Can You Make Money on Facebook Groups?

Facebook, what started as just another regular social media platform to meet new people and reconnect with old ones is now growing to be a major influence in the social media scene. 

Today, we have features such as Facebook Groups which enable like-minded people to come together in one space and share their interests and knowledge. These groups have become a vital component of the overall user experience. 

The great thing about having such groups is that they are vital to the growth of each member since they help to expand one’s online reach with like-minded people. In the end, these networks are great in helping one generate passive income. 

Needless to say, you now know that one can make money on Facebook groups. Here is how; 

Can You Make Money on Facebook Groups?
Can You Make Money on Facebook Groups?

Sell Your Products or Services

Selling your items on Facebook is similar to running an eCommerce store on any other platform. With a Facebook account, you can easily upload a picture of the products you are selling or write a listing of the services you offer. Once you get a client who is showing some interest, you can then head over to Facebook messenger and continue with your conversation. 

In addition to this, you can also use your Facebook to drive traffic to your website or eCommerce store you have hosted on a third party site. You are likely to make sales this way because people are likely to buy products from people that they have interacted with and they trust. 

The advantage of selling on Facebook groups is that you can get local clients. This then reduces additional challenges such as worrying about shipping. 

Affiliate Marketing

If you do not have your products to sell, you can still make money by promoting and selling other people’s products and services. This type of sales is called affiliate marketing. 

There are so many affiliate programs available online and are free to join. 

How it works with Facebook groups is that you publish a post within your group (s) recommending a certain product or service then provide your affiliate link. If anyone in the group buys the product or service using your link, you get to earn a commission. 

How much you can earn this way entirely depends on how well people purchase the products or services you are selling. This, therefore, means that you have to be strategic about what you are recommending. 

Create and Post Facebook Ads

Did you know you can make money by running Facebook ads for companies and blogs? 

It is only through an advertisement that people can get to know about the products or services you offer. This means that ads are an integral aspect of many businesses. Some people have mastered the skill of creating ads and have grown this to become their main source of income. 

To get you started, you first have to create a Facebook page for your business. Once the page is up and running, you can then start posting content on your timeline. To get more people to interact with your ads, you will then want to share these ads on several Facebook pages. The more clicks the better for you. 

If you are an administrator of a large Facebook group, that is 5000+ members you are also able to lobby for advertising and sponsorship jobs. 

Host a Fundraiser

Crowdfunding is slowly gaining momentum making it a popular way of raising money to help people with their financial needs such as startup for a business, crisis relief, education, sports, etc. 

In as much as you will not be able to make personal profits, you will still be able to raise enough money to support a worthy cause. 

People in the online community are so willing to help pout one of their members during a time of need but you need to know the right places to look for this help. 

Create a Paid Membership and Subscription Group

You have probably heard of ‘Only Fans’ pages. These are groups set up by individuals with a large following who like to follow up on their content. With an ‘Only Fans’ group, one is required to pay a membership fee to join to enable them to get exclusive content from their favorite social media personalities. 

With Facebook too, one can create a paid membership group where they will offer their paid members exclusive content, live streams, webinars, and interactive Q&A sessions among many other privileges that non-paying fans do not get. 

On Facebook, there is the option of subscription group feature however, it is only available to certain groups and in certain regions. If this is not an option that is available in your region, you could also download certain compatible plugins that will allow you to collect fees from your members. 

Become a Social Media Manager

Having an active social media presence is now vital to any business or public personalities such as bloggers and social media influences. 

However, it is no secret that managing a social media account such as Facebook is no easy task since one is required to keep their page engaging. Hence, if you are good at managing social media pages with large followings then you can work as a social media manager and help businesses to be able to focus their time on something else. 

You could either choose to contact admins of large Facebook groups and pitch your services to them or you could list your services on freelance job boards. 

Sell a Group

If you are an admin to a page that has a huge following, you can decide to sell your followers to someone in need of such a group. This often happens when a business or individual wants to push a product but does not want to work on finding their followers. 

A group member is usually sold at about $0.01 hence, if your group has about 50,000 members, you will be able to make a quick $500. 

Although you need to tread carefully with this because Facebook has banned the sale of the group. Therefore, if you do this, you might want it to remain a secret between the buyer and the seller. 

Bottom Line

It is very much possible for one to make money on Facebook Groups however, it is a lot of hard work. Facebook has a lot of traffic from a variety of people. Therefore, depending on your target audience, you can choose either one of the above-mentioned strategies and start making money on Facebook groups.