How Can a Nurse Get Rich

Nurses in many of the developed countries across the world make a decent income. Despite that, some of them try to look for ways to make some income to buy themselves something special from time to time. Whether it is saving up for a house or a dream vacation, there are a few ways nurses can make money online. 

How much money can you make as a nurse?

Before discussing the most effective ways a nurse can earn money online, its important to understand how much they earn. Many people often ask each other how a nurse can get rich if they get paid peanuts? What most of them don’t know is that registered nurses in California for example are earning $106,000 per year. 

Nurses in America are very well paid with places like Hawaii and Massachusetts having registered nurses earning around $98,000 and $92,000 respectively. With the salary out of the way, below are a few wonderful ways to make a good chunk of change on the side  

How to make extra money online as a nurse

Become a freelance writer

Since you have plenty of knowledge in the medical field, you can put that to good use by becoming a writer. There are plenty of freelance websites you can sign up for and showcase your writing as well as creative skills. 

If you are very good and produce good quality content, you will have a long list of clients who will want your services. You can easily make an extra $15,000 a year writing content for medical websites or even your blog. 

Clients will pay you good money as long as you display good knowledge in the medical field. Freelance websites you can sign up to include Fiver,, PeoplePerHour,, and Upwork. 

Transcribe medical audio files 

Another way to make money online as a nurse is to become a medical transcriptionist. Your job will be to listen to audio files that have been recorded and produce written documents. 

This is the perfect job any nurse can do in the comfort of their own home and as long as you are qualified in the medical field, there are so many opportunities for you.  If you’re not certified or qualified to be a medical transcriptionist, there are a few online courses you can take online. You can work part-time and all you need is a good quality computer and a great internet connection.

Tutor students online

Many educational institutions have nursing courses because the world needs people to look after the well-being of others. With plenty of nursing students across the world, there will be some who will be struggling with their exams or assignments. You can offer your expertise to them from the comfort of your own home. You can create a website and offer students studying a medical degree course for a few. 

You need to make sure that you provide them with all the course materials they need to understand the topics they’re studying at school. Thanks to social media platforms, you can promote your website to get exposure and if your service is good, word will spread and you’ll have more students needing your help. You can also have a subscription fee on your website.

Offer a nursing consultancy service to people 

If you become a nursing consultant, you will have paralegals, lawyers, and many others knocking on your door seeking advice on a variety of issues. These issues employee compensation, malpractices, law, and personal injuries. You can do this role at home and help out clients who don’t have a medical expert in their ranks. This job can be done over the phone or via emails. 

Be an expert wound consultant 

Looking after a patient with a wound that’s not healing properly is a challenge for many nurses across the world. It can be extra challenging for new nurses and knowing where to look for help isn’t easy.  If you happen to have a wound care nurse certificate, you can help clinics, hospitals and doctors treat wounds with your knowledge. 

You can do this job online while you’re at home however, you need to update your knowledge with any new healing methods of techniques being used and recommend them to your clients. You can also offer classes in wound care and charging a fee for them. Many hospitals, junior doctors, and clinics will all want to learn from you. 

Offer telemedicine services or be a telehealth nurse

This is where one uses the power of technology to monitor and diagnose illnesses. To communicate with patients, you can use a video link (webcam) or audio link. Doing this job is very easy and there are so many companies that are looking to employ telemedical experts. 

Many of them allow their employees to work from home which is good and you can set up this business with just a computer, a mic, and an internet connection that’s stable. If your internet connection lags, you will find it very difficult to communicate with clients. You can earn as much as $70,000 a year being a telehealth nurse and this is better than the salary most registered nurses are getting in the USA.


Overall a nurse can make money online in a variety of ways but the ones above are some of the best ones. If you are passionate about something which in this case is nursing, there is an opportunity to make money online as long as you put in the time and the effort. When it comes to online work, you get exactly what you put in. Little effort means little income. 

If you work hard, you will reap the rewards however, you’ll need to be patient when income slows down. There are so many people across the world who are making plenty of money online sharing their success stories as well as tips. Learn from them, see what they’re doing right and apply it.