Can you get Rich starting a Non-profit?

As the name suggests, a nonprofit organization is an entity whose sole focus is to give back to the community. This is done by supporting certain social causes such as education, healthcare, research, science, museums, and religion. Same as any other organization, nonprofits need money to sustain their everyday activities. Hence the need to bring in donors and well-wishers to support this cause.

Thinking of nonprofit organizations, most people assume that these organizations cannot, should not and do not make profits. However, you will be glad to know that you can get rich starting a non-profit.

Can you get Rich starting a Non-profit
Can you get Rich starting a Non-profit

How do you make money as the owner of a nonprofit

Nonprofit owners/founders usually make money through executive earnings and compensations. This is usually a fair amount they get paid for the work that they do. The same applies to employees working at the organization. The amount paid to founders is usually regulated by the revenue body in their jurisdiction. Penalties are usually enforced on organizations that overpay their executives.

What is considered as reasonable pay should meet the minimum wage, must be fair and reasonable and for most organizations, it should be inclusive of all benefits. The pay must also have been passed by the board of executives for approval.

The money used to pay these compensations is usually derived from the organization’s gross revenue as it is considered as part of operating cost.

How do nonprofits make money

1.    Individual Donations

This is the number one source of funds for nonprofits. With the ease of access that technology provides us with, it is now easier than ever to find donors on social platforms. It is also easier for donors from all over the world to donate to your organization with online money transfer platforms such as PayPal, Venmo, and Giving Fuel just to name a few.

Although much of the fundraising is done online these days, the old fashioned way of fundraising is also a good option once in a while. This includes activities such as gaming tournaments, marathons, and galas. This makes it more interactive for everyone involved and is a great opportunity for building networks.

2.    Grants for nonprofits

Grants are funds provided by foundations, corporations, and state entities to help support the mission and vision of a nonprofit organization.

To avoid wasting time, nonprofit organizations should research for fitting donors. This is to ensure that they apply to donors whose values, mission, and jurisdictions align with those of the organization.  

When applying for grants, the organization will be needed to be very transparent about the running of the organization. You will need to provide a detailed explanation about the activities of the nonprofit, your success rates, your benefactors, and exactly what you intend to do with the money. In most cases, grant providers will need to be provided with follow up reports from the organization on how the money is being spent.

There are a lot of entities that provide grants to nonprofit organizations hence making it a great way to source funds for nonprofits.

3.    Selling Products and services

The secret with this is to find a product or service that draws attention and is sustainable. This helps to ensure that sales are consistent.

Examples of trade that you could partake in include; personalized diaries, umbrellas, mugs specialty calendars, or clothing items such as hoods and t-shirts.  

Examples of services that nonprofits can provide include; accounting services, delivery services, and car wash services.

This might seem contradictory to the structure of nonprofits but the truth is that nonprofits are allowed to generate revenue provided most of the cash they get goes back to supporting the functions of the organization.

Important tips to remember when sourcing for funds;

  1. Do not lay all your eggs in one basket. Source for multiple sources of income. This helps to ensure you stay afloat in case of any eventuality.
  2. Set clear, measurable, reliable, and time conscious goals for all your projects.
  3.  Make it easy for donors to access you. Have your website, address, and payment channels easy to locate/use.
  4.  Make your organization fun, educative, and inspiring. This will make people want to be a part of all this goodness.
  5.  Since it is a nonprofit, you are mostly required to ask for support from others. Remember to thank these people for being generous with their resources. Everyone likes to feel appreciated. This also increases your chance of getting repeat support from the same people.

How to start a nonprofit with no money

What if I told you that you can start your nonprofit organization with no money? You do not need to have the initial capital to start making a positive impact on society. Here is how to go about it;

1.    Conduct a need analysis

This is to help you figure out if there is any other organization doing what you intend to do. If there is none, you then need to determine if there is a need for your service, what is your target population and how many people are in need of what you have to offer.

2.    Decide on your name, mission, and vision

These make up the foundation of your organization. They need to be unique and bold, setting you aside from other organizations in the same niche. Before settling for a name, do some research to ensure no other organization is using the same name.

For the mission and vision statement, make it short and straight to the point. This should include the objectives of the organization and what it aspires to achieve in the future.

3.    Build a Board of Directors

These people will play a crucial part in helping your organization set off. They will be responsible for governing the activities of the organization and are held responsible in case of anything. To start, you can at least get three people to be part of the board members.

4.    Create your Business Plan

This step is important as it will help you rethink through different aspects of the organization. A business plan comes in handy especially when applying for loans and grants for your business and also when seeking investors. What you need to include in your business plan is

a.    An Executive Summary

b.    Products or Services

c.    Market Analysis

d.    Financial Plan

5.    Create your first fundraiser

This will be geared towards helping you raise startup money for your organization. It can easily be done on an online platform where you will target friends, family, and peers. Online fundraisers have a remarkable success rate; you might be surprised at the amount of money you might receive. 

All the proceeds from this fundraiser will help you register your company and pay the required fees. And right there, with those five easy steps, you will have your nonprofit organization up and running.

How to Monetize a Nonprofit

Running a nonprofit is so much like running a small business, only that with a nonprofit, the focus is mostly on charity rather than profits. However, there is a need for a nonprofit to generate revenue so that it can be able to sustain its daily needs. Here are a few ways in which you can monetize a nonprofit.

1.    Paid Memberships

This is used to unite people around your organization’s purpose. With this, members are required to pay a certain fee which will grant them access to premium services and certain advantages with your organization.

2.    Website

A website is a great way to not only advertise your organization but to monetize it as well. This can be done through affiliate marketing, sponsored ads, subscriptions, and collecting donations.

3.    Blog

There are many ways in which a nonprofit can be monetized using a blog. A few examples include; offering services such as tutoring and online counseling, sunning paid ads on your blog, affiliate marketing, starting a podcast, and selling products and services.

In Conclusion,

The bottom line of running any nonprofit organization is based on transparency. The organization should aim to be open, be accountable, and maintain the trust of each person who invests their resources (monetary or otherwise) with the organization.

Nonprofit organizations should build a good rapport with their donors, volunteers, beneficiaries, and their surrounding community. This way, the organization is sure to scale to greater heights.