How to Make Money from Home as a Kid

How to make Money from Home as a Kid

Making money from home is a reality for many people. You probably know of an adult who manages to at least make ends meet by working from home full-time. If not, we all know some one that makes a supplemental income from home. Thanks to this era of technology, kids are now able to make money from home as well, in many ways. Below is a list of some good places to start if you are looking to make that extra coin;

Doing extra chores

No better place to start making that extra coin than at home. You probably already do this to get your weekly allowance. To make more money; you should consider talking to your parent and have them allocate you more work around the house, at a fee. It could be mowing the lawn. Organizing the garage or doing repainting around the house. Those odd jobs that no one likes doing, you could capitalize on that.

Become a holiday decorator

Decorating work during the holidays is usually very tasking. Many people would gladly accept an extra hand to help them decorate their houses; it, therefore, becomes a great opportunity to make money from home as a kid. This is for holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Baby Showers, and Birthday Parties. You can do this in your own home or help out with your neighbors’ houses.

Make Money From Home As A Kid From Selling  crafts

This is a great option for kids to make money from home for artistic kids. Making crafts such as friendship bracelets, jewelry, art, and other crafts. To sell these crafts is as easy as opening a free online store on a site such as Etsy. You can also choose to sell the crafts to your friends at school, at local fairs and local craft stores or around your neighborhood. 

Besides making extra cash, you will learn other important life lessons from this such as time management and budgeting. 

Take Online Surveys

How many hours a day do you spend on your phone or laptop? Why not find a way to capitalize on that time? A great place to start is to look for online surveys that you can participate in. Companies are always looking for people to answer surveys or test new products. A short quick survey can earn you up to 5 dollars. You only need to open a free Paypal account to get paid. 

Some good sites to get you started are Swagbucks, Toluna, Survey Junkie, The Opinion Panel, and InboxPounds amongst others. The assignments and surveys are mostly easy and straightforward. It is almost as getting free cash. 

Become a Tester

Websites and companies are always coming up with new apps, websites, games, etc. They need to test their products with a group of people before releasing them to the market. Such companies will pay you to test a new game, test a new website, and give your honest reviews. Then you get paid. 

A good example of a site to get such jobs is This platform can help a kid make money from home from reviewing a bunch of stuff. A single review could take about only 20 minutes and you could make up to 10 dollars.

Price Comparison Shopper

Most people like to shop online and are always on the lookout for the best deals. However, most people will swear to not have the time to look around for the best deals. As a price comparison shopper, your work will be to shop around for similar products on online stores and find the one that sells at a cheaper price. 

You can also offer to shop the items for them and have the items delivered to their address. Be sure to add your small fee for your services. 

Make Money From Home Blogging

Many people have taken up writing blogs as a full-time career and it pays. If you are a kid who is good at writing stuff, then this is a great way for you to make money from home. You can choose to write reviews of movies, music, games, or teach people art and craft. 

To make money from the blog, you can monetize it by running paid ads or becoming an affiliate marketer for brands.

Flip Items

We usually have a lot of items laying around the house that we no longer use. With the help of an adult, you could do a cleanout of your home to gather all these items. Then you can flip the items for a few coins on various sites.

A site such as eBay can be used to sell old clothes, shoes, and furniture. MusicMagpie accepts books, legos, and electronics such as phones and MacBooks. On Webuy you could flip items such as books, CDs, games, and DVDs. 

Your junk could be someone else’s treasure.

Sell Photos

It is amazing to see the prices that some photos go for on the web. If you love taking photos, then this is a good opportunity for you to make money from home. Websites are always generating content and they need good quality photos to back this up therefore there will always be a demand for good photos.

To stand a better chance of making money, research on the types of photos that are on-demand and try to provide images around that theme. Some good sites to get you started on this include; iStock Photos, Alamy, and Shutterstock. 

All you need is to take high-quality photos, state your price, and get paid when it is purchased. 

Review Music

Talk about killing two birds with one stone. If you love to listen to music, then this is a good option for you to make money from home. Using a site such as Slicethepie, you can help review music for unsigned artists and bands for a few extra coins. 

You make your cash and get to listen to a bunch of songs before most people. 

Bonus Tips

• Walking and grooming pets

• Running errands for moms and the elderly

• The classic lemonade stand

• Having a bake sale

• Babysitting

• Washing cars

In Conclusion

Thanks to technology, gone are the days when the only way to make money from home as a kid would be to do chores around the house. 

Exploring these options is a good way to discover and nurture your skills and talents. It also helps you as a kid to learn how to make and manage your finances from a young age. 

These are not only options to make money from home as a kid. a quick search on the internet will reveal more ways. Remember, making money from home as a kid requires hard work and commitment. You need to put in the work to be able to make enough money to be able to buy yourself that new pair of headset or shoes you have been eyeing at the mall. Nothing comes easy. 

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