Get Paid For Companionship

Did you know that you can get paid to be someone’s companion? No, it does not necessarily involve dating, however, there are several online opportunities for such. 

Being a companion is all about being there for someone who needs your company at a certain time. Whether it is going to the movies, being their plus one to events such as weddings or even something as simple as chatting with them online for a few hours (get paid to listen to people’s problems).

Yes, it does happen and there are several legit ways to make money this way. Therefore, if the idea of meeting up or chatting with strangers does not freak you out, then you are in the right place. Here, we are going to highlight several legit platforms where you can sign up and get paid to be someone’s ‘friend’ for the day.

Become a Friend

People are slowly losing the art of social interactions. This is mainly because social media has us thinking that we are well connected while in reality, we are not. There is also the fact that nowadays, everyone seems to be so busy to have time to go out there, meet and get to know new people. However, we can still use these social platforms to help us meet new people. Examples of such sites include;

This platform tops the list for a good reason. 

One, it is available and free to sign up for everyone, worldwide. Secondly, the site appears to have the largest database of companions and companion seekers. RentAFriend is your best bet if you are looking to offer platonic friendship only. 


  • It is free to join and you get to keep 100% of the money you make on this platform
  • All communications are carried out on the site unless one has subscribed to a paid membership. Only then can the person be able to contact you directly through message or text. 


  • Anyone can sign up for the platform since it is free to join. Therefore, you need to be cautious when communicating with people. Do not give out your personal information and be careful when meeting up with these people.

How much you make depends on several factors such as, your working hours, location, activities you are willing to take part in (do not agree to be a part of anything illegal or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable). 

Flirt Bucks

Are you always on your phone? Do you love exchanging texts with people on social media platforms?

If yes, then this is the perfect platform for you as it will enable you to make money while doing what you love and already do for free. 

Flirt Bucks is a platform that allows females at least 18 years or older to make money chatting with other people online. This platform is purely for chatting therefore no profanity is allowed. With Flirtbucks, you as the chat hostess get to be in control of the whole process. This means that you can only chat with users who you want to and on topics you want to discuss. 

This work is quite flexible as you only work within your schedule and get to determine your rates. 

Similar sites to find friends include; 

RentaCyberFriend: this site is for people looking for virtual friends

RentaLocalFriend: this is great for people to meet new people especially if you are new to a city or are visiting a new place and would like to have the company of a local person. 

Care for The Elderly

As seniors age, they tend to get isolated from their family members hence they are more likely to sink into depression. To help avoid this, there are agencies and online sites that provide companionship services to such elderly people. A companion is there to provide a wide range of services according to the needs of their clients but most importantly, they help provide emotional support. How to become a companion;

Papa is an online site that matches older adults to younger adults who share common interests and hobbies. As a Papa Pal, your duties could include a wide range of activities such as;

  • Running errands: grocery shopping, going to the pharmacy or even going to the bank
  • Teaching them technology use.
  • Companionship: playing games, watching movies, going for walks or just making conversation 
  • Completing house tasks such as doing laundry, washing the dishes and tidying up the house.
  • Transportation services: as a Papa Pal, you will be responsible for making sure they get to their doctor’s appointment on time or getting you to your job. 

There are several real-life stories on this site that you can check out. Some of these relationships end up being lifelong relationships that mean more than something you are paid to do. 

Mon Ami

Mon Ami is a company that helps provide caregivers and companions for elderly people either in nursing homes or at their own homes. 

This company ensures that they conduct screening of every applicant who wants to join in as a volunteer. With a proper understanding of their clients and the volunteers, they are now able to match people who share some sort of similarities such as their interests, hobbies or personalities. 

As a companion, you will be required to help your client do some tasks such as exercising, doing chores, taking their medicines, going to a doctor’s appointment amongst others. However, the most important task of all is to provide emotional support for your client. This is usually done by organizing visits and making phone calls. 

There are other ways you can be able to make money online as a companion such as; getting paid to go on a date, becoming a travel buddy, and getting paid to flirt with people. It all depends on what you are looking for and what you are comfortable doing. Do your research well and ensure you understand the terms of each before committing yourself. Also, always remember to stay safe. 

Bottom Line 

Being someone’s companion is a fun and easy way to make money, especially for young adults, (how to make money without a job in high school) as long as you can meet the requirements. The greatest advantage of these jobs is that they are flexible, that is you get to decide when you are available for the ‘work’ and you are also in charge of deciding how much you want to get paid for a task.