How To Start A Small Cooking Business From Home

How To Start A Small Cooking Business From Home

If you’ve got cooking skills and the desire to take charge, you might like to know how to start a small cooking business from home. It’s one of the easiest businesses to start, and you can even do it alone. However, if you just do it without ...

If you’ve got cooking skills and the desire to take charge, you might like to know how to start a small cooking business from home. It’s one of the easiest businesses to start, and you can even do it alone. However, if you just do it without any thought, it also has a lot of risks. 

Since you’ll be dealing with food, there are some thorough considerations you’ll need to have. Aside from tasting good, you’ll have to ensure that everything you’ll be using is safe and secure. So let’s get started and focus on the details you’ll need to think about

Preparing your menu

Whether you’re planning a catering service or want to sell food online, your menu is what will attract customers. Try to check out the competition in your area by doing some research. Check their menu, reviews, and, if possible, taste their food. 

It’s essential to know your market and what your competition is doing to join this field successfully. Having relevant and factual information about your potential clients will make it easier for you to develop an appealing menu.

Your research should focus on the following questions:

What type of food is the most in-demand?

You can check the best sellers in the surrounding food businesses to know what types of dishes are popular in your area. If you can, it’s also a good idea to directly conduct a poll or survey targeting consumers. This way, you can also give them the option to specify what they want and why. By having actual statistical data on your potential customers’ food preferences, you can better determine the dishes they’ll likely purchase.

What do customers say about the food? 

It’s vital to know if the best sellers right now are just a trend or if they will last. Are the customers buying it because it’s ‘in’ or is it because they like it? If it’s because of the product itself, find out what it is about the dish they want? 

Knowing what makes a specific product a hit will allow you to include these factors when deciding your menu dishes. You may also choose to replicate the best sellers in your area or provide a similar option.

Supplier Ingredients 

Handling food requires extreme delicacy, as any error on you or your supplier’s part may endanger your customers. Even if the customer didn’t eat the food, the fact that you sent out a bad product might hurt your business. 

Therefore, it’s of utmost importance that you get a trustworthy and reliable source of safe ingredients. Additionally, ingredients are a large portion of everyday expenses when it comes to foo business. Hence, finding the right supplier will decrease costs and increase profit. 

Contact farmers directly 

To get the best price and consistent fresh supplies, you should get in touch with farmers. You can directly deal with them, and pick up their goods at the market when they arrive or have them delivered to you. Aside from lower market prices, connecting with farmers means you’ll get firsthand information that may come in handy when adding or changing up the seasonal options.

Assess ingredients

Even though you may have a good supplier, it’s still essential to ensure that every item you use is unspoiled. You must be alert and get rid of expired or harmful ingredients possibly mixed in now and then. It’s your responsibility and duty to your customers to provide not only delicious but also safe food. 


At the start, you may make do with your regular items at home and simply buy what you’re missing. However, once you have sufficient funds and are receiving more orders, you’ll have to invest in heavy-duty equipment

High-quality tools

Don’t skimp on your equipment if you have the money. It doesn’t mean that you have to buy the most expensive ones, but you still have to get high-quality tools. 

Always do the appropriate research for anything you need, because their quality will affect your overall production. Better equipment will make it easier to cook and will last longer than regular or cheap ones. Good material, in general, will also improve the taste as well.

Buy what you need

Since you’re starting, it’s naturally tempting to buy lots of tools, and some may even come with unique gimmicks. But before you make any decision, you must properly evaluate your current and future menus. 

First of all, will this specific item help your cooking method in any way? Are you likely to use it for any dish in the foreseeable future? If you can’t see a tool’s involvement in any type of food you’ll be making, then it’ll be just a waste of money. It’s best to focus on the things you need, and slowly expand from there.

Permits and licenses

Despite its location, as long as you start a business, you’ll need to procure all sorts of licenses. Different cities and countries have varying requirements, so you have to contact your local government to avoid any hassle later on.

Some permits that are usually needed are business permits, health certificates, and occupational licenses.


Some states or cities have specific laws regarding food selling, so verify what you can’t and can sell from your home. Also, make sure that you know and have copies of these details in case of any emergency.

Payment method

With so many ways to transfer money now, you have to make sure that you can cater to as many customers as possible. A lot prefer going cashless, so it’s best to include credit cards, PayPal, WeChat, and other online payment methods.

Regularly monitor payment flow

Because of the numerous online payment options, it’s vital to track every purchase made. It’ll serve as a permanent record for both you and your customer. Aside from that, make sure that all processed payments head to a secure account. Small businesses are susceptible to hacking and phishing scams. Therefore keep all critical documents hidden, and secure your website, payment terminals, and account.

There are more things to think about, but knowing about those mentioned above will give you a clearer idea of what to do.

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