How to Make Money on Wattpad

How to Make Money on Wattpad

Wattpad is a website that allows writers, both amateur and experienced, to self-publish user-generated stories. The website also has an app that can be downloaded on your phone or tablet to help you access your reads on the go. The whole aim of ...

Wattpad is a website that allows writers, both amateur and experienced, to self-publish user-generated stories. The website also has an app that can be downloaded on your phone or tablet to help you access your reads on the go. The whole aim of this site was to create social communities around the stories shared.  

 The site was first launched in 2006 and their slogan had been “Stories You’ll Love” up until 2019 when they changed their slogan to “Where Stories Live”. It was also in this same year that they rolled out their paid program which now allows writers to earn money from their stories if it is selected to be featured on The Wattpad Next as an exclusive story.   

Besides paid stories, other ways of making money on Wattpad include; Wattpad coins, Wattpad books, Wattpad brand partnership, Wattpad stars as well as Wattpad studios. Below, we are going to have an in-depth look at each to determine how they help you earn money on Wattpad as a writer.

Wattpad coins

Wattpad coins are the currency of exchange used on Wattpad. While a vast majority of the stories on this site will remain free, there will be a selection of a few that readers will have to pay, using the Wattpad coins, to access. Wattpad coins can easily be purchased from the app and they come in different packages of 9,66, 120 and 230 coins. You can also earn redeemable Wattpad coins on your Android or iOS device by watching video ads.  

With your coins, you are now able to support a writer in two different ways. The first is where you purchase one chapter at a time while the other is where you can choose to buy the whole story all at once.   

To increase your income as a writer, you must work on building engagement with your readers. This can be achieved by having social media platforms where you will be able to engage with current and potential readers.

Product affiliate

Affiliate marketing is a money-making strategy that has been in use for a long time now especially by bloggers and YouTube content creators. The idea here is to earn money by referring clients to a specific shop. A good example of an affiliate marketing program is Amazon.

Once you sign up and are accepted into an affiliate program, you will be provided with links that you can use to promote items being sold in the store. As a Wattpad writer, you can add affiliate links on items you mention in your stories. Be sure to select items that have good reviews since this is what mostly attracts buyers.

Wattpad brand partnerships

This is a bit similar to affiliate marketing only that in this, brands sign you, as the writer, to work with them. As a writer, you will be required to incorporate their brand into your writing process. These sorts of partnerships usually come about as writing contests.

The brand gets an insight into the impression their brand has on people while the winning contestants get cash rewards. A win-win situation for all.  

Wattpad Studios

This is a program that allows stories to be converted into the next great movies. Wattpad boasts an audience of over 80 million people worldwide. With this comes great diversification in the stories found on this site making it a good platform to find raw and unfiltered stories from all over the world.  

Wattpad has therefore partnered with media executives such as Netflix, Collective Pictures and Sony Pictures to help them identify stories that have a great chance at commercial success. This is determined by the engagement the story has, data insights, community opinions as well as advice from their editorial team.

To date, several successful movies on screens started as Wattpad stories. They include; The Kissing Booth, After, Light as a Feather, Float and Cupid’s Match. There are more to come in the future such as Death is my Bff, a dark romantic comedy that has been suggested by Sony Pictures after it hit 92 million reads on Wattpad.

Wattpad Books

Is having your story played on-screen not your cup of tea? Would you rather have it published by reputable publishers? Wattpad has got you covered on this too.

Wattpad book is a feature that helps writers get their books published by respectable publishers that have partnered with Wattpad such as Macmillan, Harper Collins and Hachette. Therefore, put your best foot forward and write compelling stories that will capture your readers. Some of them could be your next publisher. Also, you can submit your work for publishing on Wattpad and have them put it up as an option for publishers on contract and terms.

Wattpad stars

This is a program that helps you mark your milestone on Wattpad and recognizes your potential as a long-lasting storyteller. The stars are a symbol used to tell people that you are among the best on the platform. With these come great opportunities to help you grow as a writer. Some of the perks of having Wattpad stars include; online hangouts that allow you to bond with other writers, recognition for your work both on Wattpad and offline as well as access to tools and resources that will help you improve on your skills.

The best part of receiving Wattpad stars is that your story will be opened up to all the above mentioned opportunities, that is, Wattpad studios, books and brand partnerships, to help you earn money from your writing.

For you to be considered a Wattpad star you need to;

  • Have one story that has been marked complete with at least 50,000 words.
  • Have started one story in the past year.
  • Have modified or added new parts to an existing story at least in the past 3 months
  • And must have logged in to the app in the past 60 days.  

Final Thoughts

Wattpad has in a big way transformed the entertainment industry providing a one-stop dream site for young aspiring writers. Regardless of what your dream is as a writer, Wattpad can make it happen for you.  

Writing good stories takes time. Therefore, do not expect to make quick money on Wattpad. Be consistent and patient with the process. In due time, you will be able to earn from your writing.


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