Can You Make Money From Reaction Videos?

A reaction video is where one records a video of themself reacting to a video made by someone else. On YouTube, there are plenty of channels dedicated to reacting to things like game trailers, comedy videos, movie trailers, and more. Anyone out there can create a YouTube channel and make reaction videos as long as they have the right tools. 

Can You Make Money From Reaction Videos?
Can You Make Money From Reaction Videos?

Can money be made from reaction videos?

Can you make money from reaction videos? Money can be made from reaction videos however, it’s easier said than done. The major issue when it comes to making these videos is avoiding copyright strikes especially on platforms like YouTube. If there’s a copyright claim on your video, all the money made from the clip will go to the creator of the content you used. 

You need to educate yourself on fair usage rules before you make these videos. To avoid any trouble, reach out to the content creator and get their permission. Once granted permission to use the video, you can monetize your videos and make money from them via Adsense.

How to make reaction videos

To make good reaction videos, you don’t need to purchase any special equipment as you might already have some of the things needed. The one thing you might be missing is a good video editing software however, there’s plenty to choose from on the internet. Below are a few things you need to make reaction videos

A good quality camera or phone 

You need a camera to record your reaction on video. There are some good quality cameras to choose from online if you don’t own one. Alternatively, you can use your phone as long as it has a great camera.

You need a mic 

Recording audio directly through your camera or phone might affect the sound quality when you upload the video. This is why you need to invest in a good mic for your audio to be crystal clear to your audience. Bad sound quality can make people lose interest in watching your video. Most headphones sold online have a built-in mic that produces sound quality. 

Have a nice background 

While this isn’t very important, it is recommended to make sure that your background looks neat and tidy. If your room is messy, you can use a curtain to hide it or if you have space, you can buy a green screen to add extra effects in your video. 

Find your reaction videos 

Now that you have your camera, your mic and the room is set. It is time to search for videos you can record your reaction to. It can be anything from music videos to game trailers, funny videos, movie trailers, comedy videos, and more. Interact with your audience on social media to see what videos they’d like you to react to. 

Cut down on what is known as dead air time 

Cutting down dead airtime takes some practice and you need to understand that people want to see your reaction. You have to give them that and it is highly recommended you don’t watch the video beforehand so that your reaction is authentic. Don’t watch the video in advance and record yourself reacting to it later. You won’t come across as genuine and your viewers will know this.

Make sure your video has a good intro and outro

While your regular viewers might be familiar with your intro and outro, you want something that will grab the attention of newcomers. Many YouTubers will add funny clips or a catchy theme song at the start and end of their video for example. It is little things like these that make the biggest difference. 

Find a good editing software  

Finding the best video editing software is not easy as there are so many of them. One that is very popular with many YouTubers is Vegas Pro 14. It has a user-friendly interface making it one of the easiest software to use. Once the video is edited to your satisfaction, you can upload it. 

Reaction videos are 100% and you can make as many videos as you want however, you must stay within the boundaries of fair use. You need to avoid using stolen content or copyrighted material without the owner’s permission. 

Breaking copyright laws on a platform like YouTube can have your video taken down and a warning being issued. If you feel that you’ve been unfairly copyright struck, you can challenge by submitting a counterclaim. Once your case goes through the YouTube legal system and you win your case, the copyright strikes are lifted and your channel is free. If you receive 3 copyright strikes, your channel gets deleted permanently by YouTube.

How do you make reaction videos on youtube legally? 

Using other people’s videos is always tricky because the chances of being copyright struck are high even though all you’re doing is reacting to them. The solutions below are not 100% but they will reduce your chances of having copyright strikes on your channel.

  • Reduce the volume of the video you are reacting to so that YouTube bits don’t pick up any audio. 
  • Every 30 seconds, stop the video, speak on it, play it again for another 30 seconds, stop it, and speak again. Rinse and repeat this until you finish the video you’re reacting to. 
  • Try and change the sound pitch of the video.

As stated before these are not 100% effective but they will reduce any chances of getting copyright strikes. To avoid any headache, email the video owners and ask their permission. The worst thing they can say is no however if they allow you to use their video, you don’t have to worry about any copyright strikes.


Reaction videos have grown in popularity over the years because most people don’t want to see certain trailers or videos alone. They want to see how other people feel about certain clips too especially if it is their favourite social media personality. It’s like having a virtual friend right next to you reacting to what you’re both seeing.  You can laugh with them or even laugh at how they react to what’s on show.