How to Make Money on Steam

In this day and age, we are always looking for ways to make extra money on the side even if we have a job. The internet has certainly opened plenty of doors and made it easy for many people to make money online. 

Selling products on eBay and Amazon is the go-to option for people looking to make a quick buck. While this is good, competition is very fierce however, if you live your game, you can make money on a platform called Steam.

What exactly is steam? 

Steam is a gaming platform that has grown in popularity over the years because it allows people to buy as well as sell games. It has millions of users and a whopping 18% of PC gamers buy their games on this platform. Steam was created by Valve corporation, a gaming company famous for creating Counter-Strike way back in 2003.

They wanted to find a way in which they can provide gamers with online updates to this game while making sure that anyone caught cheating is removed from the platform. When steam was officially launched and Counter-Strike became a massive success, more games were added to the platform making it the go-to place for PC gamers.

Steam went through a tough time when they released half-life 2. The company wasn’t sure of how many people wanted to play this game which led to the platform crushing. The servers were not working properly and many gamers lost faith in steam. 

Steam started to turn things around in 2005 when they brought some outside publishers. When 2007 arrived, the platform was successful in convincing other big publishers like Activision, Capcom, and many others to start selling their games through them. This smart business move led to the growth which we all see today and if you want to know how to make money on steam, below are a few ways. 

How to Make Money on Steam.

Create a steam account and sell it to others

One of the best ways to make money on steam is to sell your account. To get the most money, you have to ensure that you have a high-value account. These accounts are sort after by many PC gamers and you can increase the value of your account by being ranked higher, unlocking champions, and having rare skins. If you feel that your account is good enough, you can put it up for sale to the highest bidder.

Use YouTube and Twitch to your advantage

The second best way to make money on steam is to stream yourself playing games on YouTube and Twitch. If you have a massive following and plenty of subscribers, on these platforms, you can earn a lot of money. 

Twitch allows you to monetize your Livestream allowing your viewers to chip in with donations. YouTube, on the other hand, allows viewers of a Livestream to donate via super chats, becoming members or forwarding them to a Patreon account. 

Sell games you’ve developed

If you are a game developer and have the skills to make a game, you can put it on Steam and make a profit. The money you make depends on how much the game sells as well as any microtransactions you might have placed it in. For you to add your game on Steam, there is a small fee you need to pay of $100. You can earn this small fee back if your game is popular. 

You can sell other gamers cosmetics crates 

Rare crates in games are obtained by purchasing them directly or unlocking them through hours and hours of gameplay. Gamers are known to be very impatient and want instant gratification without having to work so hard for it and that is where the money is. If you are lucky enough to own sort after crates from games like PUBG (player unknown underground), you can easily sell them to other games for a massive price.

Make a profit through Steam trading cards

These are cards that gamers collect when they are playing games. The cards are filled with special artwork related to a specific game and you can make money through steam by buying and selling these virtual cards to others. 

Just like baseball cards, if you own a full set, you will be able to get top dollar for them. You will need to study the market and know the prices of cards. The key is to not break the bank on cards that will not make you a profit when you put them up for sale. Always make sure that you buy low and sell high. 

Gamers are not shy to pay the price you set as long as you have good quality cards. If you purchase a card for $1.50 for example, you can easily sell it for $3. If you are successful at doubling your money every time you buy cards, you should have no problem making profits for as long as you are active on steam.

Sell steam codes

The internet is filled with so many websites that allow you to get steam wallet codes for free. You can use these codes to make in-game purchases, buy full-length games, and turn them into cash. The best website to collect steam codes for free is GrabPoints. On this website, you get paid by performing a few tasks like downloading and testing apps, watching videos, and even answering a few surveys. Upon successful completion of these tasks, you are awarded some points which can be traded in for steam codes which you can sell to others on the platform. 


Steam is not a place where you will become a millionaire over time. It is not a get rich quick scheme and just like many platforms, the begging is always rough. You will not see the fruits of your labor until later on however, it is important to be patient and not give up. The effort you put in is what you will get back in return. If you are dedicated, have the will to succeed, and put in the effort, over time you will earn a lot of money. If you are a gamer looking to make some money on the side, you can use any of the 6 tips pointed out above.