Make Money with My Cargo Van

Make Money with My Cargo Van

If you've been asking yourself, "is there a way for me to make money with my cargo van?" then you've come to the right place. There are countless opportunities everywhere we turn. Whether it's online or in real life, we should optimize our ...

If you’ve been asking yourself, “is there a way for me to make money with my cargo van?” then you’ve come to the right place. There are countless opportunities everywhere we turn. Whether it’s online or in real life, we should optimize our available resources. This article will give you several options on how you can profit from your cargo van.

How Can I Make Money with My Cargo Van

With the urgency to meet every client’s demand, the need to deliver or transport is high. That means if you have any licensed vehicle, then you can be part of the in-demand service.

Cargo Van Business Ideas

Cargo vans are fit to transport and hold huge items or large quantities. Enumerated below are some ideas that you should consider to make money with your cargo van.

  1. Moving or Removalist Service

One way to make good money is to offer moving services with your cargo van. It takes more time and effort but pays higher due to its strenuous nature. The job includes manual labor. You will be packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking for your customers. Signing up is quick with U-Haul and Easymove if you have the required IDs and documents. Clients can book anytime from weeks ahead to within the day. Rates are at least $40 per hour.

  1. Towing service

Cargo vans have a lot of power, and that’s perfect for towing cars. To pursue this job type, you first have to know if there are any permits needed in your city or country. After securing documents, you can approach your local towing companies to offer services. It’s up to you if you want to join one company or partner up with several companies. The pay for tow drivers is hourly and dependent on the company.

  1. Food/Livestock/Supplies Delivery

Groceries and markets always need supplies, since everything is more accessible now. Stocks run out faster and need restocking as soon as possible. If you can handle being busy on the road most of the time, you should offer delivery services to their suppliers. You may need to get a permit to transport livestock if your city or country requires it. Fees are per delivery and will rely on the distance and range from $0.80 – 1.50 per mile.

How to Make Money with a Passenger Van

Passenger vans are a good investment, as they serve many purposes. There are several ways to use your van to earn money.

  1. Uber or Lyft driver

Uber and Lyft give van owners the medium to earn by driving passengers. Registering is through the app or site. You’ll need to submit the required documents, and pass the screening. There is no set schedule, so you’ll determine how many hours you’ll work. There’s no trip limit, and the app will keep running as long as it’s open. Drivers have a share of the ride fare at 50-60% per trip.

  1. Car-share or Rent Out Your Vehicle

By car-sharing, you can earn money with your car every time you don’t have to use it. Perfect for home buddies who prefer to stay in, or those that work from home. Well-known sites you should try are Turo, HyreCar, and Getaround. Your earnings vary depending on the company and how many days you rent out your car. Most companies charge by the hour, and some offer a fixed price. You get a percentage of the service fee the client pays.

  1. Promoting Ads with Your Car

People who don’t want to do any form of delivery should try promoting instead. You will need to have your car branded and covered with the ad or attach a billboard. Whether you take it as a full-time job or part-time is no issue, you’ll still be making money whichever you decide. Wrapify, Real World Marketing, and Adverttu make use of mobile billboards. How much you earn depends on how many miles you drive with the ad, with a monthly payout.

How to Make Money with a Sprinter Van

Spacious and comfortable, sprinter vans are perfect for heavy-duty driving. They can accommodate a lot and are ideal for transporting people, equipment, and goods.  

  1. Food Delivery Service

There are dozens of apps dedicated to supplying food demands. Uber Eats, Door Dash, and GrubHub are some of the most popular food delivery apps. Joining them is quick and straightforward. The payment for these are usually 20% of the fee, so the more deliveries you accept, the bigger you earn. Offering your services to catering businesses is also a good option, and the rate is per delivery. You can even schedule your shipments in advance to take on as many or as few jobs as you want.

  1. Package Delivery Service

All sorts of delivery services are spreading like wildfire throughout the world. It saves everyone’s time and is reliable for emergencies. Roadie, Stuart, and Amazon Flex let car owners earn by delivering packages. FedEx hires extra delivery crews and cars during weekends and peak seasons. Like food delivery, some offer a percentage from the delivery fee, while others are at a fixed price. You should also contact retail and courier companies to provide your services.

  1. Tourist Shuttle Service

This kind of work is ideal for people who live or want to live in tourist spots. You can partner with one of the local travel agencies to get clients. Posting online is also an excellent way to promote your shuttle service. It’s free, and the reach for potential customers is worldwide. With enough knowledge, you may even offer tours of your own and charge more. But you may need a permit to do this, depending on your area or country. The fee charged is per person, varying from half-day to a whole day tour.

Before you attempt anything, it’s best to be ready for everything. Check for any necessary permit and equipment you’ll need. So that whichever you decide to go with, you won’t encounter any problems in the future. As long as you have the will and patience to undertake any of these options, time will let you reap all your rewards.