How to make money with binary options

How to make money with binary options

When it comes to binary options, there is money to be made as long as you know what you’re doing. Binaries are executed every day by some very intelligent traders involving currency pairs, stocks, gold, and oil. Before going dip into how ...

When it comes to binary options, there is money to be made as long as you know what you’re doing. Binaries are executed every day by some very intelligent traders involving currency pairs, stocks, gold, and oil. Before going dip into how money is made with binary options, it is important to know the types of people that trade them.

  1. Gamblers – These people look at trading binary like a roulette wheel and for them, wins and losses are based on luck. They don’t usually look at the candlestick charts and will pay zero attention to pivot points. 
  2. Investors – These are people who look to get a result in their investment when dealing with binary trading. While taking risks is highly admired, most investors forget binary options is like many other trading platforms out there. There is a high level of risk involved and if one is not careful, chasing those high returns that are sometimes advertised may not bring in the income they thought. 
  3. Traders – These are people who have experience in trading binaries and are aware that there are risks involved in this profession. They are also aware that being familiar with how the platform operates gives them an edge over other people. With this, they can make more money than they lose. If you have aspirations to become a binary options trader, this is the group you want to find yourself in rather than the two above. 

Ways to make money on the platform 

Before diving into the ways money is made via binary options, it’s important to point out the advantages. Binary options trading brings its fair share of advantages to the table. The first advantage is a massive result on your investment if you’re smart on the platform however, this might involve taking massive risks from time to time. 

Stock returns have been fairly consistent and predictable over a long time period so that anyone who invested in stocks would have seen an annual return of 10% but that’s not the case with binary options. You will be able to see that level of return within a few minutes. The second advantage of the binary option is one can get started trading very easily. While other platforms are a bit complicated to get started e.g participating in forex, binary option is the opposite. Opening an account and trading only takes a few minutes. You can begin trading as soon as you make a deposit. 

The last advantage of binary options is they expire very quickly allowing you to make more trades. You don’t have to worry about your capital being held hostage by other options. They are released so that you can earn more money and in a matter of 1 minute, you can be in and out of a trade. The question now is, how can one make money with binary options? Below are a few tips that you can use.

Know how to read candlestick charts 

during binary options trading, some of the price activities you’ll notice can easily be predicted by looking at the past. This is what candlestick charts are all about and while they might come across as complicated at the beginning, they are easy to predict. All you have to do is know the basics as well as the candlestick pattern to make as much money as possible.

Look at the past price activities 

When a person is trading binary options for money, it is different from gambling. It is not like flipping a coin or rolling a dice. A trader who understands the platform can use past information or data to choose binaries that are likely to make money than those that won’t.

Anyone who has been keeping a close eye on gold will have seen that the price has been on the up in recent years. Placing bets on trends is a good short term strategy when it comes to binary options because betting against them is a recipe for disaster.

Do not bet on binary options with your mortgage payment 

There are some binary options that you look at and are 100% sure can’t miss, as tempting as that may be, hold on to your pocket money. There is a big risk when you approach trading in this manner even if you’ve been tipped by friends or family. 

Be careful with the money you have in your bank account and trade smartly and not reckless. Always make sure you have enough to pay your bills because the last thing you need is to accumulate debt and have your property taken away from you.

Gain some experience before investing big on binary options 

If you go into binary trading for the first time and risk your cash flow without any experience, it’s like the blind leading the blind. The chances of you losing a fortune are very high and that’s why many platforms such as this one offer customer demo accounts. 

The whole idea behind demo accounts is to give people a chance to practice with virtual money so that they get used to the platform. Once they get the hang of it and are confident, they can use real funds and earn some real money. Gain some experience first and once you do that and are accustomed to everything, you can put in your real money. 


Overall the point above proves that money can be made with binary options trading as long as you’re careful. There are thousands of people all across the world making a fortune trading binary however, there are risks too. You also need to study the platform and ensure you understand the factors that will net you a profit more times than not. Do not trade with money that you need because you have a hunch or good feeling about a trade, be smart and only trade with what you’re willing to lose. 

Never trade with money that you need to pay your bill or keep a roof over your head because you could end up homeless and swimming in debt. For those who don’t have the experience, the good news is you can trade with a demo account which will help you get used to how everything works without putting in your own money. When you understand the platform to its fullest, the possibilities are endless.