How to Start a Lip Gloss Business

Today’s article is basically going to be me telling you all how to start a successful lip gloss business. 

Many people are making a good living and more from the lipgloss business. Still, there are many competitors now, and you can waste a lot of time and money doing the wrong things. Hopefully, I should help you avoid a lot of the mistakes that I have made and give you tips that will allow you to make the business an absolute success!

I will be giving you all of the tips that I use for my own lip gloss business. 

Set up your Lip Gloss Business right.

First, the basics. They are dull but can be a considerable saving and help further down the road.

You’re going to need a company name, you’re going to need a logo, you’re going to need a website, and you’re going to need a business license. 

Get a Business License

Now, I know you guys may have heard that you might not need a business license when you first start your business. But with this type of business, anytime it comes to cosmetics, skincare, anything that can cause some kind of reaction to someone, you want to make sure you have a business license. 

Set up your Lip Gloss Business as an LLC

Now with the business license, there can be a sole proprietorship and an L. L. C. I would recommend you guys get an LLC because there is an instance of a situation where someone who has used your product wants to take you to court with an L. L. C. They are not taking you – your self to court. They’re taking your company. So an LLC, is what is referred to as a limited liability company. 

If someone were to take you to court, let’s say that you are not liable due to an allergic reaction or something like that. Your company is responsible. So when they do take you to court, they’re taking your company to court instead of you. So I’m hoping you guys can kind of understand that if you want more information, I would highly recommend that you guys research different business licences. 

Finding the right Vendors for your Lip Gloss Business.

So the next thing that you’re going to need is to make sure that you find vendors.

You’re going to need vendors for many different items or a lot of additional supplies for your lip gloss business. One of the top products that you are going to be using is lip gloss space. So you’re going to need to find a reliable vendor when it comes to your look lost base. That is the only product that is used to make look laws. 

Now, I know you guys have heard of many different companies that have or offer lip gloss space. We have T. K. B. Trading. We have some new companies that have been around for a while. But many people are finding out more about them because there was a point in time where T. K. B. was out of stock. So people were finding different ways to find little claw space, and those other companies are void. I think it’s Voyager or Voyeur and Brambleberry. And there are a lot of additional these are U. S. Based companies. There are many other companies too, I’ve heard that people are getting looked at space from L. Express.eBay at sea. And Alibaba. 

I have stuck with TK because it is the first lip gloss based vendor that I started with. And I don’t intend to go to a different company even though TK is trading out of stock for a little bit. They could get their lip gloss base back in stock, and they continue to ship out their lip gloss base. So that’s why I’ve stuck with T. K. B. But you guys can choose whichever companies you want to go for when it comes to your lip gloss; it is totally up to you. 


All right. So the next thing that you’re going to need or find a vendor for is for your tubes that this can be squeezed tubes and this can be wand tubes. You can get squeezed tubes and wand tubes pretty much anywhere.  

As I said, TK is trading; they sell tubes. Amazon sells tubes as well. All cloud-based companies or lip gloss businesses. They get their tubes from Ali Express. 

If you are looking to get your tubes from Ali Express, I would recommend that you note the time frame many times when you purchase from Ali Express. It might take a few weeks. It might take a month. It might take a couple of months. It just depends on the vendor you find on Ali Express to get your tubes from. 

You can also go to Alibaba. One thing about Alibaba is a lot of those companies on that site Recommend that you buy in bulk, and I’m not talking about you’re only getting 50 where you’re only getting 100. A lot of times. Those companies want you to purchase up to 1000 to 2000 to 5000 tubes at one time because when you buy in bulk, you get a higher discount. There are other companies, like I said, to get your tubes from, there is Amazon, you can go on eBay etc. 

Another thing as far as with tubes or squeeze tubes or wand tubes, if you guys are looking to do a wholesale based lip gloss business, you are definitely going to need wholesale items. 

Pouches, Bags and Jars

So you need to find vendors that have lip gloss pouches or lip gloss bags. You’re going to need to find a company that offers the jars. You are going to need jars to put more significant amounts of lip gloss in. 

Often, when you do wholesale, people want a certain quantity of two, but then they also wish to lip gloss that comes in jars, gloves back so they can fill up their tubes. And then there is also, like I said before, pouches. 

And these bags and these jars come in different sizes; you just need to find a vendor that you want to do business with to get the other kind of sizes. There can be six ounces, eight ounces, 8.5 ounces, 12 ounces, 16 ounces, 32 ounces. 

It’s entirely up to you what you want to offer your clients or customers. When it comes to lip gloss, you need to have a vendor just in case you’re going to sell glitter gloss or glosses that have different items or products in them. You can have it with glitter; you can have it with butterflies. You can have it with the other stars. You can have it with the fruit slices. So you need to find a vendor for that if you’re looking to make a gloss with those two different types of items inside.

So, the third thing that you’re going to need when it comes to having a lip gloss business is you’re going to need supplies. And I’m talking about supplies other than tubes and glitter and everything like that.


So the second product that you need to make lip gloss is oils. You’re going to need different types of natural oils. You can use almond oil, you can use coconut oil, you can use grapeseed oil. there’s a lot of other natural oils that you can use to put in your lip gloss. And you’re just gonna have to kind of test out what oils go with which other oils because not all oils mix well together. 

That’s another thing that I want to let you guys know that you cannot mix a whole bunch of different oils. And then you’re looking at the consistency of your glosses. And It doesn’t feel right on the lips. It’s not mixing well. So you need to make sure that you test that out and practice using different types of oils and then come up with your own mixture that works well. 

Another thing, if you’re looking to make lip gloss and you want your lip gloss to have a smell, a scent or flavour to it. You need to have flavouring oils. I use different flavouring towards from other companies. 

You can find flavouring oil is pretty much anywhere you can go. I think TKB trading have this. They sell it, Amazon sells it. But yeah, if you won’t like your and there’s a lot of different flavouring oils. I like flavouring oils. Remember, though, that when people wear lip gloss, they lick their lips a lot. So with the flavouring oil, It needs to be so you’re able to digest it.

That’s why I tend to go towards flavouring oils versus just sent oils.

Mika and Pigments for Lip Gloss

Another supplies you’re going to need if you want your gloss to have colour to it, you’re going to need Mika, you’re going to need pigments. You’re going to need liquid lip dies. And you can find that by just researching and Googling a lot of places, you can discover mica pigments and liquid lip oil.

Many different vendors offer that kind of show you guys what I’m talking about when it comes to Micah’s and pigments and liquid lip dies. So this is what you can use if you want to put colour into your lip gloss. When it comes to Michaels, they come in little packages from different companies, just like different colours. 

These are colour pigments or Myka Michael, and pigments are entirely different; it adds colour, Mica. It has like a shimmery, yeah, shimmery tint to it. So it adds colour. And then it also adds shimmer to your glosses. So you’re just going to decide which ones you want to use when it comes to making your lip gloss.

OK, another thing that you’re definitely going to need is you’re going to need a pipe and syringes.

I used the 60 ml syringes to put my glasses in my tubes. And you can get these off of Amazon, you can get a significant amount, you get all of your supplies, you find all of your vendors.

The next thing you need to decide is what type of gloss you’re going to sell. Are you going to only sell coloured glasses? Are you only going to, are you going to sell glosses that have glitter in them? Are you going to sell lipstick? It’s entirely up to you, but you do need to decide on what you’re going to start with.

Don’t start with a massive amount of different type of glosses because you’re not for sure you’re not you’re not for sure whether or not those are going to sell. So I would suggest that you start with a couple of lip glosses and then see what sells, see what does not sell, and slowly add a different or new type of glosses. 

Set your Lip Gloss Business Apart

When you decide what type of glass you’re going to sell, you need to make sure that you set yourself apart from other lip gloss businesses. There are tons and tons of lip gloss business out today, and new ones are starting every single day, and you need to make sure that you’re able to set yourself apart. 

When I started my lip gloss business, which was only like a few months ago, I didn’t know that many people had a lip gloss business until I got into the company or the lip gloss industry. And then I realized, OK, yeah, it is a lot, but don’t be afraid or you know you give up because there are a lot of people in the low cost. 

So if you realize every single industry is oversaturated, wigs, hair is oversaturated, makeup is oversaturated, skincare is oversaturated, fashion is oversaturated, and local businesses are oversaturated as well. But I don’t think that just because this type of industry is oversaturated, you won’t find a place within the industry. You’re a particular type of clients that will continuously keep coming to you and keep buying from you. Don’t afraid to start your lip gloss if you are interested in your thinking that it’s too many people, so nobody will recognize me or nobody’s going to buy from me because that’s completely untrue. 

OK, now, when I say that set yourself apart, you want to make sure that you have a different type of product from these other lip gloss businesses. Because Customers love to see new things. 

OK, they can see 20 or 30 different levels of business. But if they all look the same, they want to look for someone with something a little bit different. When I started my local business, one of the main things that I wanted to do is make lip gloss. I started; one of the main glosses that I started with was my red velvet cake. Red velvet cake. I made sure that my gloss looked exactly like or what a red velvet cake will look like in the colours. And then I also made sure that that gloss smells like red velvet. Like I said that these are the two colours that you find in a red velvet cake. And then this gloss smells precisely like red velvet cake. 

OK, another gloss that I made is strawberry lemonade. T I have the pink colour, and then the yellow colour looks like strawberry lemonade. Then this actually smells like strawberry lemonade. 

Another one that I made is orange Dream Sickle. OK, orange, if you think about an orange drain sickle you will look you will see like orange colour and white or creamy colours. It’s not picking up. But yeah, and this in the cycle orange and White Creamy colour. And then this smells like an orange dream sickle. And then, as I said with the Pena-Colada one, which looks like this. Mhm. Pina colada, it’s coconut and pineapple. So these are the two colours. We have the yellow that represents the pineapple, and then we have the white that represents the coconut. And then my peanut colada actually smells like peanut colada.  

And then one more that I kind of wanted to show you guys is my cotton candy one. This is one of the first ones that I actually came out with, And it looks like cotton candy. It looks like blue cotton candy and pink cotton candy. And then this smell like cotton candy. So that’s what I mean when it comes to setting yourself apart or just try to tweak some of your products to make it a little bit different from another lip gloss business. 

Don’t forget the other supplies.

There are other supplies you’re going to need when it comes to having your lip gloss business. You’re going to need bowls and utensils to make sure lip gloss, and you’re going to need sanitary items such as alcohol, Antibacterial soap. You’re going to need Clorox wipes. 

Promote your Lip Gloss Business.

The last thing that you guys are going to do is find a way to market and promote your business. There are a lot of different social media sites that will help you promote and market your business. I would highly recommend that you start with friends and family, Have them test out your products. 

Wear your lip gloss all the time.

You want to definitely test out your products, so you want to make sure that you wear your products all the time. And like I said if you venture out and get your family and friends to buy your items or know where your items. That’s one good way to promote your business because then they could promote your business for you. 

Have business cards on hand everywhere you go.

You want to make sure that you always have business cards on you because let’s say if you’re in the store or you’re somewhere, and someone stops you and says, hey, what, you know, what type of loss do you have on your lips? It’s nice and shiny, Whatever you can tell them. Hey, I make my own boss, and you can actually give them your business card and then that’s one way to promote your business. 

Promote your Lip Gloss on Social Media.

But like I said with social media sites like Instagram, Instagram is a huge social media site that you can use to promote your business. Youtube is a very, very good social media site to promote and market your business. You can post videos, you can do tutorials on how you make your different glasses. It’s entirely up to you. And then other sites can be FacebookPinterest, tik-toc, etc. 

Sell your Lip Gloss on Etsy

You can actually sell your items on Etsy. You don’t need to have a website if you don’t want to; you can just go on to, etc. And create your own store on Etsy. But if you guy, as I said, there’s a lot of different ways that you can promote and market your business. 

I would highly recommend just going and just starting a business and just see where it takes you. If it doesn’t take you that far, then just keep trying!

How to Start a Lip Gloss Business

If you are passionate about Lip Gloss and want to start a business making and selling it then you can absolutely do it so long as you know the right steps and follow them.

The 4 Steps to start a Lip Gloss Business

  • Set up your Lip Gloss Business right.
  • Finding the right Vendors for your Lip Gloss Business.
  • Set your Lip Gloss Business Apart
  • Promote your Lip Gloss Business.