Is Coin Pop Legit?

If making money playing games on your phone is something that interests you then you have probably heard of the Coin app. It sounds great but you need to know whether coin pop is legit before you potentially waste hundreds of hours! Read on…

Coin Pop is an app that will reward you for your time playing games on it that are suggested to you. You need to own an android phone to be able to use this app because it is not available for iOS users. 

Despite this, the app has been downloaded by millions of people across the globe. People love the Coin Pop app because it works quietly in the background of the game you’re playing and rewards you when the task is completed. There are several payout options to choose and the more games you play, the more money you make. 

Is Coin Pop Legit
Is Coin Pop Legit

When it comes to the app design, coin pop has a Kawaii-ish style that is both colorful and cute. The background is very cheerful, bright and it stars a beer. If you live in the UK and the USA, you will have access to a large number of games. Residents in other countries are limited when it comes to the number of games they have access to. 

To get this app on your phone, you simply visit the Playstore and download it from there. You need to have a good internet connection on your device to avoid things like lag which can hamper your experience. On top of a good internet connection, you need to make sure you have enough storage on your phone. If you have less memory to work with, you won’t be able to download certain games. 

How to play coin pop

Money on coin pop is earned by referring the app to friends or playing games. To start playing you begin,  you need to download the suggested games. You get paid after spending a certain period on a particular app. 

When the time is up, your account will be credited with coins that you can trade in later cash rewards. The app also credits you with 250 coins every time one of your friends signs up. If you have a massive social media following, you can ask your audience to sign up and you can make extra money that way. 

Apps like coin pop for iPhone

While IOS users do not have access to this app since it is strictly an android app, there are a few alternatives out there. Some of the coin pop alternatives for iPhone users include Swagbucks, Lucktastic, Slidejoy, bananatic, Paribus, Ibotta, and Ysense.

Coin pop payout

On coin pop, you get 50 cents for every 4999 coins you collect and there are a few ways to cash out. 

  • You can get PlayStation credit to spend in-store (from $10 – $50)
  • You can withdraw money to your PayPal (from 50 cents – $20)
  • You can get steam games (from $5 – $20)
  • You can get amazon gift cards (from $2.50 – $20)
  • You can get Uber credit (you get a $15 or $20)
  • You get a $5 chipotle card 
  • From American Eagle, you get the option of $10 or $20 option

Just like many apps out there, coin pop has its pros and cons. There is no such thing as the perfect app even though this app is free and rewards users for playing games during their spare time. 

Pros of coin pop 

Coin pop is a user-friendly appNo one likes using an app that is very difficult to navigate. It can lead to frustration but that’s not the case with Coin pop. It is a very easy app to use because all you do is sign up, download a game, and just play it.

Effortless – Carrying on from the point above, people don’t like apps that require so many things to be done before you get rewarded. with Coin pop, There is no work to be done, you simply play games and get rewarded points for doing so. 

Great payout – The one thing that many people worry about when they are using apps of this nature is their payout system. Is coin pop legit? The payout on this app is very quick and you get money credited 24 hours after making a request. 

Easy to read the menu – The dashboard on this app is very easy to read and you can find all the information you need by navigating.

Cons of coin pop

Requires plenty of spaceYou need to have plenty of space on your phone to download games and store them. You will find this app very frustrating if you don’t have a device with a lot of storage space.

A restricted amount of games – While people in the USA and UK have a bit more games to choose from, the same cannot be said about residents in other countries. They are only offered a limited amount of games meaning they have to put in more effort to get rewarded. 

A few hiccups when it comes to paying out sometimes – While the app does payout, the terms and conditions say that they can’t guarantee that all users will receive their winnings. There are some customers in other countries that have said they didn’t get any points after completing a task. This doesn’t happen often but this can be frustrating for someone who’s spent hours playing games only for technical issues to prevent them from being credited for their time. 

Only available on Android – This is perhaps the biggest drawback of this app. There is no iOS version of it meaning the only way to use coin pop, you need to purchase an android device. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you will not find this app in the Apple store and miss out. 


Overall, this app is legit and you can trade your coins in for gift cards or PayPal. You need a minimum of 4999 points which is around $0.50 to make a withdrawal. This app is not a get rich quick scheme but a great way to earn some money testing or playing games during your free time. It is worth noting that it is only available for android users only and there is no iOS version.

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