Ways for a 13-year-old to Make Money

At 13 years you are expected to be indoors catching up on your favorite shows or outdoors playing with friends. However, some 13-year-olds desire much more than that. They want to be ‘boss babies’, making their own money and making good use of their time, skills and talents. 

While it is not easy making money at 13 years, it is not impossible. There are several ways for a 13-year old to make money. Therefore, if you are wondering what your options are, follow through with this article as we highlight a couple of ways in which you can make money.

Online Opportunities

The online space has become a huge platform, not only for entertainment but also for making money. As a 13-year old, you are likely quite knowledgeable on matters regarding the internet, therefore, you can as well as use your knowledge to your advantage in either one of the few ways highlighted below;

Taking Online Surveys

There are a bunch of online sites that would pay you for your opinions such as Swagbucks, Inbox Dollar and Survey Junkie. However, be sure to confirm how each site pays since some only pay with gift cards rather than cash. To earn the most from surveys, you should seek to register at more than one survey site. 

YouTube Channel

It is common knowledge that some people make a living solely from creating content on YouTube, this goes to confirm that there is good money to be made off YouTube. The good thing is that there are no age restrictions. All that is required of you is to create good quality content that will attract viewers. Once you gain a good number of subscribers, you can monetize your channel and start making money from views, ads and sponsorships. 

Video Gamer 

Are you good at playing video games? If yes, then you should consider live streaming your gaming sessions. So many young people are already making tons of money this way, one good platform for this is Mixer. The more followers you gain, the higher your chances of making money through sponsorships, ads and donations. 

Another option is to become a game tester. This involves testing games for gaming companies to ensure they are playable and glitch-free before they are released to the public. 

Voice Over Artist

This is probably the easiest way to make money as a 13-year-old as it involves talking into a microphone. There are tons of opportunities for young voice over artists. It could involve TV shows, audiobooks, commercials or even online ads. 

Social Media Influencer

Today, we have influencers who are as young as one-year-old, therefore, as a 13-year-old, you are well of age to become a social media influencer. All you need is to have a huge following on a social media platform of your choice then you can start approaching brands to work with you. Once you build your brand, you will begin to have brands approaching you to have you promote their products or services to your followers. The pay depends on a variety of factors such as the duration of the campaign, the number of posts required and the financial capability of the company seeking your services. 

Offline Opportunities

Help Around the House

While you might already have your assigned duties around the house, you could also seek extra work to do and ask for payment from your parents or guardian. Examples of extra duties you could take on include cleaning out the garage and landscaping. 

Make and Sell Crafts 

If you are skilled at making crafts, you could make and sell your items either to your friends and family, at a flea market or online on a site such as Etsy which is dedicated to helping people sell their handmade items. Some products that you could make include; jewelry, candles, gift cards, handmade soaps amongst many other items. 

Garage Sale Assistant 

Garage sales are common in many neighborhoods. Most often than not, one would love to have an extra helping hand in setting up the tables and stickers and later on taking anything that remains back to the house. There is usually not much heavy lifting involved. If you think this is a job you can do, then you should ask for an assistant job in the next garage sale you spot around your neighborhood. 

Holiday Decorations

Everyone loves the holidays, what most people do not fancy is having to put up and take down holiday decorations. This task can be daunting at times hence people will gladly accept help even if it comes at a fee. Therefore, if you are a 13-year-old who enjoys putting up holiday decorations, you can offer your services and be able to earn money. 


People love eating cookies, cupcakes and other sweet treats. Therefore, if you are a 13-year old who loves baking, this idea is quite profitable. You can make your baked items and sell them door to door or you can sell them at a farmer’s market. You could also put up a stand on your driveway and have passersby promoting you. If you make delicious baked items, you could also have people asking you to bake cakes and make treats for their events. 

Start a Business

It’s never too early to put your foot into entrepreneurship. If you want a long-lasting money-making option, then starting a business (how to start a business at 12 years old) is the way to go. There are several ways for a 13-year-old to make money through entrepreneurship. Some practical and profitable business ventures for a 13-year-old would include;


This is whereby you sell products such as clothes, cosmetics and hair products without having to handle inventory. You are only required to find trusted manufacturers who offer dropshipping services and then set up an eCommerce store where your clients will be making purchases from. 

Bottom Line

While it might be a bit difficult to get a ‘real’ job at 13, you can still be able to make money. With the help of a parent or guardian, you can evaluate your skills and hobbies (teenage hangout business ideas) and think deeper to figure out ways in which these skills can help you earn money.


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