The Ultimate Teenage Hangout Business Ideas

With a lot of time on their hands especially during the holidays, teens will always be interested in finding fun hangout ideas. This helps them to catch up and make memories with their friends. 

If you are looking for hangout ideas that would interest teenagers, you are in the right place. Below, we are going to give you five of the best teenage hangout business ideas that are highly profitable. 

Start Gaming Center

The gaming industry is a billion-dollar industry at the moment with more advanced games and gadgets being released every day. Other factors that boost this industry include; rise in the population of the younger generation, diversification of clients to include adults and seniors as well and also the increase in the number of smartphone and tablet usage. 

For gamers, they will any day, anytime choose gaming as their pass time activity hence making this a profitable business venture. Examples of games you could include in your gaming center would include;

Gaming Café

This involves offering people a cool and relaxed hangout place to play games on a PC. With this, you earn by charging people by the hour to play their favorite games. You can also have a membership package paid monthly, this might include added benefits. This will help you attract more clientele to your gaming center. 

Laser Tag Games

This is an action pack game that is common among teenagers and adults as well. With this type of game, you get money by charging players either per hour or per game. 

Online Video Gaming

There are a variety of games that can be played online depending on the client’s preference. While some people might want to play the games in solitary at home, others would not mind having company around them while playing. 

Video Game Rental

This involves having a wide selection of games to rent out to gamers who would want to play the games at home. Most of these games are usually a bit expensive hence renting out a game for a certain period at a small fee becomes more economical. 

At the same time, you could also sell video games to interested buyers. 

Video Game Store

In your gaming center, you could have a section that caters to all things video games including; software solutions, selling games, video game repairs, video game accessories as well as used games. More like a one-stop-shop for all video game needs. 

Paintball Center

This is a great idea for hanging out with friends as it requires people to play in teams making it a good hangout idea for teenagers. 

A bonus for your gaming center would be to include a food and drinks joint where people can hang out and catch up while they are not playing video games. You are likely to attract even teenagers who are not interested in gaming but love to be in places where they can meet people their age. 

Start a Teen Tour Company

Travel and tourism is a huge contributor to the global economy hence making it a lucrative business venture. There are already several companies in the industry therefore, you need to find a niche that will help you be competitive with the already established companies. What better niche than venturing into travel and tourism specifically for the younger clientele, that is, teenagers. 

Although it might not like it, having a teen tour company is a very profitable business idea for reasons such as;

  • The younger generation is known to love traveling and discovering new places. This way, they can hang out and make memories with their friends as well as meet new people and learn new things. 
  • Teenagers today are finding more ways to make money (ways for a 13-year-old to make money)  hence they have enough disposable income to cater to their travel needs since they have fewer responsibilities. 

However, for this business to be a success, you need to understand the travel needs of teenagers. Understand that teenagers are people full of energy, are curious and most often than not are adrenaline-driven. Therefore, unlike the older generation who would enjoy a chilled Sunday afternoon at a hotel spa, teenagers would rather be out and about hiking and camping in the middle of nowhere. 

Some adventure ideas would include weekend activities such as city tours, festivals, museum visits, beach hangouts, hiking and camping adventures. During summer, since there is more time, you might consider organizing longer travel plans such as visiting a new city, country or continent. 

Drive-in or Outdoor Cinema

Organizing a drive-in or outdoor cinema is one idea that teenagers would love and it is so easy to set up. All you need is to get a good and convenient location where you are likely to attract more people. Next, you’ll need to find a white sheet where you will project the movie on a good, high definition projector then lastly, select a good movie that will cater to everyone. For charges, you could choose to sell movie tickets before the day which makes it easier as you will only be checking the tickets on entry or you could opt for people to pay as they enter. 

You could also choose to have several movies lined up at different times, this gives your clients options to choose from. 

For a drive-in, it is quite easy since people will be watching from inside their vehicles. You only need to ensure that the vehicles are well parked. 

For the outdoor movie setup, you can decide to be creative with the setup at the ground. However, if this might seem to you like a lot of work, you can allow everyone to come and set up their own space how they like. 

In such an event people are most likely to come with their snacks and drinks. However, you can also have a food and drink truck (small business ideas for 17-year-old) at probably one end of the ground to cater for those who might want to buy from there as opposed to carrying their own. 

Start a Club

Clubs help to unite people of common interests hence a good teenage hangout business idea as it helps them to form bonds with others. There are so many niches that you could venture into with clubs. For example;

Book clubs: bring together book lovers as they read and review books together. 

Craft club: this is for people who love making handmade items. In the club, members can showcase their skills as well as teach each other. 

Sport club: for people who like taking part in athletic activities as a sport or for recreational purposes. Sports clubs offer a wide range of activities such as swimming, golfing, tennis among many others. 

Sororities or fraternities: these are mainly social clubs common among high school students.

These are to highlight just but a few. There are many others that you probably can think of, provided that you have several other people with the same interest. 

Clubs mainly make money by charging membership fees to members, this is in most cases paid either monthly or annually. Also, clubs can raise money through other ways such as fines and fundraising activities. 

Photo Booth/Studio

It is common knowledge that teenagers these days are obsessed with photos. Therefore, venturing into photography can be a very profitable business venture. 

This business will mostly be about taking social media-worthy pictures at a fee. To make it even more fun, you can have themes such as vintage vibes, movie characters, etc. 


There are probably other ideas that you can think of along these lines. Whichever idea you pick up, you can be sure it is bound to be successful seeing the growing number of teenagers who are always up for a good time. 

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