How to make money Building computers

How to make money Building computers

Want a better functioning computer? Why not build it yourself and if you are good at it, you can make money custom-building computers for others too. If you are building your computer for the first time, you might find the process a bit ...

Want a better functioning computer? Why not build it yourself and if you are good at it, you can make money custom-building computers for others too.

If you are building your computer for the first time, you might find the process a bit daunting. However, whichever way you choose to look at it, the end will always justify the means.  

To make the process less overwhelming for you, we have put together a step by step guide on how to build your computer from scratch;

Step 1: Determine the computer use

What do you plan to use the computer for? This is a very important question to ask yourself since it will influence the components you buy. A computer that is meant to do standard tasks such as browsing and minor programs can make do with older parts that are quite inexpensive. The budget for this can be $500 or less.  On the other hand, computers used for gaming or editing will require more powerful and up-to-date parts.  A good budget for this will range anyway from $500 to maybe a couple of thousands.

Step 2: Know which components to buy

The components you will need are going to be the same regardless of the type of computer you intend on building. They include;

Motherboard: this works as an interface between all the components of a computer and the processor. They come in different sizes and configurations but they all perform the same function.  

Processor: this is the brain of the computer and it is connected directly to the motherboard.

Random Access Memory (RAM): used for memory and storage. More RAM means more space to save your work and work on a bunch of others. The more RAM you have the more the workspace.  

Hard drive: used to store data.

Graphics Card: this is a specialized processor that handles visual data like when playing games or editing photos and videos on the computer.  

Power supply: this is a small electricity box that powers all the individual components of your computer while connected to your power socket.

Cooling system: helps to regulate the temperature in the inside of your casing. This is mostly for computers used for gaming and editing.

Case: this is the metal box that holds everything together.  

Operating System: this can either be a Window or an IOS operating system. The operating system has to be bought from a licensed vendor then installed on the computer.   

Step 3: Installing the components

The installation process of computers slightly differs from one another but generally, her is how to go about it.

First, you need to ensure you have a clean and spacious working space with all the fitting screwdrivers at reach.  Also, ensure to ground yourself using an antistatic wrist strap cable. This helps to prevent electrostatic discharge that is extremely harmful to computer electronics.  You can also use the cardboard that the motherboard came in as a surface or any other non-metallic surface such as a wooden table.

From here, assembling each component is as easy as doing an Ikea DIY. Read the instruction manual on each component and install it as instructed.  You will see that each piece fits into each other.  

The first step will be to install the CPU, then the motherboard and power supply.  Next is the Graphic card followed by memory and storage.  After this, you will then add ribbon cables to connect all components.

You can now boot up your computer and install your preferred operating system and that is it.  

Who buys custom built computers?

Individuals as well as companies with the need for high-end computers are the main consumers of custom-built computers. they prefer these computers since they are made to fit their intended use such as gaming, video and photo editing as well as IT professionals who require fast processing computers.  

How to make money building computers

Selling on Amazon

Amazon is a trusted platform with a huge and ready market. Therefore, you stand a better chance of making quick sales from this platform. Once you are done building and testing your computer and are certain that it is in proper working condition, you can list the item for sale on Amazon. The average price of a base model custom-built computer ranges from $500 to $ 800 or more depending.  

Sell on your website

For those who are a bit adventurous, you can decide to start a website and set up an eCommerce store where you will be selling your custom-built computers.  This is not an easy method to make sales as a beginner since you have no ready market. You are therefore required to go the extra mile of marketing and advertising your services to potential buyers.

However, once your website picks up the pace, it will be worth it. There are a bunch of reputable online websites that sell custom-built computers, laptops, and workstations. They include Origin PC, Xidax, MainGear, CyberPowerPC, and Digital Storm amongst others. some of these sites have been around for more than 15 years.


The gig economy is on the rise and there is no limit to the type of jobs available for freelancers. Nowadays, we see so many people surviving as freelancers meaning that there is good money to be made from freelancing.

Being in the business of custom building computers, you need to know who are your target clients and what are their needs. Having known this and are certain that you can deliver if hired, then the next thing to do is to approach these clients and pitch your services to them. These will mostly be gamers, IT personnel, or video and photo editors. Your goal is to convince them to hire your services for you to build them a  personalized computer that will serve their needs.  

In Conclusion

Custom built computers are a good solution for users who have needs that exceed that of a basic computer. Despite the price they come at, eventually, it is much cheaper.

As we have seen, there is good money to be made from building computers. so in case you were hesitant about this venture, it is now time to pick up your tools and start working.