Easy Food to Sell and Make Money

Food stalls are the easiest option for someone seeking to venture into the food industry at a low budget since they offer great flexibility and huge profits. There are so many viable options to choose from when venturing into the food industry as you will see from the ideas highlighted in this article.

High-Profit Food Ideas

In this list, we are going to highlight examples of foods that can easily be made and sold to generate profits. They include;


Coffee is a favorite drink for many adults. Some even swear by it to help them kick start their day. Today, we are seeing more businesses coming up with new flavors to help appeal to a wider range of clients. Today, thanks to social media, cute, picture-worthy, drive-through coffee shops are the in-thing.  A cup of coffee typically goes for about $3 to up to $7 depending on the size and type of coffee.

To help you earn even more money from this product, you should consider buying equipment to help produce iced coffee which is a favorite among many, especially during hot summers.


Tea, especially iced tea and fusion drinks have become very popular among young adults.to make the most out of this product, you need to specialize in custom flavors to include mint, strawberry, hibiscus, basil or even detox tea amongst many others.

There are so many free recipes online that can help you learn how to make these types of tea. Depending on the size and the richness of flavors, a cup of tea can be sold anywhere from $2 – $6.

Breakfast items

Most of the items in this category require few and in most cases cheap ingredients to produce. Another advantage of this category is that the ingredients tend to be versatile hence it minimizes on waste while ensuring maximum profits. Items in this list that are easy to make include;

Toast: this can be made using cheese or cheese and ham. You could use your regular pan for this or you could invest in a good quality toaster.

Eggs: there are different methods of cooking eggs such as poached egg, omelet, scrambled eggs, or the sunny side up. How you prepare the eggs depends on the preference of each client.

Sausages and bacon: this is as easy as buying several value packs and frying them upon request by the customer.

Kebab: although the process of making these can be tedious, kebabs are usually easy to sell and have high-profit margins.

Hot dogs and Corn Dogs

These two items are so popular in food stalls. They are easy to make and are flexible when it comes to creativity with toppings and dipping sauces. On average, a hot dog or a corn dog goes for about $3 – $6 depending on the ingredients used and accompaniments. Hot dogs are commonly served with fries and some dipping sauce.

Having a mobile food truck to sell your hot dogs from is a worthwhile investment as it will enable you to make extra money. This can be achieved by becoming a vendor at events or establishing your shop at very busy locations such as in parks or near office complexes where people can easily access you when they need to grab a quick snack.

Pastries such as Cookies, Cakes and Pies

Everyone loves tasty freshly baked pastry therefore if you know how to bake scrumptious baked treats, you can consider selling them to make money (how to make money selling baked goods). With pastry recipes, you can either decide to be making them from scratch; which is more economical or you can buy pre-made pastry dough from the store to help save on time.

You can decide to sell per piece which amounts to approximately $1 each or you can sell as wholesale which can range anywhere from $5 to up to $20 depending on several factors such as flavors and quantity.


Popcorn is a popular snack, this therefore makes the selling of popcorn a viable business option regardless of whether you are a teen looking to make your own money or an adult. It is easy to make and flexible when it comes to enriching it with flavors such as caramel, garlic, rosemary, butter or toffee. In the right storage conditions, this product can last very long when still fresh.

The retail price of a bag of popcorn can range anywhere from $1 to up to $7 depending on size and flavors.

Cold Treats

This includes ice-cream, iced tea or coffee, shaved ice and frozen yogurt among other treats.

Hanging out at an ice-cream or frozen yogurt shop has become a favorite pastime activity especially among teenagers. To be able to attract this group of clientele and have them spending money, you need to be creative about your presentation of the product. Remember, this is a generation of people obsessed with wanting to post everything on social media hence it needs to be good.

On average the retail price of ice-cream or yogurt will typically range anywhere from $3 to $7 depending on the size and your preferred toppings.


There are several items you can make from potatoes. They include; fries, baked potatoes, roast potatoes or even make crisps.

You can purchase potatoes cheaply from the store or if you can, directly from the farmers probably at a farmers’ market which is cheaper.

On average, a plate of fries or roast potatoes goes for about $4 -$ 10 depending on the type, serving as well as if it has an accompaniment or not. The good thing with fries is that they can be served with several of the items mentioned before on this list such as bacon, sausages and hot dogs.

Other food ideas to consider include;

  • Tacos
  • Quesadillas
  • Cotton candy
  • Pancakes and sandwiches
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Pizzas and Burgers etc.

In Conclusion

There are several other food ideas that you can come up with besides the ones mentioned in this article, therefore, do not limit yourself. Do your research to find out what other people are offering in their food stalls. This can be done by conducting a quick search on the internet as well as visiting food fairs and events that have food vendors.

Finally, to be able to differentiate your products from the rest, always strive to be creative and innovative with your recipes and presentation.

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