Do streamers make money from Twitch Prime

Do streamers make money from Twitch Prime

Take a moment and imagine being able to make money doing what you genuinely love. It is a dream come true, right? Well, for some, like Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja, it is no longer a dream but a reality. In case you do not know who Ninja is, ...

Take a moment and imagine being able to make money doing what you genuinely love. It is a dream come true, right? Well, for some, like Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja, it is no longer a dream but a reality. In case you do not know who Ninja is, he is one of the most popular Twitch streamers who reportedly earns about $500,000 a month playing video games and streaming them previously on Twitch and now on Mixer.

Of course, not everyone one twitch can make as much money as Tyler, however, with a twitch account, you can indeed make a good amount of money streaming videos. In case you are wondering how, follow-through below as we discuss what Twitch is, how it works and how to make money streaming from this platform.

What is Twitch

If you don’t already know, Twitch is an online platform that enables you to live stream video of just about anything. From cooking, music, artwork creations, podcasts and gaming sessions which are the number one driver of traffic to the site.  Originally, twitch started as a spinoff division of Justin tv mainly focusing on gaming. It’s rising popularity led to a rebrand of Justin tv when it changed its name to Twitch interactive which was then later acquired by Amazon which then spread prime options across the brand.

Stream and make money off twitch prime

First, you need to create a twitch account. Creating an account is free whether you intend to stream content or just view other people’s content. Secondly, if you are yet to subscribe to Amazon Prime, you will need to subscribe. This will enable you to activate Twitch Prime.

How streamers make money off twitch prime

Once you have an account, you need to monetize it to be able to make money from it. These days, there are many ways of making money from twitch besides usual, selling games and services. These methods include;

Affiliate programs

A good program to utilize for this is the Amazon affiliate program. For one, Amazon is a trusted eCommerce site that has a variety of products they sell to their huge market base. This, therefore, makes it easy for you to sell Amazon products with your affiliate link. Secondly, as a twitch prime user, you already have an Amazon account, why not make maximum use of it now that you can.

Another way of making money on twitch using an affiliate program is by joining the twitch affiliate partner program. To join this program, one needs to have at least 50 followers and 500 minutes broadcast in the previous month. With this, you qualify to start as an affiliate, if your viewership continues to rise, you will then be invited to become a Twitch partner. This is when you start earning money as it opens up a bunch of monetization methods.

How much you make with affiliate programs largely depends on how many subscribers you have. On average, an affiliate partner pays a streamer roughly $2.50 – $3.50 per sub.

Receiving Donations

Subscribers can support their favorite streamers by making donations either directly to them or paying them through the twitch currency commonly known as bits. For direct donations, subscribers can send money to the streamer’s PayPal or Stripe account.

To be able to receive donations, most streamers offer subscribers the option of supporting them with a one-off payment. With donations, however, you have to be careful of internet scammers. This is especially because Twitch does not offer ways for streamers to accept donations hence you have to rely on a third party. This means that you can suffer a major loss if anyone files a dispute and asks for a refund for their money.

Ads Placement

Having realized the huge traffic that twitch attracts, marketers are now using this platform to market their content. Twitch reportedly has close to 15 million daily users making it a good place to run ads. This is the reason as to why you are immediately hit by an ad as soon as you open a twitch stream.

In addition to this, streamers who are twitch partners have a special ad button that they can use to place ads on their streams. The ads run for about 30 seconds and there is no limit as to how many times you can press that button. Some streamers rarely run ads on their streams while others will serve you with ads back to back for close to five minutes which can be very annoying. For every ad a streamer places on their stream, they get paid for it. twitch pays streamers around $2 for every 1000 views that an ad gets.


This involves being paid to endorse products and services on your streams. Similar to what happens on sponsored Instagram posts and YouTube videos. It could be anything from clothing items, video games, websites or computer accessories. The amount of money a streamer gets paid to endorse an item depends on the financial ability of the company offering the sponsorship, the intensity of the promotion and the popularity of the streamer. Popular streamers, those with a huge following, are normally paid more than any regular streamer.

In most cases, companies normally pay one cent to a dollar for every viewer. This, therefore, means, if you have maybe 10,000 viewers, you will receive about $1000 – $ 10,000 per hour.

Twitch Subscriptions

Subscriptions are a popular way in which twitch streamers use to make money. With this, viewers have the option of paying $5, $10 or $25 a month to be subscribed to a channel. In exchange they can be offered some benefits such as access to sub emotes that they can use anywhere on twitch to get attention.

This money however does not all go to the streamer. For low-level streamers, twitch shares the amount 50/50. For top-level partners, the amount is shared 70/30, that is, the streamer gets to keep 70% while twitch takes 30%.

Bottom Line,

Many Twitch streamers will not openly say how much they make off Twitch Prime. Nevertheless, do the math, with all the available options of monetizing your channel, you will realize that there is a lot of money that one can make off Twitch Prime as a streamer.

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