The Best Paying Side Jobs for Teachers

It is no secret that teaching is not exactly the best paying profession. In most cases, those who choose to become teachers do it for the passion and not the money. Therefore, more often than not, teachers will find themselves needing to have side jobs to help them  to pay their bills.

To help you get started on your side hustle as a teacher, we have highlighted a few of the best paying side jobs suitable for teachers to help you supplement your income.

Freelance Writing and Editing

Freelance writing is one job opportunity that can turn out to be a very lucrative side hustle for a teacher (how to make a lot of money as a teacher) assuming that you can write in good and clear English.

There are so many blogs, websites and job posts that are willing to hire the best freelance writers they can get. This side hustle will give you the much-needed flexibility to work whenever you can, you also get to decide which jobs you want to work on.

If you are not so much into writing, then you could also try out editing; the two go hand in hand. Your role as a freelance editor will be to read through written work checking for things such as grammar and the flow of the content.

Generally, freelance writing and editing pay well. The pay will however differ from one client to another depending on several factors such as the type of content and the budget of your client.  Nevertheless, as a freelance writer, you can be able to make up to $100 or more in a day.


The demand for tutors is on the rise by the day with there being more and more high stake tests for students to undertake. Therefore, since you already do it for a living, why not go the extra mile and make a sustainable side hustle from your skills? Tutoring can be quite profitable, as a tutor, you can be able to make up to $20 or more per hour from tutoring.

With tutoring, you can decide to do in-person coaching or online coaching or both. There are several legit platforms available online that will enable you to connect with students worldwide who require tutoring.

Besides it being a high-paying gig, tutoring also allows you flexibility in terms of working hours and pay since you only work when you are available and you get to set your rates.

Another great option in line with tutoring is offering to teach English as a foreign language. This job is well paying however; you will be required to have TESL/TEFL certification to be approved to teach.

Become a Camp Counselor

This is an ideal side hustle especially during summer. Many times, these summer camps need to hire adults who can manage kids. While a summer camp is all about having fun, building on your skills while learning new ones, it also involves guidance. This could cover a variety of topics such as higher education and career guidance, self-awareness and relationships among many others.

Therefore, if you can connect well with kids and can listen to their issues (get paid to listen to people’s problems) and give them sound advice, then this is a good side-hustle for you. It is more advantageous to you if you are a certified counselor. This will help increase your earning potential.

Get Paid for Your Talents and Skills

Are you an excellent songwriter, digital designer (how to make money as a freelance digital designer) or a highly skilled software developer?

Tap into these talents and skills by listing your services on various job boards and make money while at it. You can be able to make a good amount by being available to work on even one or two projects per week.


Accuracy and speed are the key factors of transcription therefore if you are a good listener and can type quickly, then transcription is for you. Transcription is simply the skill of converting audio files into written documents. There are a lot of people who use transcription services and would make good clients, this includes, authors, doctors, content creators for podcasts and YouTube videos, insurance agencies and film producers among many others.

Become an Airbnb Host

Want a break from working with kids? Tapping into your hospitality side by becoming an Airbnb host can be a good way to unwind from long school weeks.

Renting out a spare room or the entire house is a new and fun way to make money especially during summer and around holidays when people are traveling a lot. You will also get the opportunity to meet amazing new people from around the world.  As a host, you get to set your rates, availability and rules giving you total control of the entire process hence making it a good side hustle for a teacher.

Also, you can include other services such as being a local tour guide for guests at an extra fee. As a tour guide, your main task will be to offer tourists a fresh and new perspective to your area, that which can only be shown by a local. You get to make money while having fun too!

Provide Taxi Services

There are a lot of cab services available today, therefore if you own a car and you know your way around your town, this could be a good way to make extra money as a teacher. You can get started with this side hustle by easily signing to become a driver on one of these sites and start earning money.

Being that you will mostly be at work, you can decide to work a few shifts after school then work full time during the weekends when you are less occupied.

Another opportunity you can tap into with this service is offering delivery services. By signing up on a delivery app, you will be constantly linked to people who need their food or groceries delivered at their doorstep.

Other options for making money on the side as a teacher include;


Become an Adjunct Professor


Creating online courses

Affiliate marketing

Creating content for YouTube

Translation (get paid to translate simple documents from your home)

Bottom Line

There are so many suitable high paying side jobs for teachers. The above mentioned are just but a few to help you get started and help you pay out some of your bills. Some of these can even turn out to be well paying, enough to make it a full-time job eventually.

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