How to Make Money Farming 5 Acres

How to Make Money Farming 5 Acres

In life, some people just have a knack for certain things. So, if you’ve got a talent for taking care of things or have organization skills, it might do you some good to know how to make money farming five acres. These talents may not seem ...

In life, some people just have a knack for certain things. So, if you’ve got a talent for taking care of things or have organization skills, it might do you some good to know how to make money farming five acres. These talents may not seem important at first. But when they’re appropriately utilized and directed in the right direction, they help a lot and contribute to businesses flourishing. Farming might not be the most glamorous job, but it’s quite profitable, more so when done correctly. So read on to know how to put your skills to use and make your own money with farming.

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Preparations needed

Determine soil type

The soil is the first thing you should check when you own or plan to purchase land for farming. Since different soil types require varying handling methods, this will more or less affect how you’ll be planning the business should you choose to use the land to cultivate crops. Aside from that, knowing the details will help you decide what type of business to establish. 

Study the market

A comprehensive research on the market will help you choose what product you’ll be producing, as it will be easier if you know what’s in demand in your city or country. It will also prevent you from possibly growing unpopular and unwanted items.

Start small

Despite being smaller than the usual 16-17 acre farms, 5 acres is still a lot of space. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to consume every inch of the area immediately. As a beginner, you’ll undoubtedly experience several trials and errors, which is why it’ll be better for you and your expenses if you start in a certain area and slowly expand as you get used to the work.

With these three considerations in mind, you’ll get a better idea of all the viable possibilities to make money with your land. The following businesses are some options you can start with.

Micro farming

Even with 5 acres, you can still pursue farming, but on a smaller scale. While you might be thinking that easy to grow plants will do the trick, you’ll have to do thorough research to know which ones are compatible because it depends on your soil, and your location’s weather, and season. 

For example, if you’re thinking of growing strawberries, you should know that they’re quite sensitive. They’re best grown during cold months like spring and autumn. In contrast, they don’t thrive in extremely hot or cold temperatures during summer and winter, which is why you have to stick within their season to prevent them from wilting or dying.

Aside from that, a smaller area means that you can dedicate more time to your crops and monitor their progress and status up close. It’s a significant advantage in comparison to regular farming. Because the more care you’re able to give, the better quality crops you’ll be able to produce, and consequently, charge higher prices for them.

Mushroom Farm

Mushrooms may not be as popular as meat, but they are heavily in demand for different food types. From home-cooked meals to fancy dishes served in restaurants, mushrooms are versatile and add flavor and nutrition. The need for it has been steadily increasing in recent years due to its many health benefits like niacin and b vitamins.

On top of that, growing mushrooms is a very profitable business because not only do they grow fast, but gourmet mushrooms, in particular, are expensive. When you produce high-quality mushrooms, you can sell them for as much as 25$ per square foot. Even people with no experience in gardening can grow them as long as they follow the instructions.

You can start your mushroom farm by either making or buying your first spawn from a seller and then follow specific steps to incubate and grow them. Since the mushrooms will grow back, you won’t have to keep on repurchasing the spawn unless you need more. 

Some gourmet mushrooms you should consider growing are shitake and oyster mushrooms.

Fish farming 

Due to people changing their lifestyle and choosing healthier diets, there’s been a great desire for fish worldwide. They are therefore highly sought after and, in turn, very profitable. The market for it continues to grow yearly, meaning it’s one of the businesses you should consider when you have acres of land.

To run your fish farm, you’ll first need to construct fish ponds or enclosures to hold the fishes. On that note, you can choose to farm a variety of breeds or just one. Either way is acceptable, but since you’re just starting, focusing on one would be better. 

Now, after you’ve set up your containers, you’ll need to purchase the fingerlings from a reliable supplier. The number of fingerlings you’ll initially need relies on the enclosure’s size, with about 5-6 fingerlings for every square meter. You’ll also have to make sure that they are well-fed and that the water is regularly changed. Once they’ve matured, the male and female fishes will reproduce, so you won’t have to buy more fingerlings.

Some of the commonly farmed fished are Tilapia, Salmon, and Carp.

Flower Farms

If you’ve got an interest in flowers, then you could try your hand at growing a flower farm. It’s essentially the same as gardening, but bigger and with the intent to sell. Similar to micro-farming, you’ll need to check what type of flowers are compatible with the soil you have and the weather in your area. 

However, make sure to study up on each flower because not all of them are the same. Some flowers need to be under the shade because they’ll wither otherwise, and some need to be directly under the sun. So double-check the facts before buying the seeds and planting them.

One of the good things about selling flowers is that you have many ways to sell them. 

  • Fresh cut flowers for floral arrangements and bouquet. 
  • Seedlings for gardens, farms, and the like.
  • Potted plants.
  • Sell them as wholesale to stores.

You also have the option to directly offer them to consumers through market farms, stands, or an online store.

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