How to Make Money in The Summer as a Kid

Summers are usually a fun time for kids. With no school to attend, they usually end up having a lot of time on their hands to spend making memories with friends and make money. There are many viable jobs for kids that fall within their abilities and legal parameters.

how to make money in the summer as a kid
how to make money in the summer as a kid

Become a lifeguard

This job is quite popular around the summer among kids who like to spend their time outdoors. Lifeguarding is a great option for kids who like and are good swimmers. The minimum requirement to become a lifeguard is for one to pass the basic first aid training and you will well be on your way to making money during summer.

The average pay of a lifeguard can be anywhere between $8 to $20 per hour depending on the kind of facility you are working for. Working as a lifeguard at a beach, waterfront, or in a sports club is likely to pay you more as opposed to working at a community pool. 

Make Money with Photography

Summer is one time of the year when everyone is looking forward to making good memories with their loved ones. If you believe in your photography skills, then you can help them make these memories by capturing good high-quality photos. 

Thanks to modern technology, we now have smartphones that can take good quality pictures making this hobby an inexpensive one. You can then download free editing apps to help you fine-tune your photos before presenting them to your clients.

On average, the price of a photo shoot can range anywhere from $15 to $200 depending on your skill level, the number of photos to be taken, and the editing. 

Newspaper Delivery

Earn money delivering newspapers around your neighborhood every morning. Some newspapers, especially the big local dailies, are strict on the minimum age requirement for kids they can hire. You can try applying for such a job with smaller community newspapers that are a bit more lenient with their age requirements.

This is a great option especially for kids with bicycles. The pay varies depending on the number of houses you will deliver to. However, on average, kids can make anywhere between $100 to $500 per week doing this job.

There is also a possibility of earning more by getting tips from your clients. 

Set up a Group Yard Sale

Are you looking for a fun way to make money while still hanging out with your friends during the summer?

A group yard sale is a great idea for this. Agree with your friends to each go through their rooms and find items that they no longer use. It could be books, clothes, toys, shoes, room décor, etc. 

Next, you need to agree on one location where you will set up your group yard sale, preferably at the backyard or front lawn in one of your houses. You then need to set up a day, weekends are the best for this. 

Make flyers to let people know about your yard sale in advance. 

On the due date, make sure all your items are properly labeled, ask for help from an adult if need be.

Be ready to make money and memories with your friends. Have fun. 

Start a Membership Club

Clubs are a great way of ensuring you have time to hang out with your friends while doing the things that you love. 

Examples of membership clubs that you can start to bring you and your friends together include;

Book club: book lovers can read and together review their favorite books

Craft club: have great company when making your handmade items as well as get the opportunity to learn from others.

Sports club: great for kids who like athletic activities.

As the pioneer will be able to pay yourself a small ‘salary ‘from the proceeds of the club. 

Video Game Rental

Are you a fan of playing video games? Do you have the latest collection or even a collection of some old classic video games at home? 

Most video games are usually expensive to buy hence most people find it to be more economical to rent out these games for a certain period at a small fee. real ways to make money from home for free

Therefore, if you have video games at home, the good news is that you can be able to cash in a few extra bucks by renting them out to your friends and other kids within your neighborhood. 

Also, if you wish, you could sell these games to interested buyers at a small profit. 

Make Money from Playing Video Games

Video games are quite popular among kids, even during school days, some will still insist on staying up late to play video games. During summer, with no school work and a lot of time in their hands, video game fans will often find themselves indoors playing their favorite games. What most might not know is that they can make money playing their favorite games. 

There are several ways in which one can make money playing video games. For example;

Live streaming your gaming sessions on Twitch

Become a game tester: video game companies are always paying people to test their games before they are released to the market. You can get such opportunities on and online survey sites such as Survey Junkie and InboxDollar.

Sign up for apps that will pay you to play certain games. For example, Second Life, Mistplay, and Long Game amongst many others. 

Take Surveys

This is perhaps the easiest way to make money as a kid. By signing up on survey sites, you can begin taking surveys on a wide range of topics. The advantage of making money by taking online surveys is that it takes a short time, a single survey takes about 10-20 minutes to complete while longer ones go up to 30 minutes. 

Another advantage is that you can take these surveys from anywhere provided you have good internet access. While this might not earn you a lot of money, it is better than nothing. To increase your earning potential, sign up on as many sites as possible, and strive to take as many surveys as you can daily. 

Bottom Line

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing summer jobs depending on your skills and interests. 

While a summer job is great at helping you as a kid earn money, it also offers greater benefits such as equipping you with important life skills such as time and money management. It is also a good way to build up your resume while still in school.