How to Make Money with a Pickup Truck and Trailer: A Comprehensive Guide

Owning a pickup truck and trailer can open up a plethora of opportunities to earn extra income. Many people are constantly seeking services related to transportation and delivery, and your vehicle can be a valuable asset in fulfilling those needs. Not only will you be providing a much-needed service, but you can also turn your investment into a profitable venture.

Some popular ways to make money with a pickup truck and trailer include towing services, helping people move, and providing landscaping assistance. With the growing demand for such services, tapping into these markets can yield significant income over time. From local deliveries to long-distance hauling, your pickup truck and trailer can become an indispensable tool for both residential and commercial clients.

To succeed, it’s essential to build a solid reputation for quality and reliability in your chosen field. By focusing on customer satisfaction, punctuality, and professionalism, you can establish a thriving business that leverages the versatility of your pickup truck and trailer to meet the diverse needs of your clients.

Hauling and Moving Services

Furniture and Appliance Moving

Utilizing a pickup truck and trailer for furniture and appliance moving services can allow homeowners to transport heavier items with ease. This service can be particularly helpful when relocating or purchasing new furniture. Usually, these services involve loading, transporting, and unloading items, such as sofas, beds, and refrigerators, into the desired location. With a sturdy truck and trailer, haulers can safely carry various furniture pieces and appliances, enabling a convenient and smooth moving experience.

Storage Unit Cleanup

Another useful service is storage unit cleanup, where individuals and businesses with overstuffed storage units or abandoned rentals require assistance with clearing out and disposing of their belongings. Pickup trucks and trailers provide ample space for carrying sizable items that have been stored away. This service usually includes sorting, loading, and hauling items to their designated locations, such as recycling centers or donation drop-offs.

Thrift Store Delivery Services

Offering delivery services to thrift stores can be a profitable endeavor for pickup truck and trailer owners. Thrift stores often need assistance with transporting donated items from donors’ homes to their retail locations. Additionally, customers may require help with delivering bulky purchases from the store to their homes. By connecting with local thrift stores, one can establish a dependable delivery service to cater to these transportation needs.

Garage Sale Delivery

Lastly, garage sale delivery services help home sellers and buyers transport their goods during garage sales. Especially when dealing with heavier or cumbersome items, a pickup truck and trailer come in handy to provide a straightforward solution for moving these items from one location to another. By offering this service, haulers can ensure that garage sale transactions run smoothly, as shoppers can quickly and efficiently collect their purchases.

In conclusion, using a pickup truck and trailer for various hauling and moving services creates multiple opportunities to generate income. From furniture and appliance moving to storage unit cleanup, thrift store delivery, and garage sale services, individuals with the right equipment can successfully meet the diverse moving needs of their community.

Towing and Vehicle Services

Towing Company

Starting a towing company can be a profitable side hustle for pickup truck and trailer owners. One opportunity is offering towing services for cars, trucks, and boats at reduced prices compared to large towing companies. To begin, you may need to invest in a wheel lift or other necessary equipment to safely transport vehicles Indeed. Keep in mind the maximum weight your pickup truck can tow and adhere to local regulations.

To start the business, you should:

  • Obtain a business license and insurance
  • Research local regulations and requirements
  • Invest in necessary towing equipment
  • Market your services to potential clients (such as through online platforms)

Carrying New Vehicles

Another potential side hustle for pickup truck and trailer owners is to transport new vehicles. Car dealerships may need individuals with suitable trucks and trailers to safely transfer brand new vehicles between locations or deliver them to customers.

To offer this service, you will need to take specific steps, such as:

  • Advertise your services to local car dealerships
  • Offer competitive pricing to stand out from other providers
  • Ensure you have a reliable means of securing and protecting the new vehicles
  • Obtain the necessary permits and insurance to cover any potential damages

By operating a towing company or carrying new vehicles, you can turn your pickup truck and trailer into a profitable business venture. These services not only provide a steady side hustle but can also contribute to a more extensive professional operation if desired. Just make sure to comply with laws, guidelines, and safety measures while offering your services to create a sustainable and successful business.

Delivery Services

Making money with a pickup truck and trailer can be achieved through various delivery services. In this section, we will discuss several options for earning income by delivering diverse items.


One way to make money with a pickup truck is to offer grocery delivery services for people in your community. Many busy families or individuals with limited mobility may benefit from having someone else handle their grocery shopping. By using your truck and trailer, you can easily pick up and deliver groceries in larger quantities or from various stores, making the service more appealing to potential customers.


Antiques often require careful handling and transportation. Offering delivery services for people who buy antique furniture or other large items can be a lucrative business opportunity. By using your truck and trailer, buyers will appreciate the convenience and security of having their delicate items transported safely and securely to their destination.

Salvage Junk Day Finds

Salvage junk day finds present another opportunity to make money. By picking up discarded items from curbsides during designated collection days, you can sell these items on platforms like eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace. Your pickup truck and trailer come in handy for hauling larger items or multiple finds at once, meaning more profit for you.

Amazon Flex Deliveries

If you want to make money making deliveries for a well-known company, consider signing up for Amazon Flex. Amazon Flex allows independent contractors to deliver packages using their vehicles. While there may be vehicle restrictions, generally, a pickup truck and trailer can be used to deliver packages in your local community, especially during peak seasons when larger shipments are more common.

By leveraging your pickup truck and trailer for various delivery services, you can create a flexible and profitable business. From groceries to antiques, salvage junk day finds, or Amazon Flex deliveries, the possibilities for earning an income are endless.

Side Hustles and Odd Jobs

Snow Plowing Services

Offering snow plowing services during the winter months is a great way to make money with your pickup truck and trailer. Equip your truck with a snowplow and offer your services to homeowners and businesses in your area. This is particularly lucrative in regions with frequent snowfall, and you can charge fees depending on the size of the area you need to clear. Develop a reliable schedule and maintain good communication with your clients to ensure repeat business and referrals.

Landscaping Services

If you have a green thumb and enjoy working outdoors, consider offering landscaping services. Your pickup truck and trailer offer the perfect setup for transporting tools, materials, and plants to your clients’ properties. Offer services like garden design, lawn maintenance, planting trees and shrubs, and installing sod. Make your business stand out by specializing in environmentally-friendly or low-maintenance landscapes.

Yard Work and Yard Care

In addition to landscaping, there is a high demand for yard work and yard care services. Your pickup truck and trailer can help you provide services like:

  • Lawn mowing and trimming
  • Hedge trimming
  • Leaf and debris removal
  • Mulching and fertilizing
  • Power washing driveways and walkways

By offering a variety of services, you increase your potential client base and the likelihood of repeat business.

CitizenShipper and uShip

Another way to make money with your truck and trailer is by joining online delivery marketplaces like CitizenShipper and uShip. Both platforms connect drivers to customers in need of delivery services, including the transportation of goods, furniture, appliances, and even pets. As a driver, you can bid on jobs posted on these platforms and earn a significant income. The average monthly earnings for CitizenShipper drivers range between $6,000 and $10,000, making it a profitable side hustle worth considering.

By exploring these side hustles and odd jobs, you can effectively use your pickup truck and trailer to generate extra income. Just remember to maintain a professional approach, provide quality services, and keep your clients satisfied to ensure steady business growth.

Renting Out Your Truck

Passive Income with Turo

Renting out your pickup truck can be an excellent way to generate passive income. One popular platform for this is Turo, which allows you to rent out your vehicle when you’re not using it. Pickup trucks can earn up to $650 a month through this service. Turo offers liability insurance up to $1 million and pre-screens potential clients, ensuring your vehicle is in safe hands.

To effectively rent out your truck on Turo, you should:

  • Maintain your vehicle in good condition.
  • Set competitive rental rates based on market demand.
  • Communicate promptly with potential renters.

Rental Service for Homeowners and Small Businesses

Another way to earn money by renting out your truck is by offering rental services to homeowners and small businesses. Your truck can be valuable for individuals who need to transport large items, such as furniture, appliances, or construction materials. It can also be helpful for small businesses that occasionally require a larger vehicle for deliveries or moving inventory.

To succeed in renting out your truck to homeowners and small businesses, consider the following tips:

  • Advertise your services locally through flyers, online classifieds, and social media.
  • Offer flexible rental options, such as hourly, daily, or weekly rates.
  • Provide additional equipment, such as straps and moving blankets, to enhance your rental service.

In conclusion, renting out your pickup truck can be a profitable venture if done correctly. Utilizing platforms like Turo can generate passive income, while offering rental services to homeowners and small businesses can cater to a broader market. Stay competitive and professional in your approach, and you’ll be well on your way to making money with your pickup truck and trailer.

Online Gig Platforms


Lugg is a platform that connects truck owners with people who need help moving or transporting items. As a truck owner, you can earn approximately $35 per hour by listing your services on Lugg as an independent contractor. The app lets you set your own schedule, making it a flexible option for those looking to make extra income with their pickup truck and trailer.


Another app that offers opportunities for truck owners is Bellhop. By signing up as a driver, you can earn up to $21 per hour. Like Lugg, Bellhop allows you to set your own schedule, so you have the freedom to work as much or as little as you want.


Roadie is an on-the-way delivery service that connects drivers already on the road with people who need to send packages or move items. By signing up as a driver, you can make money with your pickup truck and trailer by transporting items while completing your regular errands or commuting. This platform also offers drivers flexibility, as there are no set hours or commitments.


If you prefer to focus on delivering groceries, you can use your pickup truck and trailer for Instacart. As an independent contractor, you’ll shop for and deliver groceries to customers. While the income potential may vary, many drivers find this to be a convenient way to make extra money with their truck, especially if they can carry more groceries in the truck bed.


Grubhub offers another option for making money with your pickup truck and trailer by focusing on food deliveries. By becoming a Grubhub driver, you can fulfill orders from local restaurants and deliver them to customers. The app offers flexibility in scheduling, making it an attractive choice for busy individuals who want to earn extra income.

Advertisement and Branding

Moving Billboard

One effective way to make money with a pickup truck and trailer is by turning the vehicle into a moving advertisement, commonly known as a “moving billboard.” Advertising agencies and brands are constantly looking for unique, eye-catching methods to promote their products or services. By offering your truck and trailer as a mobile advertising platform, you can create a lucrative income stream.

Moving billboards have several advantages over traditional stationary billboards. They have the ability to reach a broader audience, as they travel through various areas, neighborhoods, and business districts. Moreover, moving billboards are often more cost-effective for advertisers, as they do not require renting expensive billboards or paying for long-term advertising campaigns.

Truck Wrap Advertising

Truck wrap advertising is a popular method of transforming a pickup truck and trailer into a moving billboard. This involves applying a large, high-quality vinyl wrap with advertisements on the truck and/or trailer. The design can include anything from a company’s logo and contact information to a full-blown graphical representation of their products or services.

Truck wrap advertising offers several benefits for both truck owners and advertisers. For truck owners, wraps showcase their willingness to support a brand while adding a professional look to their vehicle. For advertisers, the mobile billboard can create a high level of brand exposure and visibility, reaching potential customers in various locations.

To get started with truck wrap advertising, begin by researching local advertising agencies or businesses that specialize in vehicle wraps. Reach out to potential clients and offer your services, emphasizing the benefits of mobile advertising and the increased exposure their brand can gain. Make sure to adhere to any local regulations and obtain necessary permits if required.

When executed properly, advertisement and branding opportunities using a pickup truck and trailer can generate a substantial income while helping businesses effectively promote their products and services.

Operating and Maintaining the Truck

Insurance and Gas Costs

When operating a pickup truck and trailer for business purposes, it is essential to consider insurance and gas costs. Commercial auto insurance covers damages caused by accidents, theft, and other incidents that can occur while using the truck for business purposes. The cost of insurance depends on factors like the age of the vehicle, driving history, and coverage limits. To save on gas costs, plan efficient routes and keep the truck well-maintained to improve fuel efficiency.

Maintenance and Reliability

Keeping the truck reliable is crucial for a successful business operation. Perform regular maintenance such as oil changes, tire rotations, and brake services to extend the life of the truck and prevent breakdowns. Investing in a reliable truck brand can also save on maintenance costs in the long run. Some features to look for in a reliable pickup truck include:

  • A high-quality engine and transmission
  • Sturdy suspension and drivetrain components
  • Durable body and frame construction

Dolly and Enclosed Trailer Options

There are different types of trailers to meet various business needs, such as dolly and enclosed trailers. A dolly makes it easy to transport items that cannot be placed in a truck bed, while an enclosed trailer offers protection and security for valuable or weather-sensitive items. Consider the types of items you’ll be transporting when choosing a suitable trailer.

Dolly trailers:

  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Suitable for carrying smaller items

Enclosed trailers:

  • Provide a secure and weatherproof space
  • Ideal for transporting valuable or sensitive cargo

Dump Trailer and Utility Trailer Options

Similarly, dump trailers and utility trailers offer versatility to transport different materials and equipment. A dump trailer is useful for hauling bulk materials like dirt, rocks, and debris, while a utility trailer is suitable for carrying equipment, tools, and various miscellaneous items.

Dump trailers:

  • Heavy-duty construction for carrying large loads
  • Equipped with hydraulic mechanisms to unload materials

Utility trailers:

  • Flatbed and open design for easy loading and unloading
  • Versatile for carrying a wide range of cargo

Running a Profitable Business

Marketing and Customer Acquisition

In order to make money with a truck and trailer, one needs to consistently attract new customers. There are several effective ways to market your services:

  • Distribute flyers and business cards in local neighborhoods
  • Create a website and optimize it for search engines
  • Use social media platforms to gain visibility and engage with potential customers
  • Collaborate with local businesses that need pickup and delivery services, like landscaping companies or furniture stores
  • Register on online platforms to connect with people looking for moving assistance or other truck-related services

Competitive Pricing and Differentiation

Pricing plays a crucial role in making a business profitable. To stay competitive, research the market to find out what other truck and trailer owners are charging for similar services. Differentiation also sets a business apart from the competition. This can be achieved through:

  • Offering quick, efficient service
  • Providing flexible scheduling options
  • Partnering with eco-friendly companies to showcase environment-friendly practices
  • Venturing into niche markets like foreclosure clean-ups, snow plowing, or parade transportation

Contact Information and Site Creation

To allow customers to easily reach you, it’s essential to provide clear contact information on all marketing materials, including your website, business cards, flyers, and social media profiles. When creating a website, ensure that it is user-friendly, mobile-responsive, and easy to navigate:

  • Use bold headings and subheadings for easy scanning
  • Include relevant keywords to improve search engine visibility
  • Display testimonials and case studies to build credibility
  • Feature a simple, clear call-to-action on the homepage to guide visitors to book your services