How To Earn Money As a Kid

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How To Earn Money as a Kid

The feeling of making money is something wonderful, especially as a kid. It gives you a sense of importance and purpose because you’re making real money! No longer will you have to ask mom and dad to give you money because you’re in charge now. Now there are literally thousands of ways to make money even as a kid, you are your own limit. To start making some cash don’t expect to sit on your butt and have the dollars magically roll in. You will have to put in the time, dedication, and sweat to make it work, but I guarantee you it’ll feel so sweet when you receive those first dollars. 

So In this article, I want to do 2 things. First I will lay out what I think the best ways to earn money as a kid – this will be the highest level ideas to give you an idea of the best things to think about.

Once we are finished with that, I am going to give you a huge list of money making ideas to give you an idea of how to make money as a kid no matter what your situation or skills are.

I want to leave you with a comment before we start. You as a child, pre-teen, or even adolescent should feel proud because at this very moment you are taking real steps to better yourself. Money may be the only reason you’re reading this, but you’re gonna grow exponentially in many areas of your life with these exciting strategies!

So, let’s jump into some methods! 

The best ways to make money as a kid

Get a Job 

“Are you kidding me” may have just been your first thought at reading that title, but hear me out. I’m confident you’ve already thought of this but quickly discarded it because no one’s hiring, too much time, or way too much work. Many people quickly jump to these conclusions because they play up a typical “job” as this monumental hassle we all gotta go through. I’m here to tell you, you’re wrong. Finding, applying, and finally getting the job is a pretty simple process as I’ll explain.  

Start looking around where you live. Most places hire teenagers and always have vacancies. This could include a local shop, fast food, or grocery store. Get in touch with the place either online or in-person (I’d recommend in person as it adds an additional positive layer to hiring you) and ask for a job. If they have a vacancy, you’re sure to be hands-on in 1-2 weeks tops. 

I’ll simplify it even further: 

  1. Search online or in-person for job vacancies. 
  2. Speak with a person of authority and get requirements.
  3. Have everything ready including application and legal documents (work permit). 
  4. Send it all in and wait. 
  5. Celebrate as you have your first job. 

Physical Labor

Up next on our list is something you probably already do in your own home. Physical labor simply put could be anything from raking leaves to removing ice from driveways. The more creative you are, the more ideas you’ll be able to apply. 

“How do I get started?” you may be asking. My best advice is to literally look around through your immediate neighborhood. Basically, look for anything that is in demand. As mentioned, this could include raking leaves, snow, mowing lawns, anything! Just ask yourself what do people’s homes need? 

Once you’ve identified the demand you can give the solution. Start asking neighbors if they need help with any yard work. Politely explain you are looking for work and would love to rake their leaves and such. With the exception of dads with 3000$ lawnmowers, most people find it a hassle to constantly keep their yards pristine. This is great news for you of course as eventually, you’ll snag your first customer and payout! 

Don’t overprice yourself. Set a reasonable amount that they’ll have to pay. My advice is to go with a fixed price instead of hourly. It’ll give your customer a sense of comfort and control. With some time your presence and skills will grow and you can naturally charge more!

Caring for Pets

67% of US households have pets. These pets of course need attention and care, but sometimes owners get a little busy with life. This is perfect for you as this is yet another chance to capitalize fast! You could offer to house sit pets, walk them, train them, literally anything you can think of that will benefit the owner. As we mentioned previously with the yard work, start asking your neighbors if they need this kind of help. As well, there are tons of apps online that will help you land a job like this. Apps dedicated to walking dogs for example. There is no excuse not to find something relatively fast, and if you are an animal lover, this one is a plus for you!

Buy Low-Sell High

Now, this strategy is a bit trickier because it involves some analyses, but hey don’t worry, it’s still pretty simple once you get the hang of it. So what is buying low and selling high? It’s exactly as the name says. We are looking for inexpensive items that we can buy, fix-up, and re-sell for a profit. This strategy can be applied from anything from scrap metal to real-estate. To give you some easier examples: electronics, clothing, shoes, jewelry, anything you can get your hands on.  

Basically we want to find items that have potential value, that is, will look good and work with some quick touch-ups. You buy a rusty bike chain for 2$, restore it, and re-sell it for 15$, you just made 13$ profit. 

Always remember the objective of this strategy is to find cheap items with potential for re-sale. Starts looking through local yard sales or online through a site like craigslist. 

The beauty in this strategy is, once you’ve got the hang of certain items, you’ll be pumping out profit left and right!

How To Make Money At School

Your school grounds are a perfect place for potential customers. It’s a place full of people your age that have common interests and likes; a place to capitalize! Here you can find something that people want or introduce something completely new to them. What I mean is, if you somehow manage to find inexpensive games that everyone at school wants, you can then turn a profit by selling said games to all your classmates. I remember kids in my school would sell soda for 1$. The 12 pack cost them 4.50$. They were making 7.50$ of profit per pack. Some of those kids sold 3 packs a week. I’ll let you do the math of how much that is in one month. 

Start Your Own Business

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Look, be creative. If there is anything that you can sell or produce you got a business idea. Can you make amazing art? If so trying selling it somewhere. Can you make delicious cakes? If so start selling them somewhere. Opportunities are everywhere, all you have to do is be a little creative, weigh the costs of your business practices, and start turning a profit. The little girl selling lemonade is doing it. Why can’t you? 

The top ways to make money as a Kid

You should now have a basic idea of what it takes to make some cash. It will take some time, dedication, and hard work, but I guarantee you it’ll all be worth it when you make your first couple of dollars.

Read on to start getting ideas of all of the ways that you can make money as a kid.

How to Make Money as a kid The Ultimate List!

There really is no limit to the ways that you can make money as a kid – just like there is no limit to the ways that you can make money as an adult. The only limit is your imagination.

This list has many many ideas of proven ways that you could earn money as a kid, but you should be using your imagination to make these ideas your own. Put your own spin on them and search out the tweaks and ideas that will make you stand out from everyone else.

Be prepared to start small but keep your eye out for the ideas that will let you grow your business and increase your earnings.

We live in a world where leveraged ideas can make an unlimited amout of money. ost of the huge businesses today were not even an idea 20 years ago and the big successes of tomorrow havent even been thought of yet. It could be your idea!

How to Make Money as a Kid Online

The big problem that you will have with making money on line depending on your age is firstly whether you are allowed to sign up for services. If you are below 13 then you might have problems getting accounts. And secondly, getting paid and paying for things that you need. If you are under 18 (ish depending on where you are) then you might have issues opening paypal and bank accounts etc.

It is pssible to get around a lot of these. The easiest way is to get parents to set up the financial stuff ofor you so that you can focus on earning the money. Alternativly, prepaid cards can be used sometimes and its also often possible to get paid in vouchers and gift cards etc.


Surveys are one of the easiest methds of making money. You arent going to make a huge amount but you can make a decent little amount for your time. This is one where age may be a problem but here are some of the options that you can start off on when you are younger.

  • Swagbucks
  • Pinecone research
  • SurveyJunkie
  • Vindale Research


A lot of people make a lot of money on Instagram and this is one where you might be well positioned to make money by being a kid. Be yourself, post reguarly, be active and look for whats popular .


Some people make an insane amount of money on Youtube. It wont be easy though. There is a lot of competition and you need to both work hard to post quality videos regularly as well as diferentiate yourself and stand out.

If you are technical or can learn new skills then there are a lot of other options:

  • Freelance Coding jobs
    • Sites like upwork and have lots of jobs that you can offer to do if you have the skills. Its often hard ot get started before you have a reputation but you should be able to get some tasks to start bu pricing low and being prepared for a bit of rejection. Once you get started, you can start to raise your prices. The amazing thing about this is that you are developing a real world valued skill as you go.
  • Create an app
    • Do you have an idea for an app? Is there an app that you wish that you have but cant get a hold of? Maybe other people feel the same. App development can be daunting but its not that hard once you learn to code and it is one of the most highly prised skills out there.
  • Start a blog
    • This is one of the easiest ways ti get started. You can just write about what you know. Its not a fast way to money though. It will take time and perseverance to build the site up to something that sees enough traffic to earn you money.
  • Website testing
    • Similar to the freelancer options, you can find jobs to test websites for people and companies. All it really requires is a keen eye, a methodical approach and the ability to document your findings.
  • Installing websites for people
    • If you already know how to set up a website with WordPress or other tools then you have a valuable skill that people will pay for. YOu could market your skill on freelance sites.
  • Gigs on Fiverr
    • People search for all sorts of small jobs on fiverr. From graphic design to voice overs and link building. Its a competitive market place but if you can build a reputation then you can make some decent money.

The possibilities are endless!

How to make money as a kid with cars

  • Car washing service
  • Detailing cars
  • Changing car oil
  • Fixing cracked windshields

ways to make money as a kid with physical labour

  • DIY
    • Build garden sandboxes
    • Put up fences
  • Cleaning
    • House
    • Garage
    • Boat
    • Cars
    • Tile Grout
    • Furniture
    • Windows
    • Motor homes
    • Campers
    • Caravans
  • Gardening
    • Weed Gardens
    • Cut grass
    • Cleaning up leaves
  • Painting
    • Windows
    • Interiors
    • Garages
    • Fences
  • Pet services
    • Pet cleaning
    • Pet walking
    • Pet sitting
  • Seasonal jobs
    • Get rid of christmas trees
    • Clearing driveways

Other Ways to Make Money as a Kid

  • Odd Jobs and services
    • Offer to do jobs for the elderly
    • Watering plants
    • Putting up Decorations
    • Offer to organise cupboards and closets
    • Change Air filters
    • Shoe Shining
    • Turoring business
    • House Sitting
    • Babysitting
    • Puttng out the rubbish
      • Tak out and put back when they are away
      • Reqular service so that they dont have to remember
    • Paper route
    • Teach people how to use computer programs
    • Music lessons
    • Can and bottle recycling

Health and Beauty

  • Offer Manicures

how to make money from home as a kid

  • Extra Chores
  • Yard Work
  • Freelance writing
  • Online surveys
    • Swagbucks
    • Inbox Dollars
  • Garage Sale
  • Creating photobooks
  • Technically Minded
    • Coding jobs
    • Create an app
    • Digitise photos
    • Website testing
    • Installing websites for people
  • Gigs on Fiverr
  • Youtube Videos
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