How to Get Paid to be a Virtual Friend

How to Get Paid to be a Virtual Friend

Are you a people person? Do you enjoy talking and listening to others? At one point, have you ever thought to yourself that you’re such a good friend that it might as well be your job? Then you’ll be happy to know that it’s now possible. Yes, ...

Are you a people person? Do you enjoy talking and listening to others? At one point, have you ever thought to yourself that you’re such a good friend that it might as well be your job? Then you’ll be happy to know that it’s now possible. Yes, nowadays, you can earn money to socialize. All you have to do is understand how to get paid to be a virtual friend. Before you jump to any conclusions, you should find out the details.

Continue reading to know if it’s right for you.

What do you mean by “virtual friend”?

Now, you might be thinking that this is a scam or might turn out to be something sketchy after signing up. But it’s not because the job title is as it says. It’s simply a regular friend, to a normal person, under an agreement. You have to do what you would typically do with a friend, no more, no less. In this case, since it’s a virtual friend, you have to interact online with someone the same way you would do with your friend.

Can I really earn money?

Yes. If not all, most sites that offer this type of service usually charge the client or person who wants to rent a friend a small fee. Meanwhile, the person who’s offering their service will charge an hourly rate. After the service and the payment has been successfully processed; you’ll be able to withdraw the money to your designated account.

What do I have to do as a virtual friend?

To specify the details, you get to choose what you will and will not do. Since it’s online, the options are chatting, video calling, and voice calls. Some sites even allow you to link your social media accounts if you want to extend your services there. Everything is all up to you, so you don’t have to feel pressured into anything you’re not comfortable doing.

How do I start to be a virtual friend?

Join a virtual friend site

All you have to do is look for a website that appeals to you and then register to join. Here are some of the websites that you can check out:

There are many more sites that you can check. Make sure to read all the details, as some sites aren’t limited to virtual interactions.

Create an interesting profile

You’re probably thinking why you should present yourself as ‘interesting’ when all you’ll be doing is just be a friend. You’re not wrong about that. However, you’re also not the only one that’s joining the site. If you’re interested in making money this way, other people probably think the same.

It means you have a lot of competition and a big chance to be ignored among the hundreds of other people offering their service, which is why it’s essential to stand out. Being interesting doesn’t mean you have to lie or fake your personality. It’s all about highlighting your good points and directing the attention to them. 

An example of this would be sharing specific interests. Instead of writing ‘i like to read,’ you can elaborate by including your favorite genre or book. Something like, ‘I like reading Japanese sci-fi novels, like Steins;Gate.’ gives the person looking for a friend an idea about your taste that may align with theirs.

Pass the assessment test

Although everyone can apply, not every applicant is accepted. Most sites require the candidate to undergo a test. From what they indicate, it’s to determine whether or not you’ll make an excellent converser or friend. The test itself may be a conversation through chat or video call, with quality analysts who will determine whether or not you can join. Instead of interacting, you’ll need to answer and pass personality tests or quizzes on some sites.

How do I get clients?

Unlike freelancing sites, you don’t get to approach anyone here. All you can do is wait for a client to contact and rent you. So, this is why how you present yourself on your profile is crucial. Listing the things you’re passionate about or have knowledge of will help you. Because If you share the same interests or like the same books or movies, that will make you more appealing than others. When this happens, it’s more likely for them to rent you as a friend.

How do I get paid?

Once you’ve started earning money, you can get your earnings transferred to your bank or Paypal account. However, it’s best to secure your bank details, so do thorough research on the site you want to join and check their security measures when it comes to money. If you’ve seen nothing negative but still feel hesitant, then you should use your PayPal account. Since it has preventive measures against scams, you can have some peace of mind.

How much can I earn as a virtual friend?

The rate varies per site, but it usually ranges from as low as $10 or as high as $50 per hour. Therefore how much you earn solely depends on the time you put in on the site. It’s also important to note that some sites have limits on free accounts and charge a fee to remove it. So when you choose a site, that should be one of the things you check.


Keep in mind that your role is to be a friend, so anything beyond it is prohibited. Suppose someone makes you feel uncomfortable or asks you for anything indecent you should immediately report and block them. If you ever shared your social media accounts with them, you should also block them there. Once you’ve successfully blocked them on everything, they won’t be able to contact you again, and you can continue offering your services to others.
On a similar note, you mustn’t share sensitive information about yourself, like your home address, family’s names, and similar details. That way, you can secure yourself from any possible issues.

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