9 Low Content Book Niches that Avoid the Competition.

I want to show you 10 different low content book niches that you can make $500 per month with 

Today, I wanted to take a different approach to providing you with books and niches that are successful and that people are making money with. Usually, when I have talked about low content book niches like this before, it’s always been about a super popular niche or a highly competitive niche like colouring books or activity books. And let’s be honest, these niches take either a lot of time or a lot of money and a lot of effort to get them to the point of making money. 

And these kinds of books can be a little bit overwhelming to think about competing with, you know, take the jade summer brand of colouring books, for example, which are probably the most popular colouring book brand on amazon they are selling thousands and thousands of coloring books per day and making tens of thousands of dollars per month. So when you think about competing with a brand like that, it’s just a bit hard to get your head around what you could possibly do as well as a brand like jade summer when you’re at the very beginning of your KDP journey. 

I mean, when you’re new to something, and you go out and you watch someone’s Youtube video, and they’re saying that you can make $50,000 per month, like this other brand. And for some people, this can be inspiring. For many people, it can be really intimidating and like it’s something that you could never achieve yourself. 

Today I’ve decided to look at some books that are not in any of those super competitive niches that don’t have thousands upon thousands of reviews to compete with. 

And I think these are a lot more achievable in terms of competing with some of these books. 

I have 10 different books to show you that are making at least $500 per month. So let’s get straight into it. Okay, so I’m going to go through this pretty quickly because I have 10 books that I want to show you, and I don’t want this video to be too long. So I’ll just fast run through the potential income you can make, and we’ll have a quick look at the interior, see how complicated these books are. 

Small Business Log Books

Okay, so the first book I have here to look at is a small business logbook. So this particular one Was only uploaded in September 2020. So it’s already doing really well for being up on Amazon for such a short period. It does have a 141 rating. So that is good compared to the thousands of reviews that you sometimes see on books in those competitive niches. And we’re looking at a. b. s. r. of around 8215. 

So let’s take a look At how many that would be selling per month. To work out a monthly income, I’m going to work on a $2 royalty per book sold. So obviously, depending on your book, how many pages it has, and that sort of thing, Your Majesty might be a bit less, or it might be a bit higher. But just as an average, I’m going to work on a $2 royalty. 

If this one is making 440 sales per month, that’s going to bring you in around $880 per month, a little bit over the $500 per month that I was looking for, which obviously is not a bad thing, but this is definitely something that is going to be a little bit easier to achieve. 

So let’s take a look inside. Yeah, this book could take a little longer to make than some of the other low content books because it seems to have quite a bit in it in terms of the different kinds of pages. 

So it looks like it’s not just like the same page copied over and over. It will have a page for contacts with indoors, for supply inventory, product inventory, etcetera. So it is quite a specific book and a specific interior but definitely something doable. 

Standard Notebook

Okay, the next book we are looking at here is just the plain old Notebook with a black cover, 8.5 x 11 and 120 pages. 

Again, this is another book that was only uploaded at the end of last year. 

So it hasn’t been up on Amazon very long and doesn’t have a massive amount of reviews or ratings to compete with. And obviously, the interior, this one will be very plain; it’s just going to be a lined notebook. 

So very easy to replicate if you wanted to create one the same. And this one has a. B. S. R. 7111. 

So with 495 sales per month with a $2 royalty, This book could bring around $990 per month. 

Plain Notebooks with Cool Covers

The next book is another plain notebook, but with an animal print cover. Animal print is trendy. Again, it’s an 8.5 by 11 110 pages and only uploaded in 2020 and only 51 ratings. So, extremely easy when you compare with Some of those more extensive books and begin issues with hundreds and thousands of reviews, a lot easier to compete with. Or to at least try and get your book to the same level that this one is. 

So the BSR on, this one is 20,000 679 is that BSR, is bringing in sales of around 202 per month, which would bring you in $404 per month. Pretty good. For a plain notebook. That would literally take minutes to make the next one up. 

Dot Grid Notebook

We have a dot grid notebook, 106 dotted pages. 

So first, let’s take a look at what a dot grid notebook is. Again very plain cover, black with white writing. Sometimes, minimalist stuff is what’s most popular, and it is basically what it says is it is a dot grid, so just lots of dots on every single page. 

Okay, so taking a look at this, BSR, this one has a best sellers rank of 16,000, 436. So that’s going to bring in sales of 246 per month at a $2 royalty, $492 per month. 

So you can see here how by aiming for perhaps a BSR around The 10,000 to 20,000 mark is where it would have you sitting nicely to make $500 per month. And if you have a bunch of books in that range, causing you $500 a month, then it will quickly add up to a pretty substantial monthly income. But let’s keep going. 

Meal Planner

The next one I’ve got here is a meal planner track and plan your meals weekly, a 52-week food planner. This one is by the pretty simple press which is a pretty famous brand on amazon on KDP, particularly around the journal planner niche. They do have a lot; they do it really well. 

So this does have many ratings, and if we take a look inside, we can see that it is almost the same page by page. So the actual content is the same as in these lined weekdays and then a place to write to your ideas and your shopping list. But it looks like they’ve got a cute little title different on each page. So that one says bona petite, and this one says dilution. 

I’m assuming that it might have a different word on each at the start of each new list. So that’s a nice little touch to add. But in terms of the actual pages themselves, they’re straightforward. 

It’d be effortless to create a book like this. Let’s take a look at this. BSR, so we have a BSR of 10,547 10547. So that’s going to be making around 358 sales per month, with a $2 royalty. That’s $716. That’s very good for a book that should be pretty easy to create. If you wanted to create something like that. 

Blood Pressure Log Book

We have to look at the blood pressure logbook to record and wanted to blood pressure at home again. Another one with a straightforward cover, a good amount of ratings but not too much that it would be either almost impossible or just will take a really long time to match that. 

Yeah, This one has a b sr of 35888. So that’s looking at sales of 124 per month with a $2 royalty. He is $248 per month. So a little bit away from that $500 per month figure that I was looking at. But still, an excellent piece of income to bring in if you are going to be making logbooks. And if we have a look, it’s probably a straightforward interior. 

So it does have a little bit of information there about blood pressure. But basically, once that’s been done with, every page is going to be the same. 

So it wouldn’t take very long at all to create a book like this. And you know, $250 a month for a book that once you make, you basically don’t really have to think about it again. 

Diabetes Log Book

And the next one is another log book, a diabetes food journal for tracking blood sugar, nutrition and activity. So if we have a look inside of this, like all the others we’ve looked at. The interior is going to be pretty simple. 

Although I don’t think that this book is a KdP book will continue looking at it anyway because the interior is what we’re looking at and the BSR and whether you can compete. 

Although there’s quite a bit of information up there about your blood sugar and things like that. You wouldn’t have to really include all that kind of stuff. But this is basically the meat of the book, and these pages would basically just be replicated over and over in that book so that the person who buys it can fill it out and keep track of their blood sugar levels. 

So yes, sorry, this isn’t a KdP book, but since I’m already looking at it, we may as well just look at that B. S. R. And see how many books that it would be selling per month. 

So 14,508. Okay, so that’s 274 per month, times $2 royalty. So $548 per month. Although that is an A KDP book, it is something that you’re still competing with. So you’re not only competing with Katie people. 

So it’s not always a bad thing to look at books that are published by other companies just to see if you can compete if you can get your book ranked as well as theirs, because it is basically your competition as well, as well as all the books that are done through KdP. 

Music Notebook 

Okay, so the next one we have here is a music notebook. So music writing notebook for kids, This book has a b sr of 6181. So let’s take a look at that one. Okay, so that B. S. R. Could bring around 555 sales per month with a $2 royalty. So that’s $1110. 

So that’s actually double that $500 per month mark that I’m looking at. This is obviously, and we can go up and have a look and see What is inside this book. 

So it’s got a little bit of a notation guide, and then there are the lines. So that’s what it would be page after page, just pages of lined music paper in terms of reviews or ratings. It’s got 316. So definitely something achievable. If you wanted to create a notebook like this one 

Language books for Kids

The next one I’m looking at is Chinese for kids. 1st 50 characters ages five plus. Obviously, this book or this kind of book is not going to be for everybody; you would need to know Chinese or whatever language it is that you’re doing, or you would need to outsource that to somebody who does. 

You do not want to get the book’s interior wrong when you teach children how to read or write something in a different language that is not your first language. So when we have a look inside, we basically have boxes of how to write the characters. So this is basically Along the same lines as a handwriting practice book that is extremely popular on Amazon, which is obviously in English. We have the letters and the words across the page in dotted form for the kids to trace along. So this is the same, it just looks different because Chinese characters are more of a square format, but it’s basically the same idea. 

If you speak a non-English language, this could be a perfect niche for you to get into because it’s not as saturated as the English writing and handwriting tracing books. 

Now, if we have a look at this one, it’s gotta be sr of 24195. So that could be potentially making around 176 sales per month with a $2 royalty. You’re looking at bringing in about $352 per month. 

And the last one that I’m looking at here is a hexagonal graph paper notebook for chemistry. Let’s take a look inside. It will basically just be pages of hexagons, and that’s what every single page will look like. 

Looking at the reviews and ratings. Something very achievable to be able to compete with and build up ratings to a similar amount. And this one has a. b sr of 29,687. So that’s saying that it could be getting sales of around 147 per month with a $2 royalty. So that’s $294 per month. 

A couple of those were a bit lower than the $500 per month mark that I was looking at somewhere higher if you want to go down the road of creating a bunch of books that so less but cumulatively will make a substantial income for you over one book in a highly competitive niche. 

Making your total income, you could create books that will have a BSR of say 10 to 20,000. If that’s what you’re looking at. And that would bring in something around 300 to $800 mark per month; create a few books like that, and your income will build up and build up month over month eventually. If your goal is to have, say, $5000 per month in revenue, finally, you’ll be able to reach that by doing it with multiple books rather than just trying to hit one book in a very competitive niche. And so that’s the 10 books that I wanted to go over today. 

The idea here is that instead of creating just one book in a highly competitive niche, putting in the time and the effort and most probably some money to get that book to a point where it’s ranking in a BSR low enough to be making you say five or 10 or $50,000 per month or even more, 

Instead, you create a handful of books with higher BSR, so they sell less and maybe make around that $500 Per month mark. 

But if you can create, say, 10 or 20 books like that, making that $500 per month, it’s just another way to build a substantial monthly income with low content books.            

Here are 9 Low Content Book Niches that you may not have thought of and that avoid the competition:

  • Small Business Log Books
  • Standard Notebook
  • Plain Notebooks with Cool Covers
  • Dot Grid Notebook
  • Meal Planner
  • Blood Pressure Log Book
  • Diabetes Log Book
  • Music Notebook
  • Language books for Kids