of cash if you play your cards right.

I start with a quirky blog, plush with fascinating content that readers gobble up like Sunday roast. Then, slap on some ads, and voila! Every click turns into a cheeky little earner.

  • Find your niche: Pick a subject that’s as tasty as a full English but as unique as a unicorn.
  • Be consistent: Like a British queue, stick to it with unbreakable resolve.
  • Monetise smartly: Mix in ads and affiliate links like a well-seasoned dish.

Crafting Success on Etsy

My knitting needles aren’t just for show; they’re my secret weapons for crafting an empire on Etsy.

I take my homemade marvels – from knitted noggins to felted friends – and turn them into cold hard coin. Etsy is a treasure trove for those who know their way around a piece of yarn.

  • Take top-notch photos: Products need to look as tempting as a Victoria sponge cake in a bakery window.
  • SEO is king: Use keywords so that my crafts shine brighter than a diamond in a pile of coal.

Selling Treasures on eBay

Then there’s eBay, the granddaddy of garage sales turned digital.

I rifle through my loft and put yesterday’s ‘junk’ up on the block. It’s a rollicking ride watching bidders go head-to-head over my old lava lamp. Who knew Aunt Muriel’s antique spoons were actually a gold mine?

  • Unique listings: Make them snappy and descriptive, more gripping than the latest Eastenders cliffhanger.
  • Customer service: Treat buyers like royalty, because feedback is the crown jewel of eBay success.

Freelance Frenzy

A busy mom sits at her laptop, surrounded by various items for her side hustles: crafts, books, and a delivery package. The room is filled with energy and determination as she works to make extra cash

I reckon one can turn their talents into a tidy sum with freelancing. It’s quite the lark!

From crafting clever words to weaving design magic, there’s a gig that fits snugly into that hectic mum-life. And bless, as a modern tech-whizz, I can just pop open my laptop and dive into projects during those oh-so-rare quiet moments.

Penning Perfection as a Freelance Writer

Alright, so you’re a word wizard, are you? Brilliant! Freelance writing is just the ticket.

I dash off articles, blog posts, and even the odd ebook. Websites like Upwork and Fiverr are absolute gold mines for finding clients who are gagging for your writing chops.

Remember, it’s all about wooing those clients with your way with words and hitting deadlines sharper than a comedian’s wit.

  • Find Writing Gigs:

    • Upwork
    • Fiverr
  • Tips:

    • Know Your Worth: Don’t undersell your penning prowess.
    • Portfolio Power: Keep your best scribbles handy to dazzle potential clients.

Designing Dreams in Graphic Design

Graphic design, my friend, is where art meets the digital age.

If you’ve got an eye for aesthetics and can navigate design software like a ship’s captain through stormy seas, then you’re sorted.

Whip up logos, social media graphics, or go full Picasso on a website overhaul. Clients are on the prowl for your talent, and again, Upwork and Fiverr are fab spots to matchmake with those in need of a design dazzler.

  • Toolkit Essentials:

    • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Canva
  • Champion Tips:

    • Flash Your Artwork: A smashing portfolio is your golden ticket.
    • Communication is Key: Clear chit-chat with your clients keeps everyone chuffed.

Administrative Wizardry as a Virtual Assistant

I also adore the hustle as a virtual assistant (VA).

It’s all about slick organisational skills and a knack for juggling tasks from the comfort of your settee.

VAs are the backstage heroes of the freelancing world, keeping the wheels turning while everyone else is taking the bows.

You’re in charge of your schedule, so it’s top-notch for fitting work around nappy changes and playdates.

  • Services Offered:

    • Email management
    • Calendar coordination
  • Ace Advice:

    • Technology is Your Pal: Get cosy with online tools like Google Suite.
    • Set Boundaries: Just ’cause you’re at home doesn’t mean you’re 24/7 on the clock!

Social Media & Marketing Moguls

A busy mom sits at her laptop, surrounded by colorful notebooks and a cup of coffee. She is typing away, creating content for her social media and marketing side hustles

Blimey, me as a marketing guru? Who’d have thought!

But lo and behold, with a smidgen of savvy and wit, I’m shuffling into the limelight to show you the ropes of ruling social networks and affiliate marketing.

Fasten your seatbelts, it’s about to get fabulous with followers and finances!

Orchestrating Online Communities

I’m the maestro of memes, the sultan of shareable content. But seriously, orchestrating an online community is like throwing the ultimate virtual tea party.

By becoming a social media manager, I craft strategies that make businesses shine like a freshly polished silver teapot.

On platforms like Facebook Marketplace, I’ve got the whole shebang: selling, engaging, and making sure everyone knows we’ve got the best virtual bazaar in town.

I’ve got this nifty trick: I create tantalising offers and keep my social media accounts buzzing.

Picture this: followers flocking and engaged peeps regularly popping by to see what’s new in my online store.

It’s like having a bountiful garden of interested eyeballs that are ready to bloom into sales.

Affiliate Marketing Marvels

Underneath my unassuming mum attire lies the cape of an affiliate marketing marvel!

I slip into my superhero gear (Alright, it’s just my comfy pyjamas) and connect my fellow netizens with products that would make their lives as zesty as a lemon drizzle cake. Every successful linkage and ka-ching earned is a little triumph.

Behold my affiliate tactics: I weave links into my web of words oh-so naturally, making sure my social media presence is not just a wallflower but the life and soul of the online party.

Picture a nifty post here, a clever mention there—my followers wouldn’t know what hit ’em!

Sneaky? Perhaps. Effective? Oh, immensely. And every click-through is sweet music to my PayPal account.

The Real Estate Rendezvous

A cozy coffee shop with a chalkboard sign advertising the side hustles. Tables are filled with busy moms working on laptops and sipping lattes

Getting into the property game can be as thrilling as finding jeans that fit on the first try. I’ll whisk you through the exciting world of making money through properties—you won’t need a hard hat, just a bit of savviness and your charming self.

Property Prowess with Airbnb

I bet my last biscuit you’ve heard of Airbnb. It’s the fairy godmother of holiday rentals.

If you’ve got a spare room or you’re out of town, why not let your home make money for you? I did just that and transformed my cosy abode into a traveller’s retreat.

What you need is a bit of style, a welcoming atmosphere, and a knack for hospitality.

Strike up a good rating and watch as your guest room becomes more sought-after than a seat on the tube at rush hour.

Checklist for your Airbnb side hustle:

  • Tidy space: Who wants to kip among last week’s socks? Cleanliness is king!
  • Great photos: A picture is worth a thousand pounds—or however much you charge per night.
  • Essentials: Wifi faster than the queue at the post office? Check. Coffee machine? Double check.

Real Estate Agent Adventures

Not keen on strangers kipping in your Kallax? Consider the high-stakes drama of being a real estate agent.

I took the plunge and it’s like being on stage, but the houses are the stars of the show.

Schmooze with potential buyers, know your properties like the back of your hand, and negotiate deals that could be called daylight robbery—in your favour, of course.

Tips for the budding real estate agent:

  • Know your turf: If you don’t know the local takeaway’s menu by heart, are you even trying?
  • Be persuasive: You’ll need the gift of the gab that could sell ice to an Eskimo.
  • Travel savvy: Zipping between properties is a must—hope you’ve passed your driving test!

E-commerce Escapades

A bustling online marketplace with various products displayed. A mother multitasks, managing her e-commerce business from home. Packages ready for shipment

Ah, the wonderful world where the click of a button can transform my living room into a virtual storefront. I love the thrill of turning idle screen time into a bustling little enterprise.

Allow me to share my cheeky insights into the digital bazaar without stepping one toe out of my comfy slippers.

Dropshipping Delights

Fancy a business where you can sell goods without the faff of keeping stock? That’s dropshipping!

By partnering with a supplier, I simply take orders on my online store and they handle the rest. It’s a bit like being a magical middle-person; I never see the products but poof, they appear at the customer’s doorstep.

The trick is to do some market research to find products that are as trendy as a British summer is rainy.

  • Pros:
    • Lower Start-up Costs: No need to stockpile inventory in my shed.
    • Flexibility: I can sell anything from unicorn slippers to teapots shaped like the Queen.
  • Cons:
    • Competition: It’s as crowded as the tube during rush hour.
    • Less Control: If the supplier messes up, it’s still my name on the line.

Amazon Adventures

There’s a jungle out there and it’s called Amazon! Selling on this gargantuan platform lets me access a vast audience hungry for everything from A to Z.

I jumped into the fray with Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon), sending my wares to Amazon’s warehouse and letting them handle the heavy lifting.

I’ve got to say, the convenience is as delightful as a hot cup of tea on a drizzly afternoon.

  • Pros:
    • Huge Customer Base: It’s like having a street stall on Oxford Street on Christmas Eve.
    • Prime Perks: Customers get their goodies quickly, which makes them rather jolly.
  • Cons:
    • Fees: Amazon takes its slice of the pie, and it’s not just a sliver.
    • Competition: It’s a grand tussle trying to get my product seen.

Flex Your Flexjobs

A cozy home office with a laptop, calendar, and coffee mug. A bulletin board displays side hustle ideas. Light streams in from a window

Blimey, making extra quid while in pyjamas may sound like a dodgy late-night telly advert, but I promise, it’s the real deal. With a pinch of savvy and a splash of tech, Flexjobs are like finding a tenner in an old pair of jeans – a rather pleasant surprise for us busy mums!

Remote Bookkeeping

Now, I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve got a knack for numbers, and if you do too, remote bookkeeping might just be your cuppa tea.

  • Start-up Essentials: Snag a decent computer, secure accounting software, and ensure a solid internet connection (because nobody likes a frozen spreadsheet).
  • Skills for the Win: A master of QuickBooks? A wizard at Excel? Great! If not, I reckon there are plenty of online courses that can get you up to speed quicker than you can say “debit and credit.”
  • Flexibility Factor: The best bit? You can reconcile bank statements or manage payrolls whenever you fancy – while the little ones nap or at ungodly hours, you name it!

Top Tip: Keep an eye on those deadlines; they’re sneakier than a toddler covered in Nutella.

Online Tutoring Triumphs

Let’s talk about online tutoring.

Fancy swapping spit-up for Shakespeare? Or maybe trading in nursery rhymes for number lines? You’re in luck because there’s always someone needing help with their ABCs or algebra.

  • Tutoring Tools: Get yourself a stable Wi-Fi connection, a quiet corner (a broom cupboard if necessary), and bam – transform into the Dumbledore of distance learning!
  • Market Yourself: Craft a magical tutoring profile highlighting your expertise—math maven? Science whizz? Let the world know!
  • Scheduling Sorcery: The real magic? You can teach wee wizards during the school run or correct essays once the kiddiewinks have hit the sack.

Cheeky Reminder: Be as patient with your pupils as you are with your little darlings refusing to eat their veggies.

Turn Errands into Earnings

A busy mom multitasks, juggling errands with side hustles. She sells homemade crafts, walks dogs, and delivers groceries for extra cash

Who would’ve thought my weekly sprint through the supermarket aisles could actually fatten my wallet? And here’s the kicker – I don’t even have to push a trolley for myself. Let’s chat about how I make grocery shopping and odd jobs a source of cold, hard cash.

Grocery Gurus with Instacart

Working with Instacart – it’s like being a personal shopper, but for food!

I simply grab a list, haunt the grocery store corridors, and voilà, I’m racking up pounds not only in my shopping basket but in my bank.

Instacart lets me shop for others while I’m doing my own weekly shop. Talk about killing two birds with one scone!

Their app is a doddle to use, and I get to help folks who can’t or won’t venture into the great wilds of their local supermarket.

  • Earn per trip: I see the dosh based on the size of the order and the distance traveled. Not too shabby if I’m already out and about.
  • Flexible hours: I pick when and where I shop, making it a snug fit around my madhouse schedule.

Taskrabbit Titans

Then there’s Taskrabbit. You hear ‘errands’ and you think dreary tasks, but I see pound signs! I signed up faster than you can say “Bob’s your uncle!”

For me, Taskrabbit is a gold mine for turning pesky to-dos into profit. You name it – whether it’s picking up prescriptions, walking someone’s prized poodle, or even queueing for concert tickets – if it’s on somebody’s list of ‘rather nots’, chances are they’ll pay me to tackle it.

  • Wide variety of tasks: From picking up dry cleaning to assembling flatpack furniture. As long as you’re not all thumbs, you’re golden.
  • Set your rates: I charge what I think my time’s worth, and haggling is all part of the game. Plus, no more awkwardness over “mates’ rates”.

And let’s not brush off the odd bit of market research thrown into the mix – companies love to fork out for my oh-so-valuable opinion on their latest products when I’m out and about.

Honestly, who doesn’t want to get paid for having a nosy at the latest gadgets or taste-testing the new biscuit range?

Creative Cash Creators

A busy mom sits at a desk, surrounded by various items like a laptop, phone, and craft supplies. She is multitasking, working on different projects to generate extra income

Ever felt like your creativity could literally pay your bills? Let’s talk about turning those fun skills into cold, hard cash!

Photography For Fun and Profit

I’ll let you in on a little secret: my camera is my cash machine. With some savvy and a good eye, photography can not only bring joy but also a tidy income.

Here’s the deal: folks are always on the lookout for a fab snap, whether it’s for their Instagram or the living room wall.

Wedding photography is a classic, but why not zoom into a niche like pet photography?

Just imagine those adorable pooches making your bank account bark with joy! Engage in local events, or sell your photos to stock websites. Always remember, a watermark’s your best mate to protect your work!

YouTube Channel Chieftains

Now, let me yarn you a tale about the YouTube realm. If you can chat about your passions and make ‘em laugh, you could be the next YouTube sensation.

It’s all about finding your niche and running with it – from makeup tutorials to daily vlogging my mum life chaos, it’s a rollercoaster of fun, and ads can turn views into dosh.

And let’s not forget merchandise – who wouldn’t want a tee with your catchphrase “Keep calm and mum on”?

Just keep your content as fresh as the morning scones, and the subscribers will flock to you like pigeons to Trafalgar Square.

Survey Slingers & Opinion Orators

A cluttered kitchen table with a laptop, notebook, and pen. A calendar on the wall with dates circled. A stack of books on the side

If you fancy a bit of pocket money without having to change out of your pyjamas, then you’ll love what I’ve got on the docket today. It’s all about sharing your thoughts and choosing your favourite brands, all the while the cash rolls in. It’s a laugh, really.

Swagbucks Swindlers

I’m no Sherlock, but I’ve noticed that if there’s one place that turns everyday mums into masterminds of the survey world, it’s Swagbucks.

Here’s the game: you sign up, take online surveys, and perform little tasks that are as easy as a Sunday morning.

In return, you get points — they call ’em SBs — and these little digital beauties can be exchanged for gift cards or, my personal favourite, cold, hard cash via PayPal.

Now, before you get too excited, you won’t be making a fortune, but think of it as a nice little cushion for those cheeky takeaway nights.

I’ve collected SBs for giving my tuppence on the latest telly ads and even for playing the odd game (guilty as charged!). And if you’re worried you’ll get scammed, fear not — Swagbucks is as legit as they come.

To get a better understanding of what Swagbucks is like, imagine being handed free dough just for watching cat videos. Sounds wild? Well, that’s the internet for you!


  • Sign up: Totally free, like the best things in life.
  • Tasks: Online surveys, watching videos, browsing the web.
  • Rewards: Gift cards (Amazon, Starbucks, and more) or PayPal cash.
  • My Verdict: Top-notch for a lazy Sunday cash grab.

Survey Junkie Jesters

Moving on from Swagbucks, let’s have a natter about another gem: Survey Junkie.

This place prides itself on being straightforward — you take online surveys, you earn points, and you puff out your wallet. It’s all beautifully simple.

What’s brilliant about Survey Junkie is the way they make you feel like your opinion could change the world. A bit dramatic? Maybe. But it’s a hoot to think someone’s hanging on every word you have to say about the crunch in your breakfast cereal.

And just like Swagbucks, you can cash your points out for gift cards or transfer your earnings straight to PayPal.

From what I’ve seen, Survey Junkie keeps things above board and clear-cut, which is a breath of fresh air in the world of online surveys.

Survey Junkie(Survey Junkie):

  • Sign up: Quick and painless, like ripping off a plaster.
  • Tasks: Filling out surveys (and thinking you’re changing the world).
  • Rewards: The usual suspects — gift cards or PayPal cash.
  • My Verdict: It’s a bit of fun, and who’d say no to extra quid for your thoughts?

Pet and House Pampering Pros

A cozy living room with a pet grooming station, a home spa setup, and a sign advertising "Pet and House Pampering Pros" for busy moms

Oh, let’s chat about me getting cosy with adorable pets and keeping homes shipshape. It’s a giggle fest and a half, not to mention the cheeky quid I pocket!

Rover’s Rovers

Now, Rover is a smashing spot for pet lovers like me. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by tail-wagging, furry friends?

As a pet sitter, I get to spoil pups rotten, and as a dog walker, I’m basically a personal trainer for pooches. The absolute best bit? I set my schedule, choose my rates, and the doggos’ joyous faces are my daily bonus!

  • Earnings: It’s not just about the belly rubs; the wonga is decent too.
  • Flexibility: I call the shots on when and where I prance about with my four-legged clients.

Care.com Cuddlers

And let’s natter about Care.com—an absolute gem for folks like us wanting to earn a bob or two while doling out the cuddles.

My time as a pet sitter here has me looking after everything from dogs and cats to birds and bunnies. Fancy that!

There are house sitting gigs too, where I ensure homes don’t turn into haunted houses while the owners are away.

  • Variety: From Afghan Hounds to Siberian cats, my clients are a jolly mix.
  • Connection: Regulars keep calling me back; I must be doing something right (or their pets and I have a secret handshake).

Wrapping Up with Passive Income

A cozy home office with a laptop, notebook, and coffee mug. A calendar on the wall shows "Side Hustle Ideas" with colorful sticky notes

Well, my fellow mums, if you’ve ever dreamed of making money while in your PJs and not lifting a finger, then pinch yourself because you’re not dreaming!

Let’s chat about two fab ways you can earn extra cash without breaking a sweat. It’s like having your cake and eating it too!

Investments & Dividends

I must tell you, my investment savvy mum-friends rave about how a little bit of dough invested wisely can grow into a nice little nest egg, without you having to chase after it.

Investing in stocks that pay dividends is like having a money tree in your garden; it just needs a bit of time and the right conditions to bear fruit.

  • How it Works:
    • You buy shares of a company.
    • The company makes a profit and says “Thank you for believing in us! Here’s your share.”

It’s super straightforward. Over time, these tidbits can add up to a tidy sum, providing that steady drip of cash into your account. No magic—just smart mummy moves.

The Wonders of Turo

And now, for a twist on earning without toiling, let me introduce you to Turo. Think of it as an Airbnb, but for your car.

Turo is a fabulous platform where you can list your car for rent when you’re not using it. Imagine your car’s got a secret life as an undercover taxi, earning its keep while you’re doing the school run or watching telly.

  • Quick Peek at the Process:
    • List your car on Turo for free.
    • Some lovely person rents it for a day or two.
    • You pocket a fair share of the rental fee.
    • It’s passive income with a vroom!

So, while your trusty four-wheeler is out and about, you could be quietly stacking up that extra cash. Isn’t that just the bee’s knees?


A cluttered kitchen table with a laptop, notebook, and coffee mug. A calendar on the wall with dates circled. A phone with notifications

Well, I’ve just wrapped up the low-down on some seriously nifty side hustles for us mums on the go.

I’ve got to say, juggling work-life balance can be a bit like spinning plates while riding a unicycle, but it’s not impossible! We’re champions at multitasking, right?

For me, becoming a stay-at-home mum didn’t mean waving goodbye to professional life. No siree!

It’s all about finding that sweet spot where work flexes around you – like yoga pants that never judge your lunch choices.

Now, don’t be fooled by those best side hustles for moms lists promising you’ll be swimming in cash quicker than you can say “nappy change.”

We’re savvy enough to know that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably involves selling ice to penguins.

So, cheeky up-selling schemes aside, we’ve grown to love the flexibility of side gigs – they’re like that friend who shows up with chocolate and doesn’t mind if the house looks like a toy bomb detonated.

Honestly, mums are superheroes without capes – we manage tykes, time, and now, our treasury, with a bit of wit and grit.

And if this list has tickled your fancy, why not give one a whirl? Worst case scenario: you’ve got a cracking story for the next mums’ night out.

Ta-ra, and here’s to making a bit of dosh on the side – because let’s face it, those ‘treat yo’self’ moments aren’t going to fund themselves!