Making Money Off of Wood Working Projects

These days, anyone can make money using whatever type of talent they have. If you’re good at crafting and using your hands, In particular, then you should try making money off of woodworking projects. It’s not only profitable, but an excellent long-term career should you choose to pursue it professionally. You even have the option of running your own store or just make money on the side as a wood worker if you already have a main job.

We’ve gathered seven popular wood projects that you can easily sell online or at stores.

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Personalized or engraved hangers

Wooden hangers are always in and are better than plastic ones due to their durability and classy look. What’s especially good about them, on the crafter’s side, is that they don’t need much wood when you make them. For example, a block can produce many hangers depending on its thickness. For that matter, strong and sturdy wood such as maple, walnut, and oak are viable options but will cost a bit more.

Moreover, giving the clients the option to customize will make the hanger twice as appealing. Additionally, these products are likely to get return buyers since many people want to keep their belongings neat and uniform. You can also use a different material like metal for the hook.

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As one of the most versatile furniture pieces, stools can quickly blend in residential or commercial areas. Its overall form is quite basic but elegant that it fits in anywhere regardless of the interior’s design. Aside from that, it’s extremely easy to construct because of its style compared to other household furniture like cabinets, chairs, and drawers. It’s both cost and time-efficient in spite of its size.

The stool’s form is simple and doesn’t require any complicated decorations or planning to look good. Its simplicity is one of its selling points and recommended for those who aren’t too keen on fabricating fussy wood projects. However, if you want to offer clients some variety, you can add cushions on the seats, so you won’t have to change its original shape.

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Despite the digital era’s almost widespread takeover, there’s still a great demand for books and, consequently, bookshelves. Even the people possessing limited spaces make room for it because aside from securing books, it can simultaneously be a display case. One key factor in this product’s popularity is its clean-cut and straightforward design. 

The plainer it is, the more likely it’s going to attract buyers. It’s because bare and basic layouts are less likely to clash with whatever the clients have at the moment or will match what they’re planning to do in the future. While simplicity’s the best way to go for bookshelves, you can also provide them to a high-end crowd by just changing up the material and varnishing.

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Bench with storage space

People are turning to space-saving furniture pieces to maximize their living spaces. Since space is becoming more and more of a luxury for many folks, choosing products with dual purposes is an excellent solution to this space issue. Bed frames having storage areas underneath being the prime example. In light of that, a similar wood project that’s also sellable is indoor or outdoor benches, including compartments below the seat.

There are several bench designs that you can try, like using different woods to create a pattern or making the exterior look like a plain slab of wood. It’s up to you how much time and effort you want to invest in it before selling it. On that note, like with the stool, you can instantly change up its appearance without redesigning it by placing a cushion on the seat.

Vanity table

Being the biggest and heaviest item on the list, vanity tables are naturally more tiring to create. Besides that, you might need to be extra careful if you choose to include a mirror that’s either built above the desk area or attached to the table in some other way. It’s because you’ll be handling the mirror installment too. On the bright side, though, you can charge a high price for them, especially if they’re of high-quality. and even with its size, it’s actually one of the wood projects that sell well online.

To ensure that what you make entices customers, you need to know the market’s hottest design. By reading the best-sellers’ reviews, you can decide what features to include and which layout is the most attractive.

Stackable drawers

As space is a constant concern for many, stackable drawers are undoubtedly ideal for addressing the space issue. It allows clients to have certain advantages that regular drawers and cabinets can’t. The first and foremost is customization. The clients decide the drawers’ placement, and hence they have the freedom to arrange them in any way they want. By doing this, they can create a unique look for them without actually needing to customize the drawers themselves.

Another is space and size. Drawers are expectedly thinner and smaller than cabinets, and most tablets, so they can fit in small and tight areas. And since they’re stackable, buyers can use the otherwise empty area as much as they want. The most vital part of this item that you need to be mindful of is its sturdiness. It’s a necessity that you use the hardest and strongest wood that you can to avoid breakage.


No matter the era, clocks will continue to tell the time, and for that reason, will always be 

relevant. Now, you have two options for this specific wood product, analog or digital. Both models each have their charms and appeal to different clients. All things considered, though, you can produce both of them if you’re up for it.

First off, analog clocks give rooms an overall put-together look. Meanwhile, digital clocks have a modern and minimalist vibe that’s great for bedrooms and offices. In terms of labor, analog clocks don’t take much effort to build, while the second one will require more patience due to the internal parts you’ll be setting up for the screen.